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13 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Prunus. Viburnum. Taxus. AVAILABLE NOW


Another ever popular plant that has been used for hedging for as long as any of us here can remember. Evergreen, glossy leaves, easy to maintain and excellent in a wide range of situations they really are a versatile choice. Prunus are excellent in urban areas and where traffic pollution may be an issue. The dense cover provided by the leaves catch air pollution and also filter out noise.

Prunus lusitanica and Prunus lusitanica ‘Mrytifolia’ are commonly known as Portuguese Laurel. The compact growth of Prunus lusitanica types lends it perfectly to hedging, panels and pleached. The evergreen leaves are held on dark red stems that add to the overall impact of the plant. This is a plant we hold in stock all year round in varying sizes:
• 7.5L 80/100cm
• 25L 150/175cm
• 25L 175/200cm
• 40L 150/175cm
• 65L 180/200cm
• 90L 300/325cm
(Prunus lus. Angustifolia is synonymous as Myrtifolia. They are one and the same)
A new variety of Prunus lusitanica is now in stock. Prunus lusitanica ‘Brenelia’ has all the attributes of Prunus lusitanica is drought tolerant and disease resistant - a great choice.
We have 150 in stock in 7L pots at 80/100cm height.

Prunus laurocerasus has a much larger leaf and is commonly known as Chery Laurel. The most common type is Prunus lau. Rotundifolia which as the name suggests has slightly more rounded leaves. The eventual height for a Prunus lau. Rotundifolia is roughly 3- 4m. They can be controlled with a regular prune to keep in shape.
Again, this is a very popular hedging choice and a wide range of sizes are kept in stock all year round. From 40/60cm to 200cm are always on site - if not they are due soon!
Prunus lusitanica and laurocerasus are a perfect example of plants that establish better when using container grown plants. Although also available as root balls in the winter months we recommend planting container grown plants for a better survival rate.
Both have a good growth rate and as such are an economical choice.

Viburnum tinus

Viburnum tinus sometimes gets some bad press being used so often in car park style plantings. But it is a hardy and quite forgiving plant and is a great choice for flowering hedging. The buds provide interest over the winter period and burst open to reveal clusters of flowers in the spring.
Viburnum tinus is equally happy in sun or shade and can make a great hedge. Viburnum tinus are best planted from container grown plants.
• tinus has clusters of white flowers from December through to March. Eventual height 2.5m.
• tinus Eve Price has clusters of pale pink flowers from December to March. Eventual height 2m
• tinus French White is slightly harder to find. It is a strong growing form that can reach 3m in height
• tinus Gwenllian has pink buds that open to white flowers and reaches an eventual height of 2.5m
• tinus Lisarose has red buds and reaches an eventual height of 2.5m
• tinus Spirit has compact growth with pink flower buds reaching an eventual height of 2m


Obviously THE most popular choice as far as root ball options are concerned. Taxus makes a fabulous hedge with its dark green needle like foliage, very dense growth, evergreen and native to the UK too making it a valuable resource for UK wildlife. Taxus can be easily maintained at the height you require making it a desirable and easily manageable choice.

As the root ball options are not available yet and probably will not be until mid October usually we currently hold a few sizes in stock in containers for planting now. Taxus likes a lot of water to get established but does not like sitting in water over the winter months so improving drainage is a must for Yew to survive happily.
Nick Baker who works in our admin office has a joke that he never tires of. Every time Taxus is mentioned in the office he pipes up with ‘Taxus - that’s Yew that is’. He needs to get out more!
At present we have a few container grown sizes in stock for you before the rootballs arrive in November.


Prunus lusitanica Myrtifolia

Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia

Viburnum tinus Eve price

Viburnum tinus Lisarose

Viburnum tinus Spirit

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