Salvia. Splendid at this time of year

Salvia.  Splendid at this time of year

At present we have over 30 types of ornamental Salvia in stock – all looking sensational. 

The upward spikes of Salvia are a stalwart in most borders and once planted it is easy to see why.  The upsurge of cultivars available now is positively mind boggling.  Heights range from 30cm all the way up to 1.8m!

All Salvia like as much sun as you can give them and a well drained soil too.  Whether you want purple, pink, red or white flowers Salvia is the plant for you.

Easy to maintain – you can cut back old flowerheads to encourage more to be produced prolonging the flowering season even more.  Salvia are great for bees attracting them by the dozen and are great for planting in cottage style borders, mixed plantings, en masse and in Mediterranean gardens.  There is in fact nowhere a Salvia will look out of place!

Amethyst Lips 

Black & Blue


Hot Lips 

Radio Red 

Royal Bumble 

Vatican White 


Clotted Cream 

Icing Sugar 


Pink Lips