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15 Mar 2019

Ericaceous Plants. Azaleas

Azaleas really do add a blast of seasonal colour to the border in May and June.

Evergreen Azaleas provide foliage all year round and a splash of bright brash colour in May and June. As with all Azalea they benefit from ericaceous soil and a feed once a season with a specialised ericaceous slow release fertiliser. As Azalea flowering May and June they are also very popular with bees.

Evergreen Azaleas are quite happy in containers as well as in a slightly shaded to sunny position. The glossy evergreen foliage adds interest all year round. But let us not forget the knockout scent of deciduous Azalea.

Deciduous Azaleas are vibrant, exotic to look at and just delicious. Blousy and fun they fill the border with exotic coloured blooms and are a huge plus for bees who flock to them in their droves. The autumn foliage colour is not be ignored either – simply stunning reds and orange foliage adorn the bush before falling.

With over 40 varieties in stock – both evergreen and deciduous there are some excellent choices in stock at the moment. We have highlighted three below to tickle you ericaceous taste buds:

Deciduous Azalea:
• Fireball. Deep orange-red flowers in April to May. The foliage when young is a deep copper-red turning green when mature. Good autumn colour.
• Jolie Madame. A deciduous shrub about 1.5m high. The pink flowers have an orange-yellow blotch, flowers May - June. Lovely autumn colour.
• Gibraltar. Frilled vivid orange flowers from May to June. Not scented.

Evergreen Azalea:
• Maruschka – carmine red flowers getting deeper towards the throat
• Santa Maria – orange red flowers in May
• Vuyk’s Scarlet – large crimson funnel-shaped flowers
• Snow Hill – large white flowers with a yellow-green centre and pale green foliage
• Hot Shot – variegated foliage with eye catching red flowers.

Hot Shot

Jolie Madame

Santa Maria