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Caryopteris incana 'Sunshine Blue'

Caryopteris incana 'Sunshine Blue'

Description: A dense, mound-forming, deciduous shrub with bright yellow aromatic leaves all summer contrasting brilliantly with the amethyst blue flowers from late summer into autumn.

Climate/Position: Needs a sunny position and shelter in cold areas. Drought tolerant

Height/Spread: will reach a height of 0.5m and a spread of 0.4m after 5-10 years

Soil Requirements: Thrives in any moist well-drained soil. Intolerant of wet, poorly-drained soils.

Pruning: Every spring cut back to within two leaf-buds of the old growth to promote new shoots. Weak stems should be cut base to the base

Special Requirements:

Avoid wet soils and provide some shelter in coldest locations.

Plant Breeders Rights apply

This is an improvement on C. Worcester Gold as it is more bushy, deeper yellow leaves, and richer blue flowers.