Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Seiryu'

Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Seiryu'

Description: An unusual upright growing for of the Acer dissectum group making an attractive small tree. The lacy green leaves are deeply incised with seven lobes that in turn are deeply dissected. These turn yellowish-gold to crimson in autumn. Well suited for protected areas and small gardens.

Climate/Position: For best colour prefers dappled shade in a sheltered spot to avoid leaf scorch in full sun or from frost and cold winds.

Height/Spread: Ultimately can reach 3.5 x 3 metres. Grow as small multi stemmed tree or large shrub

Soil Requirements: Better on acid / neutral soils for best leaf colours. Must be well drained - loamy sand would be ideal (dislikes winter wet).

Pruning: Best to avoid any pruning except formative shaping in early years if needed, and removal of any closely crossing or dead branches.

Special Requirements: