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20 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Magnolia 5 - 8m

There are many popular Magnolias used in gardens to this day as they have not faded in popularity since the first Magnolia was first introduced to the UK in 1726. The deciduous types generally flower on bare stems before the foliage emerges and are often followed by a smaller flush of flowers later on. Flowering on bare stems it is thought that Magnolias were originally pollinated by beetles as Magnolias appeared on earth before Bees did. (more info...)

18 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Magnolia under 5m

There are many popular Magnolias used in gardens to this day as they have not faded in popularity since the first Magnolia was first introduced to the UK in 1726. The deciduous types generally flower on bare stems before the foliage emerges and are often followed by a smaller flush of flowers later on. Flowering on bare stems it is thought that Magnolias were originally pollinated by beetles as Magnolias appeared on earth before Bees did. (more info...)

17 Mar 2019

Granite Balls

We tried out Granite Balls last year and they sold so well we thought we would order in some more for you. (more info...)

15 Mar 2019

Ericaceous Plants. Azaleas

Azaleas really do add a blast of seasonal colour to the border in May and June. Evergreen Azaleas provide foliage all year round and a splash of bright brash colour in May and June. As with all Azalea they benefit from ericaceous soil and a feed once a season with a specialised ericaceous slow release fertiliser. As Azalea flowering May and June they are also very popular with bees.  (more info...)

13 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Camellia sasanqua

Relatively unknown and most definitely underused in winter gardens or as seasonal interest is the stunning Camellia sasanqua – the autumn flowering Camellia. Earlier to flower than the better known Camellia japonica and x williamsii, Camellia sasanqua has the benefit of subtle, spicy, tea-scented flowers which are freely produced from late autumn to early spring.  (more info...)

11 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Camellia

Camellia are probably one of the most well know plant choices for an ericaceous soil. Camellias are perfect for planting at this time of year. Clean, glossy evergreen foliage act as the perfect foil for the large ornamental flowers Camellia are so well known for. We have some excellent plants in stock – dripping with bud and ready to go in the next week or two to start flowering for a good 2 months or so. (more info...)

09 Mar 2019

New to Provender Nurseries

We’ve been shopping again and have brought in some really excellent new plants. New varieties to us at Provender Nurseries and we are just a bit excited – we hope you are too. (more info...)

08 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Daphne

Daphne You have to love a Daphne like most winter flowering shrubs the scent is strong and in the case of Daphne have a citrus hint to the fragrance too. Sniff them out …  (more info...)

06 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Gardenia and Cornus candensis

March is Ericaceous month. We will highlight some well-known and lesser known plants that all require an ericaceous soil. There is a lot more to choose from than you think! We have a factsheet with some plants listed that require an ericaceous soil and low pH tolerant soils.  (more info...)

04 Mar 2019

Ericaceous plants. Arbutus

March is Ericaceous month. We will highlight some well-known and lesser known plants that all require an ericaceous soil. There is a lot more to choose from than you think! Most soils are slightly acidic / ericaceous in nature and have a pH lower than 7.0. An ericaceous soil is viewed by many as an issue when selecting plants – this could not be further from the truth.  (more info...)

28 Feb 2019

Provender Picks - Lagerstroemia

Each month we at Provender Nurseries will pick something of interest to highlight. Welcome to Provender Picks: Provender Picks for February: Lagerstroemia  (more info...)

25 Feb 2019

Securing a tree with stakes, ties and Tree Anchors

There are many different fields of thought regarding how to stake a tree. At Provender Nurseries we like to offer you different options to select from. Whichever option you choose all newly planted trees should be staked in some way shape or form.  (more info...)

23 Feb 2019

Balustrade Panels from Stark & Greensmith now available at Provender Nurseries

New Balustrade panels available in two different patterns and two different finishes are now stocked at Provender Nurseries. Each panel is 93cm in height and 148cm in width, ideal for screening off a seating area while still allowing a view over the balustrade panels.  (more info...)

22 Feb 2019

Two New Additions to the Transport Team at Provender Nurseries

Two New Additions to the Transport Team at Provender Nurseries. Provender Nurseries are pleased to welcome Sharon Bowden to our transport team. Sharon is taking on a new role as Transport admin arranging delivery schedules, liaising with customers and overseeing the general running of the transport fleet.  (more info...)

20 Feb 2019

Rootgrow - the friendly fungi.

Mycorrhizal fungi or the ‘’friendly fungi’’ as it has also become known, has grown in popularity over the last few years with many landscapers and designers singing its praises once they have used it. We thought we ought to look into the mystery of mycorrhizal fungi in more detail. How does it work? What are the benefits? Can it be used on all plants?  (more info...)

19 Feb 2019

Passing with Flying Colours. Another Apprentice Success at Provender Nurseries

Passing with Flying Colours. Another Apprentice Success at Provender Nurseries. Provender Nurseries are celebrating the success of our latest Apprentice Rosina Green for completing her Level 2 NVQ Business Administration Apprenticeship. Rosina started at Provender Nurseries in February 2017 and has worked her way to being a valuable member of the business working in the admin team.  (more info...)

18 Feb 2019

Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’

Bet you know a Betula? White stems in winter images? As you know we like a new plant or two at Provender Nurseries and we have a new Betula on the block, so let us introduce to you Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’.  (more info...)

16 Feb 2019

Hamamelis. A great choice for winter scent and colour.

Looks good out there, smells good out there. I’ve been enticed out of the office today by the intoxicating scent of Hamamelis. In colour right now and filling the air with its’ warming, welcoming spicy scent Hamamelis or ‘Witch Hazel’ is the choice at this time of year for winter scent.  (more info...)

14 Feb 2019

Provender Nurseries Tree Planting Kit

Planting a tree? Don’t forget the rubber blocks, tree stakes, tree strap, nails etc. Actually why not just pick up a Provender Tree Planting Kit? It’s much easier.  (more info...)

12 Feb 2019

Provender Nurseries announces Capel Manor College design student as winner of competition to redesign Open Air Theatre Bed in The Regent’s Park.

Continuing the garden design competition Provender Nurseries are pleased to announce Hazel Coleman as the winner for a redesign of Open Air Theatre Bed in The Regent’s Park.  (more info...)

11 Feb 2019

Acer x freemanii Autumn Blaze

There are two quotes which sum up perfectly the benefits of planting trees in any garden or landscape: • ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now’. Chinese proverb. • ‘Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago’. Warren Buffet is a renowned investor who set up the Giving Pledge asking billionaires to donate half their wealth to charitable causes – a forward thinker! With these two quotes in mind we will be focusing on some excellent tree choices on site and associated landscaping kit for planting. February is a brilliant time of year to plant trees with your choices heralding the arrival of the upcoming seasons.  (more info...)

07 Feb 2019

Piddler Tree Irrigation System.

Do you want to know the easiest way to make watering a newly planted tree less painful? Let me introduce you to the Tree Irrigation Piddler System. Silly name I know, but once you have planted a tree and installed one of these for irrigation you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. (more info...)

04 Feb 2019

Trees & Tree Planting

There can be no doubt of the benefit of planting trees. Planting a tree provides shade, shelter, in some cases food and can be used to create an impact, define a garden boundary bringing the focus back into a garden or create a statement.  (more info...)

31 Jan 2019

Spring Allotment Event – Date for the Diary

On Saturday February 23rd Provender Nurseries will be hosting our 11th Allotment & Horticultural Society day. More details to be revealed nearer to the date. Your society will be receiving emails soon.  (more info...)

28 Jan 2019

Vinca. Valuable in its own right.

Vinca. Perfect evergreen ground cover for many a problem area. Vinca solve many problems  (more info...)

25 Jan 2019

Training Days at Provender Nurseries

At Provender Nurseries we appreciate the added value training can bring to a business. We regularly host courses and workshops for outside companies that provide training to landscapers, garden designers and contractors. (more info...)

23 Jan 2019


Looks like we timed this just right! A new range of boots and gloves for tough winter work. No doubt you are feeling the cold out there at this time of month. It is not only plants and lovely aggregates we do here you know – we like to think of you and take care of you the best we can – whether that be a warming cup of tea when you pop in or a range of boots for all weathers to keep you going on a cold day  (more info...)

22 Jan 2019

Ice, Ice Baby

It sure is chilly out there. Keep your paving, pathways and car parks safe with everything you need to keep areas slip proof and clear of ice and snow.  (more info...)

21 Jan 2019

Acer griseum. A tree for all seasons.

Acer griseum. A tree for all seasons. A tree with real winter appeal. Attractive cinnamon peeling bark that is accentuated in the winter months when the entire tree is bare. The leaves emerge orange coloured in the spring, turn pink / brown before turning to green for the summer and eventually deep red in the autumn. The patient Paperback Maple or Acer griseum is a slow growing tree that will never bustle for space from other plants.  (more info...)

18 Jan 2019

Hankering after a Hellebore?

Helleborus are a brilliant plant for providing some winter cheer. Flowers in every shade of colour from pure white, green, soft yellow and pink are freely produced above spectacular foliage. Always popular and always shall remain so, a Hellebore flowering in the winter months just puts the finishing touches to a garden.  (more info...)

16 Jan 2019

Wrap Up Warm

Don’t forget to wrap up warm this winter. As well as yourself don’t forget some of the more exotic plants that may need a little extra help to get through the harsh winter frosts. The trick to wrapping up exotic plants is to use a product that still allows free air flow and light through. This will reduce any likelihood of frost actually settling on the growing tips of tender plants.  (more info...)

14 Jan 2019

Spanish Sunshine

It is that time of year again. Slightly chilly days, colder nights and the two Richards are off plant buying in Spain. Sounds lovely and warm doesn’t it? But as you can see from the images Richard Burt is warmly wrapped up in a big jumper.  (more info...)

10 Jan 2019

Photography Workshop at Provender Nurseries - January Dates

Want to learn how to take decent photographs on your phone? Provender Nurseries are hosting a Smart Phone Photography workshop run by Jonathan Ward of Ginger Horticulture. Jonathan is a member of The Professional Garden Photographers Association and highly regarded within the horticultural industry for his fantastic images. (more info...)

