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Acer palmatum 'Ueno-yama'

Acer palmatum 'Ueno-yama'

Description: Brilliant spring colour is provided by the early spring growth. The deeply divided, palmate leaves are deep, bright orange and provide a splash of colour. In summer the leaves mellow to green turning again in autumn to orange. A vigorous and hardy tree which is upright when young, broadening to conical habit with age.

As with most Acers can be used as a specimen plant, in the smaller garden, in containers or in a mixed border.

Climate/Position: For best colour and to avoid leaf scorch, Japanese Acers prefer dappled shade in a sheltered spot protected from full sun, frost and cold winds.

Height/Spread: Can ultimately reach 5 x 3 metres. Grow as small multi stemmed tree or large shrub

Soil Requirements: Better on acid / neutral soils for best leaf colours. Must be well drained as dislikes winter wet - loamy sand would be ideal.

Pruning: Best to avoid any pruning except formative shaping in early years if needed, and removal of any closely crossing or dead branches.

Special Requirements: