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Buxus sempervirens 'Elegans'

Buxus sempervirens 'Elegans'

Description: A slow growing evergreen shrub grown mostly as a hedging plant. This variegated variety has dark green foliage and the leaves are edged broadly with white. Can also be grown to a large shrub or a small evergreen tree or as a specimen plant. Box have also been used as topiary and bonsai plants for as long as 2,000 years.

Climate/Position: Any sunny or shaded site.

Height/Spread: Annual growth 20-30cm. slowly reaching the requed height up to 4 metres

Soil Requirements: Grows well in any well-drained soil even in poor and relatively dry positions.

Pruning: Prune to required shape in early summer when growth is strongest, and trim again in August if required.

Special Requirements:

Approximately 185 cultivars of the common box with a wide range of shades of colour and variations on growth pattern.