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05 Dec 2018

‘Tis the season to plant bareroot

Now the leaves are falling and plants are reaching a stage of dormancy for the winter months the season has well and truly begun! This is prime time for planting bareroot and rootballed plants.

Bareroot planting is an ideal method of planting native hedging plants. Native hedging is important for many reasons and has many uses: creating wildlife corridors, shelter and feed for wildlife has increased. Don’t forget that native bareroot hedging also makes an ideal choice for edging fields, allotment areas and in schools and community gardens.

Planting is recommended in staggered rows of between 5 – 7 plants per metre. Don’t forget to protect young plants with tree spirals and canes.

Follow this link to see what we hold in stock Bareroot and rootball stocklist 2018 to 2019. This list can be emailed to you if you prefer. Please contact sales@provendernurseries.co.uk for a list to be emailed or posted to you