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16 Apr 2019

Pomegranate & Figs

Mediterranean gardens are renowned for having fruit as a part of the planting scheme with Figs and Pomegranates being an integral element.

Figs / Ficus come in a huge range of sizes and shapes. The handsome cut foliage and delicious edible fruit are an excellent addition to any scheme. The fruits when ripe can be eaten straight off the tree itself but do be careful of the sap from the stems which is sticky and can cause irritation. Ficus do like a little restriction around the roots and benefit from being planted against a sunny wall to ripen the fruit more easily.

Pomegranate / Punica also need a sunny site and a little more shelter to produce the fruit in the autumn. The bright orange flowers really lift a Mediterranean planting scheme from July through to August. Punica form interesting shaped multi-stemmed shrubs and can be planted in pots or the ground.

Ficus carica fruit 

Ficus carica leaf 


Punica multistem