Arbutus unedo

Arbutus unedo

Description: A handsome evergreen spreading shrub / tree with glossy, slightly toothed leaves. The shiney red-brown bark becomes rough and sheds with age. White bell shaped flowers, sometimes tinged pink are produced late in the year from September to November. Red strawberry-like fruits are also produced in the autumn at the same time as the flowers and so together they create a wonderful show amongst the dark green leaves at this time of year.

Climate / Position: Full sun in a sheltered site. Fully hardy.

Height / Spread: Height 8m and spread 8m. Though rarely reaches this height.

Soil Requirements: Grow in a fertile, well drained soil. Will tolerate alkaline soil.

Pruning: No pruning required. Remove wayward shoots in late winter to early spring.

Special Requirements: Shelter from cold winds.

The latin word unedo translates as 'I eat one only'. This says it all for the taste of the fruit! Arbutus unedo are easy to grow and generally trouble free.