Billardiera longiflora

Billardiera longiflora


A slender climber with solitary bell shaped greenish yellow flowers in summer which are not particularly prominent. However, following the flowers are brilliant deep purple blue oblong fruits which are quite stunning.

Can be trained up a trellis, up a tree, or through shrubs but it must be protected from cold winds.

Once established it is drought tolerant

Climate/Position: Sunny site or partial shade Requires a sheltered site.

Height/Spread: 1-3 metres

Soil Requirements: Humus rich, moist, but well-drained soil.

Pruning: Little pruning is required but cut out dead stems in spring.

Special Requirements: Avoid cold and windy sites.

Billardiera was named after the French botanist, J. J. de Labillardiere who discovered the plant in 1805.

Longiflora means long flowering.