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Bergenia 'Eroica'

Bergenia 'Eroica'

Description: An improved purple leaved form of 'Elephant Ears'. Very showy heart-shaped, wavy and glossy, burgundy-flushed leaves which are dark green in autumn and turn burgundy in winter. Clusters of bright rose-pink flowers on red stems in mid-spring.

Uses: Ideal for adding interest to container as well as at the front of any border.

Climate/Position: Tolerant of shade and sun

Height/Spread: 30 cm x 45 cm clump forming low ground cover plant.

Soil Requirements: Tolerates any soil, but leaf colour will be best on poor soil in full sun

Pruning: . No pruning but old dead leaves may be removed.

Special Requirements: Plants form dense clumps which can be divided every 3-5 years to maintain vigour. Forms a matt of rhizomes across the ground which are infact underground stems