03 Jan 2019


We are back and open again. Here we are with a new year ahead. We have a few new projects going on behind the scenes that should be rewarding for all involved. Watch this space for more details as they come! Keep an eye out!  (more info...)

29 Dec 2018

Cornus winter stem colour

Ideal for showing off for the winter months and guaranteed to raise a smile on a sunny wintery day when the stems positively shine with exuberance. Underplant with spring flowering bulbs for a real spirit lifting display in the spring.  (more info...)

26 Dec 2018

Sarcococca. Christmas Box. Scentsational

Christmas Box, Sweet Box – any name you want to call it - Sarcococca is perfect for a bit of Christmas cheer Easy to grow and ideal for a bit of scent at Christmas and throughout the rest of the winter months Sarcococca is a brilliant plant.  (more info...)

21 Dec 2018

Christmas Closing Hours

Provender Nurseries will be closed over the Christmas period from Tuesday 25th December and will reopen again on Thursday 3rd January at 7.00am. All of the team here at Provender Nurseries would like to wish you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS 2019. Provender Nurseries would like to thank you for your custom this year.  (more info...)

18 Dec 2018

Nandina – such fabulous colour at this time of year. A valuable winter interest plant.

Nandina have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years with some excellent new varieties available that really zing with winter colour. Taking on great colour as the weather gets colder Nandina are often overlooked as a colourful winter interest plant – such a shame – they have so much to offer.  (more info...)

14 Dec 2018

Mahonia – Marvellous winter structure

Everyone know a Mahonia and are familiar with the tall upright structural plants with slightly thorny leaves. But there are some new kids on the block. Well, they have been around a few years now but why not highlight these new softer Mahonia? (more info...)

10 Dec 2018

Provender Nurseries New Pot Range has arrived

NEW and looking really rather fabulous is our long awaited new range of Provender Pot Range. Our new range of glazed decorative pots are perfect for a planting with our fabulous plants on site.  (more info...)

07 Dec 2018

Christmas Closing Hours

Provender Nurseries will be closed over the festive season from Tuesday 25th December and will reopen for business on Thursday January 3rd. (more info...)

05 Dec 2018

‘Tis the season to plant bareroot

‘Tis the season to plant bareroot. Now the leaves are falling and plants are reaching a stage of dormancy for the winter months the season has well and truly begun! This is prime time for planting bareroot and rootballed plants.  (more info...)

03 Dec 2018

Root ball hedging season is upon us. Terrific Taxus in stock and more due next week

The clocks have gone back and that can only mean two things - shorter days and root ball Taxus in stock. The onset of the root ball planting season is upon us. The Taxus baccata now in are excellent plants and will create an instant impact hedge straight away. With autumn being nature’s time for planting this really is the season to get these plants in the ground.  (more info...)

30 Nov 2018

Provender Nurseries award winning voucher to garden designer Barbara Samitier Landscape and Garden Design.

Provender Nurseries award winning voucher to garden designer Barbara Samitier Landscape and Garden Design. Earlier this year Provender Nurseries sponsored the Design under £20,000 category in the ‘small project BIG IMPACT’ Awards – a new initiative launched by Pro landscaper magazine to recognise excellence in projects that cost under £20,000.00 which constitutes a large number of designs and builds in this price bracket. These types of projects are the backbone of the industry and are extremely important to highlight and promote.  (more info...)

28 Nov 2018

Alex Buckley collects her 30 Under 30 Award. Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation

In early October Provender Nurseries were delighted to announce that Alex Buckley, Nursery Supervisor was selected as one of Pro Landscapers 30 Under 30. 30 Under 30 was launched in 2015 as a way of recognising the work younger people across the horticultural sectors and is sponsored by Green-tech.  (more info...)

26 Nov 2018

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND - AFTERNOON SESSION NOW ADDED Smartphone Photography Workshop at Provender Nurseries run by Jonathan Ward.

Smartphone Photography Workshop at Provender Nurseries run by Jonathan Ward. Want to learn how to take decent photographs on your phone? Provender Nurseries are hosting a Smartphone Photography workshop run by Jonathan Ward of Ginger Horticulture. Jonathan is a member of The Professional Garden Photographers Association and highly regarded within the horticultural industry for his fantastic images. This 2-hour workshop is an introduction to the world of mobile photography. You will learn the fundamentals of taking a good photograph, review both the smartphone camera and its native editing functions, as well as explore popular photo apps. There will be opportunity’s during the class to practice what you learn and receive feedback.  (more info...)

21 Nov 2018

Mulch is Magic!

Adding a layer of organic mulch is probably the best thing you can do for the health of your plants and soil and applying now will continue to benefit plants and soils all year round and in all weathers. It is best to remove all weeds and fallen leaves, which may harbour pests and diseases before applying a layer of mulch. Mulch is best applied in the autumn or spring when there is still some residual warmth in the soil. Mulch is best applied on moist soils after planting and watering to a depth of 5cm and can be applied in beds, borders and containers.  (more info...)

17 Nov 2018

A busy day at Futurescapes

If you want to see a display of fabulous plants then you can pop along to stand 85 at Futurescapes on Tuesday 20th November at Sandown Park Racecourse. Alongside exhibiting at stand 85 we will have a busy day lined up as we will be there in other capacities too.  (more info...)

13 Nov 2018

Raking it in

In October leaf fall starts to occur and a rake becomes one of the most important tools to have in the van. A rake is a rake right? Far from it. Let’s look at the right tool for the job. Soil rakes, leaf clearance rakes and scarifying / thatch removal rakes all are built differently to do different jobs. We have a comprehensive range of rakes in stock all year round to suit any job.  (more info...)

12 Nov 2018

Lovely Leucothoe - Some of the best winter colour there is

Lovely Leucothoe are just the most stunning small shrub at winter colour showing off. There is a wide range to choose from each with different leaf form, foliage colour, size and height. So there should be at least one to fill the spot!  (more info...)

10 Nov 2018

Provender Nurseries Sponsors of the SGD Autumn Conference

Being avid supporters of the horticulture industry and garden designers, Provender Nurseries are proud to be the main sponsor for the SGD Autumn Conference - Geometry; new angles on gardens and landscape. Held on Saturday 17th November at The Royal Geographical Society, London SW7 2AR this autumns SGD Conference promises to be very informative with five significant speakers in the industry giving their angle on the use of Geometry in garden design.  (more info...)

09 Nov 2018

Cyclamen - small but perfectly formed

Cyclamen raise their bright heads in the winter and cheer up the dreariest of areas. There are 2 types in flower at this time of year and both are a delight to see.  (more info...)

07 Nov 2018

Bulbs - last of the lot

As you may be aware there has been a shortage on spring flowering bulb availability this season due to the extreme weather conditions earlier this year. If bulb planting is something you tend to leave until the very end of the season you may be out of luck. We still have some in stock- so grab them while you can. Once they are gone - they are gone!  (more info...)

05 Nov 2018

November and December Special Offer Panel plants and Pleached trees

November is the perfect month for planting trees and specimen shrubs. What better time of year then to offer you some excellent panel and pleached options to plant in your clients gardens for that added bit of privacy. We have selected some panel and pleached plants for a November and December special offer.  (more info...)

02 Nov 2018

Winter Interest Plants. Splendid Skimmia

Splendid Skimmia There is nothing quite like a Skimmia for reliable winter interest. Handsome evergreen foliage, compact in habit, clusters of colourful buds held through the winter, scented flowers in the colder winter months and berries too.  (more info...)

29 Oct 2018

Wheelbarrows - weally useful

Wheelbarrows- You never know you need them until…..you need them. Great tools that are invaluable at this time of year for collecting fallen leave, moving mulch, soil, large plants, aggregates and other heavy materials.  (more info...)

26 Oct 2018

Autumn Event at Provender Nurseries 2018

AUTUMN EVENT at Provender Nurseries. SAVE THE DATE - Wednesday 31st October 9am to 4pm To herald the arrival of autumn Provender Nurseries are holding a one day event which is guaranteed to be informal, informative and packed full of food and good company. With a focus on Screening, Biosecurity and Biocides there should be something for everyone to enjoy and take away from our Preview Day. We will also be showing off our new Provender Pot Range.  (more info...)

25 Oct 2018

Gaultheria - Tiger Balm Plant

We are all familiar with the aches and pains that our industry brings and Tiger Balm is often used for pulled or strained muscles. Did you know that the good old Gaultheria provides the essence for Tiger Balm? A useful plant all round. Squish a berry and you’ll smell Tiger Balm.  (more info...)

18 Oct 2018


The weeds are still growing in this topsy turvy year of weather. We have selected some weedkillers that can still be used while the weather is as it is and put them on our SPECIAL OFFER: (more info...)

09 Oct 2018

Autumn and Winter Colour Conifers

There are many articles at this time of year heading into autumn and winter regaling the assets of autumn and winter colour in shrubs - but let us not forget the humble conifer and what excellent foliage colour they can bring to the party at this time of year. Lower light levels and misty mornings make a winter interest conifer stand out from the crowd. Many conifers get better winter colour in colder weather adding to their overall appeal.  (more info...)

03 Oct 2018

Alex Buckley has been selected as one of Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation

Alex Buckley has been selected as one of Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation. Our very own Alex has been selected as one of Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation, class of 2018. The award was initially launched by Pro Landscaper to help younger people in the industry gain recognition and celebrate their achievements and the accolade is now recognised throughout the industry.  (more info...)

28 Sep 2018

Fargesia - fabulous plants for a myriad of uses.

Fargesia are a fantastic choice of bamboo in smaller spaces. Fargesia are naturally clump-forming, non-invasive and do not run as larger growing Bamboos naturally do so are much more forgiving where space is restricted or height is not required.  (more info...)

26 Sep 2018

Expanding our Provender Pot Range

Contemporary gardens with simple finished pots are all the rage at the moment and look steady to withstand the tests of time. We constantly look for new lines to complement our excellent range of plants and would like to show you two new ranges that we have sourced and are now in stock.  (more info...)

