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Azalea 'Nancy Evans'

Azalea 'Nancy Evans'

Climate/Position: Nancy Evans' is a compact evergreen shrub with bronze young foliage becoming glossy green, and rounded trusses of amber-yellow flowers with a conspicuous calyx, in May which bring a splash of colour to beds and borders in spring. The flowers are large and funnel-shaped with wavy lobes produced in ball-shaped trusses and so a real show.

Uses: Ideal in a woodland situation or in containers in the shade

Climate/Position: Prefers light shade or sun. .

Height/Spread: 1.2-1.5m in 10 years with strong growing with a compact habit.

Soil Requirements: An ericaceous plant requiring well drained, light and acid soil. Mulch annually with leaf mould to help protect roots from drying out.

Pruning: No pruning required.

Special Requirements: Shallow planting is essential to Azaleas as they are shallow rooting.

Additional Interest: Azalea are a variety of Rhododendron that will produce very colourful shrubs in Spring/Summer. Flowers have 5 stamens whereas rhododendron have 10 stamens or more.

Bred in 1970 in America by E. C. Brockenbrough a cross between R. Hotei x Lem's Cameo.