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Blechnum spicant

Blechnum spicant

Description: A handsome fern with leathery dark green leaves which make a spreading clump.  The ladder like leaves are attractive throughout the year.

Uses: Moist woodland settings or at the edge of a steam.  However, will also tolerate a range of conditions.

Climate/Position: Partial or deep shade

Height/Spread:  75cm x 45cm spreading 

Soil Requirements: Moist humus rich soil with a low pH (ie slightly acid)

Pruning: None required but as the old leaves die of in the summer, you can cut back the leaves in late winter to see the new fronds emerge.

Special Requirements: Adding compost or leaf mould at teh time of planting and as a mulch will enure the soil remains moisture retentive.  This is needed for best results of most ferns.

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