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Plum Moth Trap

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  • The major cause of maggot damage to plums and gages is the caterpillar of the Plum Fruit Moth. Control of this pest in the garden is very difficult using insecticides unless they are applied shortly after egg laying. The Plum Fruit Moth Trap uses the æPheromoneÆ scent of the female moth to attract and catch male moths. This provides a warning as to if and when control measures are needed and does not attract beneficial insects. IMPORTANT NOTE: The lure will release scent from when the sachet is opened, do not open sachet until the lure is needed. AFTER 5 WEEKS replace the sticky insert and lure, with the second set provided. In a garden one trap should monitor up to 5 average size trees. It should be hung at around head height on the windward side of the tree (or group of trees). Inspect the trap regularly the Plum Fruit Moth is small (about 6mm or 1/4 inch long) dark coloured and rests with its wings folded to form a triangular shape.