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05 Sep 2017

I am obsessed

Versatile and vivacious Nandina domestica ‘Obsessed’ is just rocking it right now.  With a feeling that autumn may come early this year (although there are reports in the press today of a 3 month Indian summer ahead!) this Nandina is just so perfectly named!

A more compact form than straight Nandina domestica and in our opinion a much improved version with stunning autumn colour of russets, orange and searing red it is easy to see how you could be obsessed with it.  As the plant takes on the autumn colours the foliage changes from green to orange, then russet then red giving a display of multi coloured foliage on the plant at one time and the effect is quite fiery.   The veins are last to colour adding to the overall flame-like effect. 

Nandina are happy in sun or part shade and will add a splash of WOW twice a year.  All Nandina are known and appreciated for their autumn and spring foliage colour BUT ‘Obsessed’ has to be the best cultivar that we have seen for a while now.  Don’t take our word for it – pop in and be bowled over yourself.