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24 Mar 2018

Spring Flowering Camellia

What can you say about Camellias that has not been said already?

Not a lot – so I’ll keep it brief! Perfect for planting at this time of year. Clean, glossy evergreen foliage act as the perfect foil for the large ornamental flowers Camellia are so well known for. We have some excellent plants in stock – dripping with bud and ready to go in the next week or two to start flowering for a good 2 months or so.

Flowering from January through to April. We currently have over 40 varieties in stock with more to come. Anything you like from 3L to 350L specimens ! We even have the odd standard and half-standard thrown in for that formal look.

• Anticipation – pale pink, semi-double
• Cara Mia – blush pink with deep pink tints, semi-double
• Charity –rose-pink, semi-double
• Debbie – clear pink, peony form flower 
• Desire – pale-pink – almost white, semi-double
• Donation – orchid pink, semi-double –
• E G Waterhouse – light pink, double
• Felice Harris – pink, semi-double
• Innovation- rose-pink, semi-double
• Inspirations – deep pink, semi-double
• Lady Macon - pink
• Laurie Bray - soft pink, semi-double
• Mary Phoebe Taylor – rose-pink, semi-double
• Spring Festival – pink, semi-double
• Wilber Foss – bright pink, double
• William Bartlett – pink with deep pink flecks, double

• Brushfields Yellow – creamy yellow, anemone form
• Campsii Alba – white, large and double
• Commander Mulroy – white, double
• Jury’s Yellow – white flowers with yellow petaloids
• Lavinia Maggi – white or pale pink with broad rose-cerise stripes
• Margaret Davis - white edged with pink/ red, double
• Nobilissima – white with pale yellow shading, double
• Nuccio’s Gem – white, double
• Nuccio’s Pearl – white with a pale pink blush, full double
• Silver Anniversary, - white with yellow centre
• Snow Ball - white
• Wisley White – white, semi-double

• Ace of Hearts – light red, semi-double
• Black Lace – dark velvet red, double
• Blood of China – salmon-red, peony form flowers
• Doctor King – light red, semi-double
• Freedom Bell – red, semi-double
• Kramer’s Supreme – large rose-red, peony form, FRAGRANT
• Lady Campbell – rose-red, double
• Laura Walker – bright red, semi-double
• Les Jury – deep red, double
• Midnight – red, semi-double
• Red – red, single
• RL Wheeler – red, double

Don’t forget to plant with ericaceous soil available in small and bulk bags. Feed with ericaceous feed after flowering too.

Check our Plant Factsheets for Camellias in more detail 

Camellia 'Debbie'

Camellia Spring Festival 

Camellia Brushfields Yellow

Camellia Margaret Davis

Camellia Les Jury

Camellia Kramer's Supreme