24 Sep 2018

Thursday 18th October Designing with Maintenance in Mind onsite at Provender Nurseries with BALI South Thames

Thursday 18th October Designing with Maintenance in Mind onsite at Provender Nurseries with BALI South Thames. We have the privilege of hosting a panel of distinguished design and maintenance professionals for a discussion on how the design process and maintenance needs overlap and influence each other from the start of a project all the way through the entire process from start to finish. This engaging event is perfect for all garden designers, landscape contractors both domestic and commercial.  (more info...)

22 Sep 2018

Matt Jones wins Garden Design Competition sponsored by Provender Nurseries in conjunction with Capel Manor College.

Matt Jones wins Garden Design Competition sponsored by Provender Nurseries in conjunction with Capel Manor College. Now in its 6th year the collaboration between Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor College continues to be a success for all involved. Provender Nurseries are pleased to announce Matt Jones of London Plantsman as the winner of the Garden Design Competition at the Enfield Campus.  (more info...)

21 Sep 2018

Keep warm in the cooler evenings with our one off Corten Steel FIRE BOWL offer

Ideal for snuggling around on autumnal evenings in the garden Corten Steel Fire Bowls create a real focal point and are excellent value for money at the moment with over 15% off. (more info...)

20 Sep 2018

25th September - APL Seminar - ‘It’s Time to Plant’ at Horticulture House.

25th September - APL Seminar - ‘It’s Time to Plant’ at Horticulture House. Our very own plant expert Richard McKenna will be talking at the APL Seminar - ‘It’s Time to Plant’ regarding the plant supply chain from a cash and carry perspective. The entire day promises to be enlightening with all aspects of planting covered by a myriad of excellent speakers including Richard of course!  (more info...)

19 Sep 2018

Fancy Fern Foliage

Just in and looking absolutely ferny fantastic - a range of ferns in 7.5L pots. Guaranteed to make a statement with these fronds. We love ferns with their dramatic architectural foliage. This week we have taken delivery of some fantastic value and brilliant ferns in 7.5L pots.  (more info...)

17 Sep 2018

Oodles of Fruit - Autumn is Nature’s time to plant

Fresh in and fruitylicious - a great range of Apples, Pears, Figs, Cherries and Plums are now in stock. We have a wide range of varieties in stock available in Bush, Double Cordon. Fan Trained, Espallier and Stepover. Everything you need to create an orchard for a small fruitful area.  (more info...)

16 Sep 2018

Funky Fatsia Alert

Fatsia polycarpa ‘Green Fingers’ New from Taiwan and with the most adorable foliage on a Fatsia yet. Deeply lobed, almost palmate, finger-like evergreen leaves add an exotic fee l to this fantastic Fatsia.  (more info...)

14 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Native Hedging. AVAILABLE NOW

Richard will be off soon tagging plants for the upcoming rootball season. But there are still plenty of options for containerised hedging available to fill in until rootballs arrive. In fact, some plants take better as containerised plants than as rootball options. Today we have focused on Native Hedging (Buxus and Taxus were highlighted earlier this week). We have grouped together some native hedging options for you that are available now and all year round on site at Provender Nurseries. Over the next week we will highlight hedging options that are available now.  (more info...)

13 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Prunus. Viburnum. Taxus. AVAILABLE NOW

Richard will be off soon tagging plants for the upcoming rootball season. But there are still plenty of options for containerised hedging available to fill in until rootballs arrive. In fact, some plants take better as containerised plants than as rootball options. This is certainly true of Prunus lusitanica and laurocerasus types which are highlighted today alongside that other hedging stalwart - Viburnum tinus. Taxus is also focused on today which is a popular rootball and container grown option. We have grouped together some hedging options for you that are available now and all year round on site at Provender Nurseries.  (more info...)

12 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Photina and Rhdodendron Bloombux. AVAILABLE NOW

Richard will be off soon tagging plants for the upcoming rootball season. But there are still plenty of options for containerised hedging available to fill in until rootballs arrive. In fact, some plants take better as containerised plants than as rootball options. This is certainly true of Photinia and Rhododendron Inkarho Bloombux which are highlighted today. We have grouped together some hedging options for you that are available now and all year round on site at Provender Nurseries.  (more info...)

11 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Griselinia and Euonymus. AVAILABLE NOW

The summer heat certainly put off some planting for a few months with many jobs delayed until September. Rootball hedging season is still a way off and availability will be later in October / November which is of course weather dependant. Today we are highlighting Griselinia and Euonymus as container grown hedging options. Richard will be off soon tagging plants for the upcoming rootball season. But there are still plenty of options for containerised hedging available to fill in until rootballs arrive. In fact, some plants take better as containerised plants than as rootball options. This is certainly true of Griselinia and Euonymus. We have grouped together some hedging options for you that are available now and all year round on site at Provender Nurseries. Over the next week we will highlight hedging options that are available now.  (more info...)

10 Sep 2018

Container Grown Hedging Plants. Ilex crenata and Buxus. AVAILABLE NOW

The summer heat certainly put off some planting for a few months with many jobs delayed until September. Rootball hedging season is still a way off and availability will be later in October / November which is of course weather dependant. Richard will be off soon tagging plants for the upcoming rootball season. But there are still plenty of options for containerised hedging available to fill in until rootballs arrive. In fact, some plants take better as containerised plants than as rootball options. This is certainly true of Prunus lusitanica and laurocerasus types. Photinia also take better when planted as containerised options too which we will highlight later in the week. We have grouped together some hedging options for you that are available now and all year round on site at Provender Nurseries. Over this week we will highlight hedging options that are available now.  (more info...)

05 Sep 2018

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Come and join us at Provender Nurseries on Friday September 28th to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Following on from the success of our last coffee morning which raised over £650.00 for Stand Up To Cancer we thought we would hold another. Also we do like a bit of cake here on site!  (more info...)

03 Sep 2018

Spring Flowering Bulbs - BACK IN TOWN

September is the best time of year for planting spring flowering bulbs. The soil is still warm, rainfall is naturally higher in September and the roots of bulbs planted can get going and anchor down before the onset of winter. As ever each year spring flowering bulbs arrive at Provender Nurseries in September and are pounced upon by staff as soon as they are unpacked (well Jill and Liz mainly!)  (more info...)

30 Aug 2018

Autumn Lawn Care

If your client likes a perfect lawn then this summer will have been a challenge to say the least. However all is not lost - there is plenty to do in September to ensure a stronger lawn next year.  (more info...)

28 Aug 2018

Late Summer Colour For Borders

There is still plenty of colour to plant in September - Sedum come into their own in September and provide valuable nectar for bees and butterflies.  (more info...)

27 Aug 2018

Sedum Instant Green Roof Modules

Fallen in love with a green roof? Love the idea for a greener shed or bin store? Feel it could be a bit too much effort installing a green roof? Let us make it easier for you with Green Roof Mobiroof Sedum Modules (what a mouthful!) We have taken the pain out of installing green roofs for you with Green Roof Mobiroof Sedum Modules.  (more info...)

25 Aug 2018

Bank Holiday Closing Hours

We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday Perfect for getting out in our own gardens.  (more info...)

24 Aug 2018

What a difference a feed makes - brilliant results with Tree Fern Feed

We often extol the virtues of applying feed to plants and the difference a good dose of feed can make. We would like to show you the evidence with rather an unusual choice - Tree Fern Feed.  (more info...)

22 Aug 2018

Hydrangea Heaven - Some gems on the nursery

At this time of year the humble Hydrangea raises its head above the parapet and demands to be acknowledged. It seems to be Hydrangea week and in fairness, why not? They are after all looking fabulous and such great value for money with a show of flowers that everyone loves.  (more info...)

20 Aug 2018

Hydrangea Heaven - Paniculata

At this time of year the humble Hydrangea raises its head above the parapet and demands to be acknowledged. The world of Hydrangea can appear slightly confusing with many different types available. All you really need to remember is with that the colour range available now there is bound to be a Hydrangea out there to suit your / your client’s needs.  (more info...)

16 Aug 2018



15 Aug 2018



10 Aug 2018

Hemerocallis Months and months of flower

Hemerocallis are commonly known as the Daylily as each bloom lasts a day. However with the sheer number of flowers these stalwart plants produce you will still enjoy 2 - 3 months of flower at least. Hemerocallis are very resilient as well as rather engaging. They are resistant to deer and rabbits and happy in a clay soil that can become very dry in the summer months and almost waterlogged in the winter months. The humble Hemerocallis can withstand the lot.  (more info...)

10 Aug 2018

Make it Easy on Yourself with our Irrigation Offer

Provender Nurseries are running offers on selected irrigation lines - just when you need it most! Make the most of these special offers as once they are gone - they are gone!  (more info...)

09 Aug 2018

Late summer colour? Crocosmia - Hot to trot

Can’t resist a bit of sizzling summer colour? Need a plant that will continually flower in the summer through to the autumn? Client wants a plant that is low maintenance? Crocosmia has it all and more. Strapping sword-like foliage with elegant arching stems topped with vibrant flowers in an array of hot colours.  (more info...)

06 Aug 2018

Beat the Heat with our Early Opening Hours

Are you wilting? Beat the heat with our permanently extended opening hours. Starting a little earlier in the heat that we are experiencing enables you to still get a good days work in before wilting in the afternoon heat.  (more info...)

04 Aug 2018

Do you want to know more? Give me the Facts

Did you know that we have over 800 factsheets on our website? We create many factsheets based on questions we asked on a regular basis and aslo to inform you of new plants and new shop products.  (more info...)

02 Aug 2018

Olives - Good enough for ancient Kings.

Olive plants are one of the most popular plants to hit the UK from the continent in the last 20 or so years. Behind every Olive tree there is a lot of history. Un-rivalled for its role in cultures throughout history the olive tree is one of the most mentioned cultivated plants in recorded history (more info...)

