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05 Oct 2017

Living the Good Life

Back in the day when The Good Life was the tv programme to watch on for the comedy and self sustainable lifestyle these NEW fruit varieties would not have been available to Tom and Barbara to grow and enjoy.

With advances over the years into breeding for better yields, better disease resistance and breeding new hybrids there is a wealth of exciting new fruits to try.   

Plum 'Haganta' is a NEW variety for us here at Provender Nurseries and produces a large, blue plum that is strongly scented with an excellent flavour which ripen late in September.  ‘Haganta’ is a reliable heavy cropper and excellent for cooking purposesMost importantly it has good disease resistance and is self-fertile. 

Aprium 'Aprisali' is an Apricot Plum hybrid that combines the flavours of both fruits and are suitable for both eating and cooking.  The juicy crimson fruits with a lovely taste and aroma. This hybrid is self-fertile and on a St Julien A rootstock. 

Pear 'Obelisk' is the Pear you need if you are stuck for space as it is a self-fertile dwarf pear with an upright habit producing medium sized green fruits with a red flush and a mild flavour.  The fruits ripen in early to mid-October.

Apple 'Limelight' is an eating apple with juicy, yellow-green, medium sized fruits with a sharp flavour that are ready to harvest from September to November.   ‘Limelight is a heavy cropper that is also disease resistant.

We have 18 NEW fruit tree varieties in stock this autumn which is the perfect time for planting fruit of any kind as once planted now the roots will benefit from any residual warmth in the soil.  Don’t forget to plant any fruit tree at this time of year with organic matter and Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi to give the tree the best start in life. 

Check our Fruit Tree Factsheet to see any new varieties that you may be interested in.