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Amelanchier lamarckii

Amelanchier lamarckii

Description: A large deciduous shrub or small tree which can be grown as a single stemmed or multi stemmed specimen. Excellent value as it has several seasons of interest. Masses of small white starry flowers open in Spring just before the young coppery leaves. Small black fruits ripen in amongst the green leaves in June (hence the common name) and leaves then turn rich shades of yellow, orange and red in autumn.

Uses: A really worthwhile small tree for any border or as a specimen in the smaller garden 

Climate/Position: Sunny or partial shade.

Height/Spread: 6m x 4m bushy spreading habit.

Soil Requirements: Moist well drained soils lime free preferred.

Pruning: None required.

Additional Interest: Thought to be a minor species of North America introduced to Europe in the 17 century but origin a little uncertain. Naturalised in some parts of Europe including sandy heaths in southern England.