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Brunnera macrophylla 'Langtrees'

Brunnera macrophylla 'Langtrees'

Description: An excellent clump forming perennial with heart-shaped leaves each having a V-shaped pattern of silvery spots. From Feb to June sprays of bright blue Forget-me-not flowers appear.  An older selection but still well worth growing.

Uses: Attractive ground cover which looks particularly striking planted in drifts in the woodland garden and under trees which can be an otherwise difficult area to plant. Very good as an edging plant

Climate/Position: Partial shade preferred. The dappled shade under deciduous trees and shrubs is ideal.

Height/Spread: 45cm x 60cm spread

Soil Requirements: Moist humus-rich soil preferred but drought tolerant.

Pruning: Remove browning leaves in autumn - earlier if very dry conditions.

Special Requirements: Plant out of afternoon sun as the leaves can become scorched. Divide in autumn as required though may self seed but these may be the plain green forms if left.

Additional Interest: The earliest Brunnera were seen as cabbage like plants but now many improved varieties.