Campsis radicans 'Stromboli'

Campsis radicans 'Stromboli'

Description: The Trumpet vine is a large and vigorous woody vine suited for pergolas, or climbing up walls, gazebos or fences. Noted for its showy trumpet-shaped flowers in terminal cymes that are best after several months of warm weather.

'Stromboli' is a strong variety with large deep red flowers both inside and outside, the throat shows a few dark veins on a yellowish background. Flowering begins in mid July and strong, well-established plants will continue until the first frosts. Pinnate leaves are large, deciduous, deep green and rather exotic looking which come out late – at the end of April.

An exotic feel created in late summer. Vigorous so strong support is needed for this climber.

Climate/Position: Warm and sunny spot essential for prolific flowering.

Height/Spread: They are fast and vigorous growing vines that can create a dense coverage may grow to 10 metres in height.

Soil Requirements: Preferes a limey soil. Deep rooting.

Pruning: For profusion of flowers Campsis need to be pruned every spring. Cut all last year´s growth to 2-3 pairs of live buds. The fowers are produced on the new shoots so the more shoots you have the more flowers you get.

Special Requirements: Tie up the first branches to its support as it cannot twine around it.