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13 Apr 2018

Magnolias - Spring Scentsation

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year. The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers.

Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today?

There are many popular Magnolias used in gardens to this day as they have not faded in popularity since the first Magnolia was first introduced to the UK in 1726. The deciduous types generally flower on bare stems before the foliage emerges and are often followed by a smaller flush of flowers later on. Flowering on bare stems it is thought that Magnolias were originally pollinated by beetles as Magnolias appeared on earth before Bees did.

All Magnolia like a good depth of soil, plenty of moisture with early flowering Magnolias requiring a little shelter from cold drying winds. A neutral to acid soil and regular mulching in a sunny to shady site will result in a happy healthy plant that will flower happily for many years to come.

Magnolia tripetala – Known as the Umbrella Magnolia due to the clusters of leaves at the end of each branch tip. Large lemon-scented creamy white flowers with longer, thinner than average petals are produced from April to May.

Magnolia wilsonii - Unlike all the Magnolias mentioned so far Magnolia wilsonii flowers droop but are well worth laying on the ground for! Pendant white cup-shaped flowers with crimson stamens in late spring and early summer.

Magnolia x thompsoniana ‘Olmenhof’ – This Magnolia forms a large shrub / small tree with large fragrant white flowers and shiny green leaves with a silvery underside.

Magnolia wilsonii

Magnolia wilsonii

Magnolia x tho. 'Olmenhof'