Acer platanoides ‘Golden Globe’

Acer platanoides ‘Golden Globe’

Description:  A distinctive tree which is top grafted or top worked.  The dense spherical crown becomes a golden globe in spring and early summer with large leaves turning green then gold again in autumn.  The crown becomes flattened as the tree matures forming a wide globose head.  Though not noted for flowers they are small and sweetly scented and loved by bees.

Uses: Specimen plant or feature. Good for small - medium sized location. 

Climate/Position: Sun or light shade preferred.  Wind tolerant 

Height/Spread: Will reach a tree of 5-7 x 4-6 metres

Soil Requirements: Prefers a dryer free draining soil of higher pH rather than acidic soils. Avoid wet and waterlogged soils

Pruning: Little pruning should be needed.  If pruning necessary avoid doing this in the spring as the tree will bleed sap.

Special Requirements: None 

Additional Interest:   Found by the German nurseryman G. Hartung as a sport of A. platanoides ‘Globosum’ who introduced it to the market in 1995.