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Cracking Camellia

Cracking Camellia

Heralding the arrival of spring are the Camellia.  Spring is a great time for planting Camellia with their evergreen foliage and abundance of flowers.  Camellias are happy in the ground and in containers as long as they are planted in ericaceous compost and kept well-watered.  An annual feed with an ericaceous slow release fertiliser will ensure healthy growth and glossy green foliage. 

Camellia japonica are probably the best known and contain the largest number of varieties.  Camellia japonica form almost 90% of Camellia grown in gardens. 

Camellia japonica will flower from January through to April. We currently have loads of varieties in stock with more to come. Anything you like from 3L to 350L specimens! We even have the odd standard thrown in for that formal look.

Popular Camellia japonica varieties

  • Ace of Hearts – light red, semi-double flowers
  • Black Lace – medium rose form of double flowers that are dark velvet red in colour
  • Felice Harris – semi double pale pink flowers with flouted petals  
  • Blood of China – salmon-red, peony form flowers
  • Brushfields Yellow – creamy yellow anemone form flowers
  • Doctor King – light red, semi-double flowers
  • Kranmer’s Supreme– rose-red, flat and fragrant flowers
  • Lady Campbell– rose-red, medium double flowers
  • Nobilissima – double white flowers with pale yellow shading
Brushfields Yellow Kramers Supreme Felice Harris