Aucuba japonica 'Rozannie'

Aucuba japonica 'Rozannie'

Description: A slow –growing evergreen, compact shrub with large leaves providing structure all year round. Aucuba japonica 'Rozannie' is a more compact form of Aucuba with no variegation. The leaves are glossy green and the shape of a large spear head. Reddish purple male and female flowers in March and April followed by red berries which last throughout autumn and winter.

Climate / Position: Very versatile, noted for shade tolerance but will also grow in partial shade or even full sun.

Height / Spread: Slow-growing and compact. 1 x 1 metre.

Soil Requirements: It thrives in most soils, including dry ground near hedges and trees. Avoid waterlogged soils.

Pruning : Shrubs may be left to grow unchecked, or lightly trimmed to shape once annually in late summer, always using secateurs to avoid cutting the large leaves.

Special Requirements:

Male and female flowers produced on this variety and therefore a single plant will produce berries whereas many Aucubas are either male or female (dioecious) and therefore more than one plant needed to produce berries. Berries are toxic.