Brachyglotiis ‘Silver Doormouse’

Brachyglotiis ‘Silver Doormouse’

Description: A compact, attractive dense bushy evergreen shrub with intense silver foliage on both sides of the leaves. The foliage is more rounded with a stiffer more upright growth habit than the more commonly known Brachyglottis ‘Sunshine’. Small clusters of yellow daisy like flowers are produced throughout the summer. This new introduction is extremely versatile and can be used as in a mixed border, in containers, mass planting and landscape situations especially suited to hot dry situations..

Climate / Position: Sunny position – preferably full sun.

Height / Spread: Height 120cm. Spread 120cm.

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil.

Pruning: No pruning required. Trim lightly after flowering if needed.

Special Requirements: None required.

Recently discovered in a nursery in West Sussex in 1996 in amongst some Brachyglottis ‘Sunshine’. This new selection is more attractive with improved growing qualities – it is less prone to bare stems at the base of the stems, legginess, die back and brown leaves.