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Acer palmatum 'Beni-schichihenge'

Acer palmatum 'Beni-schichihenge'

Description: An unusual new variety with pretty variegated palmate leaves which look colourful and delicate. The blue-green deeply divided leaves with a narrow pinkish-white margin are particularly striking in the spring and give good autumn colour when they turn red.

This slow growing deciduous small tree or shrub is good as a specimen in a pot or for lightly shaded areas and low maintenance gardens.

Climate/Position: For best colour prefers dappled shade in a sheltered spot to avoid leaf scorch in full sun or from frost and cold winds.

Height/Spread: 2-3 x 2-3 metres. Grow as small multi stemmed tree or large shrub

Soil Requirements: Better on acid / neutral soils for best leaf colours. Moist but must be well drained - loamy sand would be ideal (dislikes winter wet).

Pruning: Best to avoid any pruning except formative shaping in early years if needed, and removal of any closely crossing or dead branches.

Special Requirements: