Camellia japonica 'Lavinia Maggi'

Camellia japonica 'Lavinia Maggi'

Description: There are many varieties of the popular evergreen Camellia each producing an abundance of showy flowers available in a wide range of colours, and all suitable for the border or woodland garden.

'Lavinia Maggi' is noted for its flowers which are white with red and pink stripes in spring.

is a mid-sized, evergreen shrub with glossy, dark-green leaves which show with great effect the waxy flowers.

Climate/Position: Ideally partial shade in a sheltered site. Can tolerate full sun if soil conditions are good (rich in organic matter) but avoid position facing early morning sun as this will burn the flowers in the coldest winter/spring mornings. Reasonable tolerance of coastal conditions.

Height/Spread: 1.5 x 1.5 metres

Soil Requirements: Neutral / acidic soil, rich in organic matter and moisture retentive. It is a good idea to place mulch such as leaf-mould or bark around plants to keep roots cool and promote water retention.

Pruning: Generally avoid pruning. Removal of dead flowers will enhance the look of the plant after flowering.

However, if pruning is required for shaping or rejuvenation the plant will respond well to this. Cut back after flowering in late Spring.

Special Requirements:

Plant using Rootgrow Ericoid Mycorrhizal fungi and Ericaceous compost.  Feed annually with Ericaceous plant feed.  


Partial shade avoiding early morning sun to ensure flowers are not damaged

An old and famous cultivar from Italy. May also be found listed as Camellia japonica 'Contessa Lavinia Maggi'

The striping in the flower is caused by a virus but this time used to produce a stunning effect and is not considered as a problem to the plant.