We sell the widest and most diverse range of plants in the South East. From 9cm Alpines to huge trees we hold a great choice of plants all year round. As a trade account customer you can now purchase them online. The list below gives an overview of what we sell here at Provender Nurseries, but if you would like more information do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find plants using the search box.


  • An interesting range of 9cm and 1L Alpine plants are kept all year round
  • Ideal for planting in rockeries, containers and crevices in walls
  • Drought tolerant and perfect for sunny positions

Aquatic plants

  • A range of aquatic plants are held in stock to complement pond and margin plantings
  • A wider range is available to order in
  • Aquatic baskets are also held in stock

Bamboos & Grasses

  • Bamboos are ideal for creating that tropical look and screening
  • Fargesia and other exotic Bamboo are held in stock
  • Grasses both evergreen and deciduous held in stock
  • Grasses provide excellent autumn colour
  • Grasses for spring and autumn interest, border edging and creating focal points


  • Seasonal bedding is available all year round
  • Planted hanging baskets are also available on a seasonal basis
  • Trailing plants, basket plants, Geraniums and Fucshias
  • Marguerites
  • Winter flowering pansies and viola


  • An exciting range of spring flowering bulbs are available in the autumn
  • Narcissi, Crocus, Allium, Tulip, Iris and many more
  • Naturalising selections
  • Available in small packs and 25kg sacks for larger areas
  • Many new introductions each year


  • From 80cm to 3.5m tall held on site
  • A huge selection of specimen climbers to grace any wall, pergola or structure
  • Akebia, Clematis, Hedera, Lonicera, Hydrangea, Wisteria and more
  • A wide choice of evergreen, deciduous, scented plants
  • Great range of climbers on frames ready to use against a wall


  • Hedging Conifers including Thuja and Cupressocyparis leylandii
  • Ornamental Conifers
  • Dwarf and unusual varieties held in stock
  • Great winter colour and structure
  • Rootball options available in the dormant season


  • For dry soil to damp soils
  • For sunny and shady sites
  • Tree Ferns also in stock From 1L to 5L available on certain lines
  • Evergreen and deciduous Ferns all year round


  • Fruit trees from Apples to Medlar
  • Many forms held on site; Espallier, step over, fan-trained
  • Range of Currants and unusual fruits kept in stock

Hedging, Root Ball and Bare Root

  • Native options available
  • Evergreen and deciduous
  • Some hedging options can also be found in Shrubs and Specimen Shrubs
  • Bare root and rootball hedging are available during the winter months
  • Please phone for heights and prices


  • A huge range of herbaceous plants for any situation
  • Achillea to Zantedeschia and everything in between
  • Plants for every situation from dry shade to boggy soil
  • Selected lines are held in bulk numbers

Herbs & Vegetables

  • A range of culinary and decorative herbs are held in stock all year round
  • Vegetable plants are seasonally available

Rhododendrons & Azaleas

  • Dwarf to specimen Rhododendrons and Azaleas in stock
  • Scented deciduous Azaleas
  • Plant in ericaceous soil
  • Inkarho Rhododendrons - rooted onto lime tolerant rootstocks, can be planted anywhere


  • Floribunda, Hybrid Tea and Shrub roses ideal for use in borders, cottage planting and beds. Selected range of David Austin roses are also available
  • Patio roses - ideal for use in containers
  • Ramble and climbing roses - ideal for giving colour and scent to walls, pergolas and trellis
  • Ground Cover great for creating a carpet of flowers
  • Selected range of Standard Roses in stock


  • From 2L pots to 10L pots
  • Evergreen, deciduous, ground cover, wall shrubs
  • For sun, shade and a range of soils
  • Palms, exotics and the unusual kept in stock
  • Acer palmatum types, Buxus for hedging, mixed Calluna & Ericas and much more


  • Standards - listed by girth, e.g - 10-12cm, 12-14cm
  • Multistems - listed by height, e.g 150-200cm
  • Feathered - listed by height, e.g 150-200cm
  • Pleached - listed by girth, e.g - 10-12cm, 12-14cm
  • Panels - Pleached frames from ground level - listed by height, e.g 150-200cm