Buddleja alternifolia

Buddleja alternifolia

Description: A large deciduous shrub or can be treated as a small tree which has graceful arching branches clothed in long green leaves.  In summer the branches are covered with a mass of delicate fragrant lilac flowers which are often described as resembling a waterfall. 

Uses: Good as a specimen in a smaller garden or in a larger border. Nectar rich and so excellent in the wildlife garden.

Climate/Position: Full sun

Height/Spread: Up to 4 metres x 4 metres. 

Soil Requirements: Any fertile soil must be well drained.

Pruning: Unlike Buddliea davidia when plants are cut back hard in spring, the pruning of B alterinfolia is best done after flowering removing up to one third of the oldest stems at ground level to maintain a tidy plant and alows rejuvination.

Special Requirements:

Additional Interest:  Buddleia are named after the Rev. Adam Buddle, one time vicar of Farnbridge, Essex.  B. alternifolia was introduced in from China in 1915.