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Where people, plants and products come together...
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03 Dec 2018

Root ball hedging season is upon us. Terrific Taxus in stock and more due next week

The clocks have gone back and that can only mean two things - shorter days and root ball Taxus in stock.  The onset of the root ball planting season is upon us. 

The Taxus baccata now in are excellent plants and will create an instant impact hedge straight away.  With autumn being nature‚Äôs time for planting this really is the season to get these plants in the ground. 

We visit our root ball supplier each year to check on quality, size grading making sure that we and you receive the best quality plants that are available on the market. 

Plant with plenty of organic matter and Rootgrow Mycorrhizal fungi to ensure good root growth in the spring.  There is no need to remove the hessian sack when planting as this rots off after a few years.  Water in well and mulch with composted bark to aid water retention and reduce plant stress next year. 

  • 60/80cm
  • 80/100cm
  • 100/120cm
  • 120/140cm
  • 120/140cm EXTRA
  • 140/160 EXTRA

The EXTRA Taxus are slightly more bulky in size and are perfect for providing that little bit EXTRA that all clients like. 

Taxus baccata.  New stock.