Broussonetia papyrifera

Broussonetia papyrifera

Description: Grown for its large exotic looking leaves this tree is to be grown in a sheltered site. Can also be pollarded for larger leaves as this deciduous tree or large shrub is not noted for flowers.

Uses: Grow in a sunny protected site. Fits well into courtyard gardens or when a collection of exotic plants or contrasting foliage required.

Climate/Position: Hot sunny location though tolerates some shade.  Tolerant of drought and of pollution.

Height/Spread: Up to 12 metres but can be pruned to keep within the sheltered area and to produce larger leaves.

Soil Requirements: Any soils but free drainage preferred so the plants do not sit in wet especially in winter.

Pruning: If pruning required then do this in late autumn or winter when dormant so they do not bleed.

Special Requirements: See details of sheltered requirements so avoid colder climates.

Additional Interest: In native Japan and Polynesia the bark was used for making paper hence the common name. Introduced to Southern USA as a quick growing shelter tree but became invasive in some areas. Now the male plant only is grown to avoid pollination and plants spreading.