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Dicksonia antarctica now in

Dicksonia antarctica now in

An entire shipping container load of fantastic Dicksonia antarctica has landed at Provender Nurseries.

We have truly stunning specimen Dicksonia ranging from 30cm to 300cm.  These impressive plants have travelled over the high seas to get here and now are happily standing upright and fronding up.

We have some double stem and unusual shaped options in stock too.  Ideal for creating a focal point and creating a glade of Dicksonia.

We recommend feeding your Dicksonia antarctica with Tree Fern Feed that contains all the essential trace elements and a wetting agent that enables your tree fern to take in the feed efficiently.  6:1.5:3 NPK.

Tree Ferns grow in areas of high rainfall in partial shade with layers of moist mulch surrounding them .  This specially formulated feed helps to encourage vigorous foliage and root growth.  Feed at least once every 10 days once signs of frond growth appear.  Feed into the crown and around the stem too which contains all the roots.

Mix 10ml of Tree Fern Feed to 2 litres of water applying to the crown and the stem during the growing season.