31 Jul 2018

Phormium - just the easiest plant to look after

Bold, evergreen clump forming with multi-coloured strap-like leaves. Phormium are a brilliant plant choice for use in all seasons, providing a colourful contrasting backdrop for other nearby plants in the summer and as an architectural statement plant in the winter.  (more info...)

25 Jul 2018


Coming up in the horticultural supply over the last few years are some really interesting Pittosporum ball shaped plants that require little to no pruning to maintain the ball shape desired by so many designers and landscapers. If there is one repeated phrase in the horticultural world that we hear on an almost hourly basis - ‘We want a plant that is low maintenance’. Look no further - WE HAVE FOUND IT!!  (more info...)

19 Jul 2018

Aquatics - so much to choose from

So much variety of flower, height and foliage can be found in aquatic plants. The beauty of them does not need to be confined to just pond areas, small water garden can be easily created in large waterproof containers. Aquatic plants and ponds are fabulous for creating wildlife and pondlife havens attracting frogs (natural slug killers), dragonflies and an area for birds and hedgehogs to drink and clean themselves.  (more info...)

17 Jul 2018

Agapanthus - Ideal Summer Flowering Plant

A touch of the exotic, ideal for borders, containers and rooftop plantings. Agapanthus are grown for their impressive blooms and perfect for a sunny position. Forming large clumps over time they will fill a space easily and are easy to maintain with a monthly feed during growing season. Agapanthus are invaluable at this time of year for providing explosions of blooms above their foliage. Trumpet shaped flowers are held in rounded balls on upright sturdy stems.  (more info...)

14 Jul 2018



13 Jul 2018

How to conserve water usage in the garden

How to conserve water usage in the garden After a few weeks of extremely dry weather and very little if any rain the nation’s thoughts turns to watering in the garden. We have pulled together some handy hints to help you and your client’s water in the garden. There are a few angles to look at watering in the garden at this time of year. We’ll try and cover them all for you.  (more info...)

07 Jul 2018

THE plant of Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2018 - Calycanthus

THE plant of Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2018 - Calycanthus The eagle eyed of you may well have spotted this rather unusual shrub in many gardens at Hampton Court Flower Show this year, Calycanthus otherwise known as Allspice or Sweetshrub due to the scented bark, leaves and flowers.  (more info...)

06 Jul 2018

Provender Nurseries supply a third Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show achieving a Silver Gilt medal

You may well be hearing the words Hampton Court Flower Show a lot this week. I thought I would give you all a heads up on how Provender Nurseries is involved this year. This is our third instalment of Hampton Court plant supply for 2018. (more info...)

05 Jul 2018

Provender Nurseries supplies Hampton Court Show Garden by Raymond Blanc - RHS Grow Your own

You may well be hearing the words Hampton Court Flower Show a lot this week. I thought I would give you all a heads up on how Provender Nurseries is involved this year. This is our second instalment of Hampton Court plant supply for 2018. (more info...)

04 Jul 2018

Provender Nurseries supplies Hampton Court BALI Go Landscape ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ achieving a GOLD medal.

You may well be hearing the words Hampton Court Flower Show a lot this week. I thought I would give you all a heads up on how Provender Nurseries is involved this year.  (more info...)

21 Jun 2018

Longer Hours - Permanent Early Opening

Following our hugely popular early opening hours for spring we’re now changing our opening hours on a permanent basis to give you an extra hour in your working day. In the spring months the working day starts earlier for many of us and we decided that an extra hour could make all the difference to your working day.  (more info...)

19 Jun 2018

Lots and lots and lots of lovely Lavender

Adored by bees, garden designers, clients, landscapers and just about everyone really the good old Lavandula has everything you want in a plant. One of the finest plants you can plant - scented foliage, oodles of flowers and attractive to bees and wildlife. Versatile and useful for hedging, planting in mixed borders, containers Lavandula are densely covered in flower spikes in the summer.  (more info...)

17 Jun 2018

Small Project BIG IMPACT Awards launched by ProLandscaper supported by Provender Nurseries

Small Project BIG IMPACT Awards launched by ProLandscaper supported by Provender Nurseries Have you ever designed a small project and thought that the design warranted some recognition? Then the Small Project BIG IMPACT Awards are for you. Provender Nurseries have teamed up with ProLandscaper as a sponsor for the new small project BIG IMPACT Awards.  (more info...)

16 Jun 2018

Cotinus coggygria ‘Lilla’. Perfect for a smaller garden

Do you want all the bling and sparkle of a Cotinus but at a manageable size? Look at Cotinus Lilla - perfect for the smaller garden. Introduced recently into the trade Cotinus ‘Lilla’ is a superb, new dwarf shrub of the similar and very popular Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'.  (more info...)

14 Jun 2018


Some ornamental Cornus are renowned for their dramatic tiered structure creating show-stopping trees that are best planted as solo specimen plants so the shape and structure can be appreciated.  (more info...)

12 Jun 2018

Cornus - there is more! Flowering Dogwood

Cornus dance into your life and leaves you all the better for it. The display of colourful bracts can bring a smile and slight feeling of wonder to anyone when viewed in all their splendour at this time of year. This year seems to be producing some excellent displays due to the wet and cool weather over the winter months.  (more info...)

10 Jun 2018

It’s been a good year for the Cracking Cornus kousa Flowering Dogwood

Cornus kousa dances into your life and leaves you all the better for it. The display of colourful bracts can bring a smile and slight feeling of wonder to anyone when viewed in all their splendour at this time of year. This year seems to be producing some excellent displays due to the wet and cool weather over the winter months.  (more info...)

07 Jun 2018

Styrax – Snowbell Tree

If you don’t know Styrax, now is the perfect time of year to be introduced. Commonly known as the Snowbell Tree Styrax are delicate flowering shrubs /small trees that flower happily throughout June bringing in subtle colour and scent.  (more info...)

05 Jun 2018

Vine Weevil Treatment you can use at home

At last, a new range of Nematodes for Vine Weevil that do not need storing in the fridge. Easy to use and easy to apply.  (more info...)

29 May 2018

Feeds and Fertilisers - Now is the perfect time of year for using feeds and fertilisers

Plants are like cakes: they need the correct ingredients to perform to their best. Feed is often applied at the planting stage and then only applied again if the plant shows signs of stress. A well fed plant is a happy plant and so much easier to maintain.  (more info...)

27 May 2018

Provender Nurseries – Delivering the best to you

We have a great team at Provender Nurseries striving and working together to provide the best quality plants and products for you. The delivering of our plants and products is just as important as the buying, maintenance and displaying of our stock.  (more info...)

25 May 2018

May Bank Holiday Closing

It seems like only last month that we had a bank holiday – now there is another around the corner! As usual Provender Nurseries are closed on a bank holiday. Your Trade Zone is always open 24/7 so you can build quotes and orders while Provender Nurseries is closed. Enjoy your Bank Holiday  (more info...)

23 May 2018

Palms – Exotic Foliage Plants

Instantly recognisable by the exotic fan-shaped leaves and tall stems Palms tick many boxes for all types of gardens. Uniform in shape and structure Palms are a great option for structure in a garden. Perfect for use in Exotic, Mediterranean, and mixed borders (more info...)

18 May 2018

Stand up to Cancer, Eat Cake and Raise Money for A Brilliant Cause

On Wednesday 23rd May Provender Nurseries will be holding a cake sale to raise funds for The Great Stand up To Cancer Bake Off. Between 8am and 12pm we will have cakes as baked by our very own selves and one lovely donation from garden designer Jane Beedle who was a finalist in The Great British Bake Off in 2016 – that is one cake not to be missed!  (more info...)

15 May 2018

Syringa / Lilac by any other name

Springtime – then it must be time for the Syringa / Lilac to be out in bloom filling the air with scent. A popular plant with panicles of flower spikes of fragrant flowers. A staple plant for cottage garden style planting and ideal for smaller gardens  (more info...)

13 May 2018

Bedding plants – Sunshine in a pot

There is no introduction needed for bedding. This is the perfect time of year for planting to brighten up window boxes, containers, borders and hanging baskets. (more info...)

11 May 2018

Marvellous Malus

Malus are in full swing now. In fact Malus are a worthy rival for Prunus as the tree that heralds the arrival of spring. Malus are full of blossom with the promise of oodles of berries in the autumn too.  (more info...)

09 May 2018


Perfection personified. Who does not love a Paeonia? Huge papery flowers happily produced from March through to June. There are some fabulous choices when it comes to Paeonia. All prefer a rich humus soil in sun or partial shade. Planted singly or in large groups they are sure to make an impression.  (more info...)

07 May 2018

Fresh in and full of fronds – Tree Ferns

Fresh in from a long journey across the seas a huge range of Dicksonia antartica have now hit land at Provender Nurseries. Arriving on a wet day the shipping container was emptied by our team and graded into sizes as unloaded.  (more info...)

05 May 2018

CERCIS - Cracking tree for a small garden – Judas Tree / Redbud

Like many early spring flowering shrubs Cercis flower on bare stems allowing the full glory of the exotic pea-like flowers to be truly enjoyed before the spectacular arrival of the leaves. Flowers appear direct from the trunk followed by the heart-shaped foliage which are an enticing prospect to look forward to almost more than the flowers themselves. Easy to care for, blooming easily and relatively unfussy when it comes to pruning a Cercis is a welcome addition to any planting scheme. All Cercis have exotic heart shaped foliage that just sing on a summers day. But the spring flowers are not to be missed either.  (more info...)

04 May 2018


It seems like only last month that we had a bank holiday – now there is another around the corner! As usual Provender Nurseries are closed on a bank holiday. We are open on Saturday May 5th from 8am to 12 midday. Your Trade Zone is always open 24/7 so you can build quotes and orders while Provender Nurseries is closed. Enjoy your Bank Holiday  (more info...)

02 May 2018

Colourful Exotics

Now is the time of year when exotics start to hit the nursery bringing much needed colour and a bit of a tropical feel in the spring sunshine. (more info...)

30 Apr 2018


It seems like only last month that we had a bank holiday – now there is another around the corner! As usual Provender Nurseries are closed on a bank holiday. Your Trade Zone is always open 24/7 so you can build quotes and orders while Provender Nurseries is closed. Enjoy your Bank Holiday  (more info...)

