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12 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Photina and Rhdodendron Bloombux. AVAILABLE NOW

Richard will be off soon tagging plants for the upcoming rootball season. But there are still plenty of options for containerised hedging available to fill in until rootballs arrive.
In fact, some plants take better as containerised plants than as rootball options. This is certainly true of Photinia and Rhododendron Inkarho Bloombux which are highlighted today.
We have grouped together some hedging options for you that are available now and all year round on site at Provender Nurseries.
Photinia has become a staple in hedging in the UK much like in Europe where it was first introduced roughly 25 years ago.
Having become a firm favourite with landscapers there has been work done by plant breeders to accentuate the best qualities of a Photinia for smaller gardens and slightly more compact growth habits
Serratifolia Crunchy is a new introduction with dense upright growth and rich coppery serrated evergreen leaves. New leaves emerge bright copper and age to chocolate brown and then to green. Ideal for hedging as the growth is compact and tight. The colouration is somewhat more subtle than the more familiar 'Red Robin'. Height 2.5m Ideal for hedging.
x fraseri Carre Rouge has more erect growth with deep intense colouration to the new foliage. Ideal for smaller sites at it reaches 1.5-2m overall in height
x fra Compacta Nana has rounded leaves that still have bright red foliage on new growth. Compact and slow growing making it ideal for hedging. Eventual height 2m
x fra Little Red Robin is a dwarf form of the more familiar Red Robin. Slower growing it reaches an eventual height of 80cm making it an ideal choice for low hedging
x fra Pink Marble is also known as PHOTINIA x fraseri 'Cassini' Evergreen shrub with foliage that starts bright pink, then turns blue-green with white variegation with a pink edge. Height 2.5 - 4m Ideal for hedging. This variety is also used on screening panels and is proving very popular.
x fra Robusta Compacta has been hailed as the perfect Photinia for hedging. It has all the leaf colouration of 'Red Robin' combined with the compact growth of 'Compacta'. Forms a very dense shrub with much interest in the spring. Height 3m
x fra Red Robin is the good old reliable Photinia we all know. Never one to fade quietly from the limelight this is still a top choice for hedging. One of our best selling lines for hedging and we always hold a good range of sizes in stock. Red Robin can reach up to 4m in height but can be pruned to keep in check.

Rhododendron Inkarho Bloombux Pink 
In the words of Monty Python - Now for something a little different. The Rhododendron you can plant anywhere. Inkarho are plants grafted onto lime tolerant rootstocks meaning in essence, that this little hedging Rhododendron that reaches a height of 75cm and flowers a delicate pink, scented too, in the summer can be planted anywhere you like without the need to add ericaceous soil. A great alternative to a Buxus hedge with the added bonus of flowers to boot. Available in 2L and 5L pots

Photinia serratifolia Crunchy 

Photinia x fra. Pink Marble

Photinia x fra. Red Robin

Photinia x fra. Robusta Compacta 

Photinia mix


Rhododendron Inkarho Bloombux Pink