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Where people, plants and products come together...
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Where people, plants and products come together...
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Plant stock list information

Our plant stocklist is updated on a daily basis and during the busy season can change considerably in one day!

Our online plant stocklist shows only what we currently have here on site at Provender Nurseries. The stocklist is by no means definitive and does not list any plants that have been reserved at suppliers or are in transit. There is much more available than we can hold on site, so if you do not see what you require, please ask. If you do not see the quantities of a certain line in stock please call for price and availability.

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How to use our online stocklist

Plants can be selected in a variety of ways. The menu on the left lists them by category (e.g. herbaceous, trees, shrubs etc.). The search box can be used to search by plant name or description (e.g. flower colour). If you are not sure of the spelling, you can type part of the word instead (i.e. the first three letters of the first name).

What does it mean?

Plants are categorised by herbaceous, trees, shrubs etc. Plants are then categorised by pot size, height, spec and tech.

Once you have found the plant you are looking for, a variety of information is displayed. This is an explanation of some of the terms used:

  • Pot size - Pot size is indicated in litres. Rootball and bareroot will also be shown here.
  • Height - Height is indicated in cm
  • Spec - This refers to Specification. These are industry wide recognised specifications. For example, girth size for standard trees and other specific information such as multistem and feathered. Also shown in this section are rootstocks for fruit trees.
  • Tech - Technical Information. This section refers to more technical information such as frames, espaliers, specific shapes for topiary etc.

We aim to keep our plant stocklist as up-to-date as possible