29 Apr 2018

Lawn Care

Spring is the traditional time for lawn care. Weedkill, mosskill, scarifying, spreading and applying fertilisers and a tidy up around the lawn edges ensure a healthy sward and a hardwearing green lawn your clients can enjoy. With so many products on offer we have split them into easy to use options below.  (more info...)

28 Apr 2018

Lawn Seed / Grass Seed

We hold in stock a comprehensive range of grass seed and lawn seed mixes for various uses. Now is the perfect time of year for sowing seed (more info...)

23 Apr 2018


Now the weather has taken a turn for the better and spring has truly sprung the aquatic range it is the time to tell you of our aquatic range now in stock. We now hold in stock everything you would need to start a new pond or maintain and repair an existing pond.  (more info...)

21 Apr 2018

Amelanchier - a most versatile plant

A versatile small tree or large shrub suitable for small gardens. This plant has many facets and just as many common names! Commonly known as Juneberry, Snowy Mespilus or Serviceberry the Amelanchier has something for all seasons. Amelanchier lamarckii is one of our best selling trees here at Provender Nurseries. What earns this handsome tree this worthy accolade?  (more info...)

19 Apr 2018

The Rhodo you can plant anywhere

Inkarho - The Rhododendron you can plant anywhere. Acid or Alkaline soil? Inkarho will deal just fine with both. Sounds too good to be true? Introduced to Provender Nurseries and the industry a few years ago Inkarho Rhododeondrons are proving extremely popular and with good cause too.  (more info...)

18 Apr 2018

Elegant Epimedium

An elegant plant choice that is perfect for dry shade, rabbit resistant and mainly evergreen with some popular deciduous types too. This plant ticks so many boxes it should be in every garden. The heart shaped leaves of Epimedium are usually tinted bronze as they emerge and provide a brilliant backdrop for the elegant flowers that are produced in the spring.  (more info...)

17 Apr 2018

Delicious Deciduous Azaleas

Deciduous Azaleas – knock out colour and scent - just buzzing with vibrant colour and popular with bees too! Deciduous Azaleas are vibrant, exotic to look at and just delicious. Blousy and fun they fill the border with exotic coloured blooms and are a huge plus for bees who flock to them in their droves. The autumn foliage colour is not be ignored either – simply stunning reds and orange foliage adorn the bush before falling.  (more info...)

16 Apr 2018

Amazing Azaleas

It makes sense to follow up Rhododendendrons with Azalea. So here goes! Azaleas really do add a blast of seasonal colour to the border in May and June. Evergreen Azaleas provide foliage all year round and a splash of bright brash colour in May and June. With over 40 varieties in stock – both evergreen and deciduous there are some excellent choices in stock at the moment.  (more info...)

15 Apr 2018

Rocking Rhododendrons

At Provender Nurseries we have some fantastic Rhododendron plants that are truly cracking! Bursting with bud and ready to rock through May to July there are some excellent plants ranging from 2L plants up to 1.5m huge specimens – ideal for creating an instant garden or adding a feature to an existing border  (more info...)

13 Apr 2018

Magnolias - Spring Scentsation

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year. The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers. With a range of Magnolia that beats most wholesale suppliers we have some fantastic varieties in stock from 10L up to 4m standards. Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today?  (more info...)

11 Apr 2018

Magnolias - Spring Scentsation

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year. The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers. With a range of Magnolia that beats most wholesale suppliers we have some fantastic varieties in stock from 10L up to 4m standards. Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today?  (more info...)

09 Apr 2018

Magnolias - Spring Scentsation

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year. The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers. With a range of Magnolia that beats most wholesale suppliers we have some fantastic varieties in stock from 10L up to 4m standards. Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today?  (more info...)

07 Apr 2018

Magnolias - Spring Scentsation

Magnolias are just a joy at this time of year. The swelling buds open to reveal the stunning spring flowers. With a range of Magnolia that beats most wholesale suppliers we have some fantastic varieties in stock from 10L up to 4m standards. Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today?  (more info...)

29 Mar 2018

Easter Hours

March is fast upon us and Easter is just around the corner. A long weekend of designing, gardening and preparation awaits between Easter Eggs and chocolate consumption. (more info...)

29 Mar 2018

Spotlight on Skimmia

As we all know at this time of year Skimmia are in the spotlight with their compact, colourful buds holding the promise of colour and scent in the coming colder months.  (more info...)

26 Mar 2018


Starting from March 1st to June 29th Provender Nurseries will be open from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for your convenience. We realise that in the busy season the working day starts earlier for many and to get out on the road and to your jobs makes the whole day much easier. So we thought we would give it a go we would open from 7am from Monday to Friday for 4 months we will be adding another, all important hour to or opening times. (more info...)

24 Mar 2018

Spring Flowering Camellia

Spring Flowering Camellia What can you say about Camellias that has not been said already?  (more info...)

22 Mar 2018

Keeping it Clean

Late winter and spring are the perfect time of year for undertaking much needed maintenance on tools, hard surfaces and structures around the garden before the onset of warmer weather and plant growth. As with anything used in the garden cleanliness is a must to prevent the spread of diseases, pests and damage to plants and surfaces.  (more info...)

13 Mar 2018

Full of flower and fantastic flowers – Helleborus

One of the most popular plants at this time of year and in fact all year round is Helleborus. Flowering in the coldest of weather with bright flowers and often interesting foliage, Hellebores can provide interest not just in the winter months but for a good 6 months of the year too.  (more info...)

12 Mar 2018

Delightful Daphne

Many winter flowering plants are blessed with an intoxicating heavy scent. We will be highlighting a few in the next few weeks for all of your senses to enjoy. Each year when the cold winter winds are bracing and for most of your clients the last thing on their minds is to step outside and enjoy their garden – they do not know what treats they are missing You have to love a Daphne like most winter flowering shrubs the scent is strong and in the case of Daphne have a citrus hint to the fragrance too. Sniff them out …. (more info...)

06 Mar 2018

Spring Preview - come along and see what changes have taken place on site

For 3 days in March 6th, 7th and 8th Provender Nurseries will be offering you a home cooked BBQ breakfast of bacon or sausage butties here onsite from 7am-11am to reveal the extensive changes made on site. Back in August and September of 2017 we offered you a Double Development Discount to help us clear the site before works began. Now you can come along and see the result of all our hard work and still get a 10% voucher to boot! 40 + companies in today - not too late to book for Weds and Thurs !  (more info...)

02 Mar 2018

Elegant Edgeworthias

Once you have seen one of these exotic looking shrubs your world will never be the same again! A real talking point and as hard as nails – the predicted hard weather will not stop an Edgeworthia in its tracks. Tight slightly downy clusters of bud slowly open to reveal the most delightful flowers.  (more info...)

28 Feb 2018


Despite the weather Provender Nurseries is still open for business. Rock salt, grit salt and plant fleeces are available.  (more info...)

26 Feb 2018

Bare Root Hedging

Bare root hedging is still available with a good range of plants held in stock. Best planted whilst in their dormant state bare root plants should be planted now before active growth begins. Available in a range of sizes from 40-60cm, 60-80cm, 80-100cm, 100-125cm 125-150cm depending on variety and in bundles of 25 or 10 or as single stems.  (more info...)

25 Feb 2018

Porcelain Paving now in stock

Porcelain Paving is engineered to last yet manages to look stylish and sophisticated.  (more info...)

22 Feb 2018

Get Moving in 2018 10% OFF SELECTED LINES

If it needs moving – we’re here to help you out. Provender Nurseries are giving you 10% off wheelbarrows, pot movers, sack barrows and root ball hooks.  (more info...)

18 Feb 2018

20% OFF SELECTED PLANTS. Hedging and Quercus ilex

On offer for the next few weeks what better way to start the year than some seasonal plant offers (more info...)

16 Feb 2018

20% OFF SELECTED PLANTS – Incredible Ilex

On offer for the next few weeks what better way to start the year than some seasonal plant offers (more info...)

14 Feb 2018

25% OFF SELECTED SHOP ITEMS – Ideal for use on borders at this time of year

25% OFF SELECTED SHOP ITEMS – Ideal for use on borders at this time of year On offer for the next few weeks and ideal for use at this time of year  (more info...)

12 Feb 2018

Evergreen Climbing Plant Options

‘I’d like a climber. I want an evergreen one. What can you recommend?’ Sound familiar? There are some questions that I am sure you are asked again and again by your clients as we much as we are here.  (more info...)

08 Feb 2018

Catalogue 2018

2018 Trade Price Catalogue now available. A concise list of shop products for you to refer to in the office. Please pick one up at the counter when you are next in.  (more info...)

07 Feb 2018


Looks like we timed this just right! A new range of boots and gloves for tough winter work.  (more info...)

23 Jan 2018

The Right Height

The Right Height Hedging is as popular as ever and many options are available. Hedging is usually the one part of a garden where a customer likes an instant result.  (more info...)

14 Jan 2018

Hibiscus in January - Oh yes indeed

Hibiscus ‘Rose Moon’ January may not seem like the month to shout about Hibiscus but once you see the size of these flowers on this lovely new variety you will want to be planting one.  (more info...)

12 Jan 2018

Winter Scent - Chimonanthus praecox – Wintersweet – it most certainly is!

Many winter flowering plants are blessed with an intoxicating heavy scent. We will be highlighting a few in the next few weeks for all of your senses to enjoy. Each year when the cold winter winds are bracing and for most of your clients the last thing on their minds is to step outside and enjoy their garden – they do not know what treats they are missing. Chimonanthus praecox – Wintersweet – it most certainly is!  (more info...)

06 Jan 2018

Winter Scent - Hamamelis – Witch Hazel – totally bewitching scent!

Many winter flowering plants are blessed with an intoxicating heavy scent. We will be highlighting a few in the next few weeks for all of your senses to enjoy. Each year when the cold winter winds are bracing and for most of your clients the last thing on their minds is to step outside and enjoy their garden – they do not know what treats they are missing. (more info...)

