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Astelia 'Red Devil'

Astelia 'Red Devil'

Description: A choice plant of architectural value originating from New Zealand it is hardy and has distinctive, almost metallic silvery-red sword-shaped leaves. Will give added texture and contrast to the border and container plantings. The red-bronze foliage becomes darker red in cooler conditions. Looks stunning lit up at night. Slow growing.

Climate/Position: Very tolerant of most conditions, including windy and coastal sites, shade or full sun

Height/Spread: 60cm height and spread.

Soil Requirements: Fertile well drained soil - peaty soil

Pruning: None required - though older outer leaves may be removed in spring to keep plant tidy.

Special Requirements:

The plant was originally selected by Kaikoura Nurseries in New Zealand. A. nivicola is a smaller growing species of Astelia. It grows naturally in the South Island alpine herb fields at or just below the snow line.