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15 Apr 2019

Compost and drainage material for Mediterranean style planting

Provender Lightweight Compost 

When planting Mediterranean style plants to get the best out of them it is good practice to emulate their natural surroundings as much as possible. As with any plant, the soil is the best place to start.

All Mediterranean plants like a soil with good drainage qualities so select the best planting medium and if needed add gravel or hydroleca for added drainage.

Provender Lightweight Compost is produced on site here at Provender Nurseries and is fundamentally aimed at use for rooftop planting where good drainage is an issue. However this compost blend is ideal for use with Mediterranean plants that do not like a soil / compost to be too rich. The Provender Lightweight Compost is a blend of 50% Peat, 15% Hydroleca, 30% Organic and 5% Screened Top Soil.

If planting in pots then a blend of John Innes No3 with some multipurpose compost for added bulk is a great mix.

Hydroleca is an expanded clay pebble that is both lightweight and porous. Being porous Hydroleca soaks up any excess water and releases it slowly preventing the soil from becoming waterlogged and stale.