22 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas

Thank you for your custom in 2017. The team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  (more info...)

19 Dec 2017

Camellia sasanqua - Just the best Camellia around

Relatively unknown and most definitely underused in winter gardens or as seasonal interest is the stunning Camellia sasanqua – the autumn flowering Camellia.  (more info...)

16 Dec 2017

Light up your Life – Selected Lighting - 50% OFF

In these dark gloomy nights a little bit of light to guide the way is needed. (more info...)

14 Dec 2017

Christmas Closing Hours

Provender Nurseries will be closed for the festive season from Saturday 23rd December and will re-open on Wednesday 3rd January. (more info...)

13 Dec 2017


25 % OFF ALL BIRD SEED & FEED PRODUCTS  (more info...)

11 Dec 2017

Ice, Ice Baby

The weather outside is really rather horrible – but I would imagine you already are aware of that! In stock now and perfect for this time of year we have everything you need to deal with the colder weather.  (more info...)

11 Dec 2017

We have got it going on!

You may remember a few months back we started work expanding certain areas on site for the future. Well we are steaming ahead.  (more info...)

07 Dec 2017

Bulbs - BUT 1 GET 1 FREE

Spring Flowering Bulbs Clearance - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (more info...)

06 Dec 2017

Spotlight on ……..

Some of the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the new ‘Spotlight’ videos on our website and Facebook page.  (more info...)

01 Dec 2017


25 % OFF ALL BIRD SEED & FEED PRODUCTS (more info...)

29 Nov 2017

The Perfect Time of Year to Mulch

Mulch is described as providing a protective layer around your plants that helps with plant establishment, supresses weed growth, helps to conserve much needed water in the soil and keeps the soil just that little bit warmer to encourage root growth, encourages earthworms and beneficial soil organisms which improve soil structure. Providing a layer of mulch is positively the best thing you can do for your plants.  (more info...)

28 Nov 2017

Bare Root and Root Ball Hedging

Now in stock and ready to be planted bare root hedging plants. This is THE perfect time of year for planting bare root plants or root ball plants. The colder months are the ideal time for planting bare root and root ball plants. Plants offered in this way are field grown and tend to be slightly larger than container grown options which are available all year round.  (more info...)

26 Nov 2017

Photinia – New and Improved

Well I have to say the humble Photinia x fra. Red Robin has come on in leaps and bounds. Probably one of the most popular hedging plants to have hit the industry in the last 20-25 years or so has had a facelift with loads of new improved varieties available now. (more info...)

25 Nov 2017

Calling all plant nuts - Trial Nerine – A complete one off – never to be repeated

A complete one off have landed at Provender Nurseries. Exotic Nerines from plant trials in pots of single colours – white, light pink and dark pink.  (more info...)

11 Nov 2017

Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor College present second winning designer in 2017

Garden Design students at Capel Manor College in Regents Park campus were set a tough task earlier this year to redesign the planting on an area known as The Island which is a popular part of Regents Park and a focal point for visitors to the Rose Wheel. The re-design project is part of an ongoing collaboration with Provender Nurseries in which garden design students redesign an allocated area using plants only to be found on Provender Nurseries website.  Once completed each student gives a 3 minute presentation of their design and then answer questions about their plant choice for 3 minutes to Capel Manor design staff and Liz Hughes...(more info)

09 Nov 2017

Malus ‘John Downie’ – a Jewel to behold

Each year the size of the fruit on Malus ‘John Downie’ surprises me at how large they are compared to most Malus. With such a profusion light pink buds that open to reveal white flowers in the spring it is no surprise that Malus carry an abundance of fruit in the autumn months.  The fruit swell slowly over September and October reaching full colour and maturity in November.  The fruit are red with an orange / yellow flush adding appeal to their appearance. Perfect for the smaller garden Malus ‘John Downie’ has an upright habit that reaches 8m in total.  The fruit are also excellent for making Crab Apple Jelly.  They...(more info)

07 Nov 2017

Cracking Cotinus Grace – Let the sun shine through

Cotinus ‘Grace’ – everything a plant should be.  Graceful foliage, excellent autumn foliage colour and puffs of fluffy flowers in the summer.  The rounded leaves emerge a deep wine-red in the spring then mature to a dusty purple / red in the summer and then turn reddish / orange in the autumn showing up the veins which are coloured almost fluorescent pink.  The deep pink flowers are borne in dense clusters in the summer forming a smoke-like appearance – hence the common name Smoke Bush.  Cotinus are happy in a sunny location in both borders and containers.  They look fantastic when planted with winter stem...(more info)

02 Nov 2017

November Special Offers x 3 – YES 3

For the month of November Provender Nurseries will be offering you not 1 special offer, not 2 special offers but 3 special offers: Miscanthus Medley, Light up Your Life and We’ve Gone Potty! Normal settlement discounts apply Running from Thursday November 2nd until Thursday November 30th and available on site and online in the Trade Zone: Miscanthus Medley.  Selected 2L Miscanthus - 20% OFF Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ - Normally £8.75 retail - NOW £7.00 Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ - Normally £8.75 retail - NOW £7.00 Miscanthus sinensis ‘Kleine Fontaine’ - Normally...(more info)

31 Oct 2017

Bulk Buy Bulbs

We are nearing the end of autumn bulb planting season now with many of our range of spring flowering bulbs are now sold out.  Don’t panic – some of our bulk range are still available and are a much more economical way of buying and planting bulbs in large groups or for use in multiple gardens / projects.  Alliums – packs of 100 sphaerocephelon - Purple-lilac with drumstick flower heads. An inexpensive way to bring colour and height to your border hollandicum Purple Sensation  - Our best-selling bulb! The violet-purple blooms look superb scattered throughout the border Narcissus – 25kg bags – roughly 400 bulbs...(more info)

29 Oct 2017

Autumn Colour. Amazing Berries

The berries this year are just stunning.  With a mix of warmer weather earlier on this year and a little cooler in the late summer months the berries are really putting on a display now. The delicious, almost out of this world shiny purple berries of the Callicarpa bod. Profusion never cease to amaze in the autumn sunshine.  The berries are almost metallic in appearance and are carried in abundance on bare stems.   Callicarpa is an erect shrub reaching 3m in height in dappled shade or a sunny site. Pyracantha Saphyr Orange has bright orange berries that clothe the stems in the autumn months.  The white flowers...(more info)

21 Oct 2017


It is that time of year again – Root Ball Hedging  season.  The autumn is THE best time of year to plant evergreen hedging while there is still some warmth in the soil, plant choice is good and mature plants are available at a more cost effective price than container grown plants. Available in the autumn to winter months when the plant is dormant root ball evergreen hedging creates an instant hedge so favoured by clients in their gardens.  In amongst the old favourites we also have Thuja plicata 'Martin' has a narrow conical form making it a perfect choice for hedging.  Reaching 6m in height and 2m in width with a...(more info)

19 Oct 2017

Get a 6 pack at Provender Nurseries

New in at Provender Nurseries Buxus sempervirens in 6 packs – perfect for creating a small parterre or path edging.  Available in 2 sizes 9cm pots and 11cm pots.  Plant both options at 6 plants per metre dependant on what size hedge you require.  Buying in 6 packs is a really economical choice for planting small Buxus and is ideal for use in windowboxes and containers too.  Buying by a pack of 6 reduces the price considerably per plant and allows you to up your margin with your customer.  9 cm Buxus sempervirens in 6 pack  11cm Buxus sempervirens in 6 pack Also available in 6 packs: Mixed Bedding in 6...(more info)

17 Oct 2017

I am not a Nerine

Nerine are brilliant plant for a late summer to early autumn exotic display but are notoriously hard to get hold of at this time of year when they are doing their thing. Do not despair, all is not lost Amarine is just as exotic looking with flowers in varying shades of pink depending on variety.  In flower from September to November they are a perfect replacement or substitutes for Nerine. Amarine were originally bred for the cut flower market as they produce a large number of flowers once established much the same as a Nerine does.  Amarine are produced from a cross between a Nerine and an Amaryllis and flower on good sturdy...(more info)

13 Oct 2017

Keeping Nosy and Noisy Neighbours at bay

Panels are the latest trend to come out on the scene in the last 2 years or so.  Grown on sturdy wooden frames and in smaller sized pots the frames available now are a vast improvement on the frames of old.  Evergreen frames are a brilliant way of creating instant privacy to keep prying eyes at bay and due to the dense foliage cover frames are also great at absorbing noise pollution too.  Planted instead of a fence or even against a fence to create an instant look these are excellent choices for show homes and new builds.  There are quite a few options and sizes available with the most popular evergreen options...(more info)

10 Oct 2017

Ask the Panel

Panels are the latest trend to come out on the scene in the last 2 years or so.  Grown on sturdy wooden frames and in smaller sized pots the frames available now are a vast improvement on the frames of old.  Created with privacy, screening and smaller gardens in mind they are the answer to creating a living fence that is easy to maintain and will not take up much planting space leaving the bed areas free for more planting.  Frames are versatile and can be used  to create a living screen to hide unsightly features, to create garden rooms in larger gardens and to clothe fences which some people find unattractive to look...(more info)

09 Oct 2017

Small but perfectly formed

Erigeron karvinskianus is the most petite of plants but spreads and fills a gap brilliantly. Don’t be fooled by its dainty demeanour as she can happily self-seed around the garden filling nooks, crannies, spaces between rocks and paving stones.  This quality is very endearing as the small button like flowers that open white, change to pink and age to darker pink/ red give a prolonged period of interest and c=once established they can flower for almost 9 months of the year. Popular with bees and an excellent edging plant for paths the flowers are produced in profusion on cushions of fine foliage that reach up to 30cm in spread. ...(more info)

05 Oct 2017

Living the Good Life

Back in the day when The Good Life was the tv programme to watch on for the comedy and self sustainable lifestyle these NEW fruit varieties would not have been available to Tom and Barbara to grow and enjoy. With advances over the years into breeding for better yields, better disease resistance and breeding new hybrids there is a wealth of exciting new fruits to try.    Plum 'Haganta' is a NEW variety for us here at Provender Nurseries and produces a large, blue plum that is strongly scented with an excellent flavour which ripen late in September.  ‘Haganta’ is a reliable heavy cropper and excellent for cooking...(more info)

29 Sep 2017

All going on – all coming in

So many plants are coming in at this time of year that it is hard to keep up with the luscious new lovelies pouring into the nursery.  The Salvia Amistad is late to flower but is just bursting to get out on the nursery!   Lush greenery awaits you in the form of Fatsia japonica – the best plant for creating a tropical look in a shady position. The colourful buds of Skimmia herald the arrival of autumn.  Each plant is packed with oodles of tight buds that will hold through the winter and burst into flower in spring and release their wonderful scent.    The cool steely grey / red leaves of the Astelia nervosa ‘Red...(more info)

27 Sep 2017

Gone Potty

Or at least we will be.  By the time this email reaches you these images may well be out of date.  As part of the changes on site we have created a pot yard to showcase our expanding range of pots and containers.  The right pot with the right plant in can make a real statement and really add a sense of purpose to a space or area.  With some fantastic designs to choose from we now have pots for every...(more info)

25 Sep 2017

David Austin Roses - sniff them out!

