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Where people, plants and products come together...
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Size: 1L
Number in stock: 3

Retail price: £85.00

  • Contains 60 g/L clopyralid + 240 g/L triclopyr. This combination provides excellent control of broad-leaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle, spear thistle and common nettle and also has an effect on a large range of other weeds. It is one of very few products with a label which fully endorses the use via hand held application equipment. It is fast acting and controls a wide spectrum of weeds. It moves to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control. Stock grazing can resume only 7 days after application (but longer if poisonous weeds such as ragwort are present). It is very good value for money, 16 knapsacks from each litre of product when mixed in 10 litre batches. It is rainfast in only 2 hours and is very safe to grass. NOTE; The sale of professional plant protection products and professional chemicals. We are only able to sell these products on provision of either; A NPTC Spraying Certificate or A Holding Number