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14 Jun 2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Eye Roses

A range of modern roses that have large simple flowers with an eye at the centre base of each bloom.  This range of Roses have all of the required assets of a modern rose with disease resistance, strong compact growth and the repeat flowering of a wild rose.

The name is given to the eye at the centre of each flower that accentuates the bloom making them highly attractive and sought after.  Ideal for planting in pots, borders and even in exotic gardens due to the flower colours. 

Eye of the Tiger.  Bush Rose with rich gold with a red eye and very scented.  Height 70cm.  RHS AGM Gold Standard Award

Eye to Eye.  Semi-double flowers of delicate apricot/ yellow with a red centre. 

Eyes for You.  Delightful large flowers of lilac and purple with a deep purple eye and a citrus scent to boot

Eyes on Me.  Small clusters of light pink blooms with a deep red eye. 

For Your Eyes Only.  Rose of the Year 2015. Repeat flowering apricot, salmon and pink flowers with a darker pink eye