David Austin roses are a favourite for any garden with a sense of smell and an appreciation for the good old fashioned rose.     Full of flower, scent and buds with a promise of more to come – these delicate blooms are not to be sniffed at.  Well, actually they are – but you get our drift! The power of an image may be all well and good, but there is nothing like getting your nose in there – come in and sniff them out!   Rosa The Generous Gardener (Ausdrawn).  Beautifully named, a climbing rose but will also make an excellent rounded shrub rose.  Large cup-shaped flowers of delicate appearance and pale...(more info)

23 Sep 2017

Bulbs – Old favourites and NEW delights

The late summer colour and onset of autumn foliage herald the arrival of spring.  It may go against the grain to think ahead and to hop a season or two but with thoughtful garden design and plant selection that is what designers and plant suppliers do all year round.  This is certainly the case with spring bulbs.  Spring flowering bulbs may be a bit of a misnomer as bulbs, if carefully selected, can flower for almost 12 months of the year with anything from 15cm to 1.2m tall in colours ranging from white to scarlet red.  Bulbs add a certain dimension to any plant display, planted border, large vistas, parkland and...(more info)

13 Sep 2017

Allium – get them while you can!

Bulbs for spring have started to arrive now with plenty more to turn up in the next week too.  Arrived and ready for planting now are the ever popular Alliums.  Alliums are our by far our best-selling bulb and beats all others hands down in the popularity stakes.  Architectural globes of flowers are held high above the foliage and are popular with bees, butterflies and designers alike.  In the growing season Allium plants tend to be in limited supply – but that does not stop the demand! To beat the rest, get planting now and create a haven for bees and happy customers for next year. Allium hollandicum ‘Purple...(more info)

10 Sep 2017

Check it out – we do

It has been a busy old week with our two main plant buyers at Provender Nurseries visiting some of our suppliers to hand pick new stock coming in, placing orders for the next few weeks and reserves for the year ahead.  We regularly visit our suppliers for many reasons; primarily to build good relations, to check quality and growing conditions and also to see new varieties or offerings in the flesh so to speak.  The visits to our suppliers are very productive and mean that we can check out what is going on behind the scenes so to speak.  We check it out.  Come and check us out...(more info)

05 Sep 2017

I am obsessed

Versatile and vivacious Nandina domestica ‘Obsessed’ is just rocking it right now.  With a feeling that autumn may come early this year (although there are reports in the press today of a 3 month Indian summer ahead!) this Nandina is just so perfectly named! A more compact form than straight Nandina domestica and in our opinion a much improved version with stunning autumn colour of russets, orange and searing red it is easy to see how you could be obsessed with it.  As the plant takes on the autumn colours the foliage changes from green to orange, then russet then red giving a display of multi coloured foliage on the plant at one...(more info)

02 Sep 2017

All back to normal

Ahh, that's better.  All counted, updated and ready to re-stock the beds and the shop.  Keep an eye out for emails, the news and our Facebook page to keep up to date with stock coming in.  Developments are still going on on site and we are excited about the changes taking place on site.  Bulbs, trees, shrubs, herbaceous, fruit, autumn lawn feeds - so much going...(more info)

30 Aug 2017

Not one to repeat ourselves

Provender Nurseries will be closing for Thursday 31st August and Friday 1st September for our annual stocktake.  We realise that this may cause inconveniences but will result in a more accurate on-line stock list which will be of benefit to all. We will re-open again as normal on Saturday 2nd...(more info)

27 Aug 2017

Not one to repeat ourselves

But remember – Provender Nurseries will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August and in fact, it will be a short week all round as we will also be closing for Thursday 31st August and Friday 1st September for our annual stocktake.  We realise that this may cause inconveniences but will result in a more accurate on-line stock list which will be of benefit to...(more info)

25 Aug 2017

Last few days for the double development discount.

There are only a few days left to get some top quality plant stock at 14 % SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT As you know Provender Nurseries will be closed for our annul stocktake on THURSDAY AUGUST 31ST & FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST  and we have been offering you this one off 14 % SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT in order for us to empty the beds on site for stocktake and for major developments that are underway on site.  We still have some great quality plants on site that would be a real bargain now - have a look at our topiary section, tree section and shrub section on site to pick some excellent value plants.  On August 31st – it will all be over...(more info)

25 Aug 2017

What do we have to look forward to?

Quite a lot in fact! Glass is half full type of person here! First of all -A BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND AHEAD! September is literally just around the corner and with it comes the arrival of our spring flowering bulbs, the first delivery of fruit trees and bushes, the arrival of many autumn interest shrubs and trees and a brand new pot yard going in.  Reserves have been placed for the oncoming season and pre-season orders for shop sundries have been placed.  This is going to be one busy nursery and shop in the upcoming months.  Keep an eye out for regular updates on the news, by email or better still – pop in and see what we...(more info)

22 Aug 2017


I know it may seem too early but in our line of work we are always working one season ahead of ourselves.With this in mind in July Richard McKenna enjoyed a tagging trip to France to visit one of our tree suppliers.  Even in the depths of mid-summer we are actively sourcing plants that will not arrive here on site until October / November. Tagging trees while they are in the green and happily in the middle of their growing season is a great way of tagging the best quality plants especially if sourcing from field grown trees that will be delivered to Provender Nurseries in their dormant season. Richard is particularly keen on trees and...(more info)

20 Aug 2017

Hot Spot at Writtle College

Back in 2015 Provender Nurseries provided plants to Writtle College for replanting an area at the front of the College grounds that was to become a showpiece for a brand new garden, The Dry Garden, designed and created by students.  Costs were shared at 50%. Working in coordination with lecturers and students alike plants were sourced and supplied according to the list and delivered to the college for planting in early 2015 with the second phase of planting delivered in 2016. In July of this year the Mediterranean Garden was opened by the granddaughter of Beth Chatto, Julia Boulton Director of Beth Chatto Gardens who also handed out...(more info)

18 Aug 2017

Little and Lovely Lilacs - Bloomerang is back

Blooming all the way from April to October these petite perfect plants are blooming away happily on site now.  Small leaved and small flowering Syringa Bloomerang series just keep coming back with more flowers.  Repeat flowering ad compact in growth these are great plant choices for containers, small gardens and cottage style plantings.  They will reach a height of 1.5-1.8m at the most and are more delicate in form and structure than larger leaved and larger flowering Syringa.  Scented flowers are produced in profusion throughout the summer and they love a sunny spot: Syringa Bloomerang Dark Purple has pink – purple...(more info)

09 Aug 2017

Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor College present winning designer

Provender Nurseries in conjunction with Capel Manor College, Enfield campus, are pleased to announce Claire Stubbings as the winner of this year’s Provender Nurseries Garden Design Competition.  The collaboration between Provender Nurseries and students of Garden Design is now in its 5th year with judging taking place in March.  Each year students follow a brief which this year was to design a garden for a professional couple, who like to entertain regularly want a contemporary feel and to include some screening trees with seasonal interest, winter structure, wall shrubs or climbers to clothe the walls and herbaceous planting that...(more info)

07 Aug 2017

Amazing Agapanthus

Forever popular with upright stems of large rounded flowerheads of smaller flowers look like an explosion of fireworks, albeit in much more subtle colours of purple, blue and white.  Brazenly displaying their wears above the foliage at this time of year Agapanthus are hard to miss and easy to adore.  The trend in the last few years seems to have been for larger flowerheads that are held higher above the foliage at about 1m in height.  We listened and we bought the following to select from: Agapanthus africanus has deep blue flowers from August to September on flowering stems at 80cm in height.  Agapanthus...(more info)

04 Aug 2017


GET MORE FOR LESS !  OUR NORMAL 7% SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT WILL BE DOUBLED TO 14% SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT FROM JULY 7TH TO AUGUST 30TH Initial work on the development of the Provender Nurseries’ site began in January but was suspended for the busy season. As we move into summer we need to press on and continue the improvements - and that means some great plant purchasing opportunities for our customers. We have big plans for the nursery. In order for us to develop the site we need to clear some bed space which will enable us to update and expand the watering system, increase the shrub, herbaceous and grass beds, move the roses, change the...(more info)

31 Jul 2017

Get off the Fence

As you know here at Provender Nurseries we pride ourselves on our excellent range and quality of our landscaping products as well as our plants.  With this in mind Provender Nurseries have been working in conjunction with Grange Fencing for about a year now and have just expanded our range of fencing products and reviewed our prices – in fact – we have actually made our prices more competitive.  Why work with Grange Fencing?  Easy really: All products are pressure treated (and Arsenic Free) All Grange Fencing products carry a 10 year Guarantee against rot (T & C apply) All Grange Fencing Products are FSC...(more info)

30 Jul 2017

The Nymphs are back

Nymphae, Water Lily are blooming away in the Aquatic plants section at the moment and blooming marvellous they are too.  We have a great selection of Nymphae to choose from.  Having had an absence on site of Aquatic plants for a few years we are glad to say that they have really taken off again this year – a good decision to bring them back! All come with instructions of planting depth taking out the mystery of where to plant within a pond.  Alternatively why not plant into a large container and make a small water garden for use on a patio or as a feature in a garden.  With such  range of leaf types and...(more info)

28 Jul 2017

A Fond Farewell

The end of July is around the corner and we are sadly saying a fond farewell to Francesca and Adam who have been working on the nursery for the last few months to gain experience in horticulture and nursery work. Francesca has been with us for 3 months having finished her RHS Level 2 horticultural qualification she felt she needed to gain some experience of working on a nursery before heading off to RHS Wisley for 2 years later in the year to complete RHS Levels 3 & 4.  Francesca has been working collating customer orders and putting away stock.  ‘I have learnt a lot in my time here and everyone is keen to teach me.  I...(more info)

27 Jul 2017

Not Your Everyday Palms

Calling Exotic plant lovers, fans of the slightly unusual and people with patience! We have some unusual Palm plants in at the moment – certainly not your norm.  However, be aware that they are all on the whole slow growing – but well worth the wait! Architectural plants Trithrinax campestris.  Sometimes known as the Blue Needle Palm or Caranday Palm, it has a tight crown of silvery palmate leaves with hard spines on the tips. Usually grows into a clump, covered with fibres on the stems. Slow growth but can tolerate cold and high winds.  In the UK this Palm can reach a height of 4m over time.  Needs a very sunny site...(more info)

25 Jul 2017

Brilliant Betula

Winter is not the only time to appreciate a decent Betula.  Although known and widely used for the attractive winter stems at this time of year a Betula looks just as lovely in the spring when adorned with catkins, in the summer when the verdant green foliage is accentuated against the stark white stem and in the autumn with the yellow autumn leaf colour.  Betula really is a tree for all seasons.  The most well known and widely available Betula or Birch are Betula utilis jacquemontii  and Betula utilis jacquemontii  ‘Doorenbos’.  Renowned for the startling white bark in the winter, which by the way always...(more info)

23 Jul 2017

Bring in the Bees & Butterflies

Late summer colour is a must for bees, butterflies and us humans alike.  As we and ouir clients like to relax in the garden in the summer evenings, the bees and butterflies are making the most of the nectar on offer in the daylight hours. Long and late summer flowering perennials are a real bonus for all forms of life during July and August.  Our pick of the bunch are: Agastache ‘Blue Boa’.  THE plant for attracting bees to the garden.  Deep violet-blue flowers from summer all the way through the autumn on stems reaching 45cm - 50cm.  Attractive scented foliage too.  Needs full sun and a well drained soil....(more info)

17 Jul 2017

Must you Mulch?

Mulch is often thought of as adding an organic layer around plants, however decorative aggregates have a place in the mulching world too and can often add that ‘certain look’ that a garden requires.  Choice is very much dependant on the overall ‘look’ and choice of other hard landscape materials involved when using Decorative Aggregates.  Here are a few to help you: Black Basalt.  14mm dark angular chippings Black Ice.  A mixture of light grey and black chippings. Graded to 20mm. Cockle  Shell.  An excellent choice for coastal theme gardens.  Cotswold Chip.  A neutral buff...(more info)

14 Jul 2017

Must you Mulch ?

Mulch is described as providing a protective layer around your plants that helps with plant establishment, supresses weed growth, helps to conserve much needed water in the soil and keeps the soil just that little bit warmer to encourage root growth, encourages earthworms and beneficial soil organisms which improve soil structure.  Providing a layer of mulch is positively the best thing you can do for your plants.  Mulching also gives a garden or freshly planted border that finished, complete look that clients require.  Mulch options should be applied in mid-late spring and the autumn to help retain any warmth and moisture...(more info)

29 Jun 2017

Touch of the Tropics - Grevillea - something for triffid fans

Grevillea just don’t look like they are from this planet at all in fact they resemble something from a psychedelic 60’s film or Doctor Who.  Evergreen shrubs with simple divided leaves it looks like all the complexity goes into the drama of the flower.  The common name is Spider Flower and once you see the exotic flower in full bloom it is not hard to see why.  Grevillea mostly originate from Australia with exotic striking flowers often in shocking colours and produced in clusters.  Flowers are produced in succession giving a longer display and can appear sporadically after the main flowering in the summer months. ...(more info)

27 Jun 2017

Touch of the Tropics - You cannae resist a Canna!

Canna have the advantage of exotic tropical looking leaves and a dramatic flower to boot in fact the simple old canna is almost the perfect exotic, tropical plant.  Canna are an excellent choice for making a statement and if planted in the right place can act as an architectural eye magnet whether from the dramatic foliage or flower colour.  They are traditionally used in bedding displays as a central feature and have had a resurgence of interest in the last few years. The plethora of different flower colours mixed with the mind-bending mix of foliage colour can lead to a jaw dropping display or they can be gently merged into a...(more info)

25 Jun 2017

Touch of the Tropics - Fantastic Foliage

Enjoy the sunshine and plant something that will thrive in these super sunny days.  Tropical plants conjure up the images of large dramatic leaves and here at Provender Nurseries is no different.  Many of our exotic plants tend to come to their own at this time of and with this scorching summer that we are  having they seem to be extremely happy!  We have great selection of tropical temptations here at Provender Nurseries.  Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ is a fast growing, banana like perennial with huge, paddle-shaped olive green leaves tinged red, especially along margins and dark red leaf stalks. White flowers...(more info)

23 Jun 2017

Touch of the Tropics - Citrus

Provender Nurseries has the widest range of Citrus plants in stock at the moment that we have ever held on site bringing a touch of the Tropics to your patio/ decking area.  It is widely believed that all Citrus developed from one common ancestor over 15 million years ago and that all variations of Citrus available today have come from this small group via 3 evolutionary changes.   Citrus are historically important as food crops with Roman floor mosaics show that Lemons, Limes and Oranges were being cultivated and thus used in cooking and drinks.  It is believed that Citrus had medicinal uses alongside the historic...(more info)

21 Jun 2017

Water, water, water

With the blistering hot weather that we are ‘enjoying’ at the moment naturally thoughts turn to irrigation.    Provender Nurseries stock a wide range of irrigation products for manual watering, drip irrigation and timers.  Amongst our extensive range of Claber products are some great tools designed to make irrigation easier for you and your customer: Pistols & Nozzles – ergonomically designed for comfort during use.  Made to withstand everyday use without wear and tear. Connectors – compatible with all other leading brands and meeting international standard sizing. Shock proof and resistant to the elements, tested...(more info)

16 Jun 2017

Perfumed Purple Pleasures

It is the time for the Roses to shine and boy are they putting on a display worth sniffing out at the moment.  We have picked out some perfumed purple pleasures for you to pass your nose over: Purple Tiger.  An unusual or novelty rose with semi double flowers which are mauve and white striped (hence the name tiger) and flecked markings making it quite unique. A floribunda rose which flowers in profusion from late spring to early autumn. In addition, blooms are scented. Roseraie de ‘Hay.  Fantastic scent from large double rich purple / red flowers with pronounced yellow stamens.  Eyes for You.  Delightful large...(more info)

15 Jun 2017

Perfumed Pink Pleasures

It is the time for the Roses to shine and boy are they putting on a display worth sniffing out at the moment.  We have picked out some perfumed pink pleasures for you to pass your nose over: Chapeau de Napoleon.  An old variety of shrub rose.  A real favourite of mine with bizarre bobbly buds that open to reveal fabulous large fully double bright pink scented flowers.  Highly fragrant.  Blush Noisette.  Clusters of semi-double, lilac-pink flowers with a rich clove scent.  Comte de Chambord.  Flat, warm pink flowers with a good scent.  Repeat flowering.  Frau Dagmar Hastrup.  Simple...(more info)

14 Jun 2017

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Eye Roses A range of modern roses that have large simple flowers with an eye at the centre base of each bloom.  This range of Roses have all of the required assets of a modern rose with disease resistance, strong compact growth and the repeat flowering of a wild rose. The name is given to the eye at the centre of each flower that accentuates the bloom making them highly attractive and sought after.  Ideal for planting in pots, borders and even in exotic gardens due to the flower colours.  Eye of the Tiger.  Bush Rose with rich gold with a red eye and very scented.  Height 70cm.  RHS AGM Gold Standard Award...(more info)

07 Jun 2017

Pittosporum – Funky Foliage

Pittosporum are mainly known and widely used for their vast array of foliage.  At Provender Nurseries Pittosporum are quite a favourite of ours with a good range kept in stock on the nursery all year round.  The dark stems of Pittosporum tenuifolium types add the drama and are really fascinating when viewed close up.  Ever popular is Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Golf Ball' which can be pruned into a round ball / topiary shape as the name suggests.  The leaves are mint green and glossy with the shrub reaching only 50-60cm in height.  Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Cratus' is a NEW addition at Provender Nurseries with compact...(more info)

06 Jun 2017

Pittosporum - - Scent-sational

June seems to be the month of super scent here at Provender Nurseries and wafting across the Topiary Yard from the central polytunnel is the exquisite scent of Pittosporum tobira, tobira ‘Nanum’ and tobira ‘Variegatum’at the moment.  Reminiscent of exotic holidays abroad the scent is sweet and citrusy.  The tiny white flowers are freely produced at this time of year and set against the fine glossy evergreen foliage with the fine down that you really cannot see until you go in for a sniff. Pittosporum tobira can be used as a hedge, standalone shrub and even as a multi-stem specimen.  Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’ can be used to...(more info)

05 Jun 2017

A great alternative to Buxus hedging

It is here, no need to wait any longer – THE flowering alternative to a Buxus hedge.  BRAND NEW to Provender Nurseries and only launched in 2014.  This hybrid is guaranteed to take over in a big way – a Rhododendron that can be planted in any soil (Inkarho rootstock) with small pink flowers in June that are hugely attractive to bees and butterflies, small evergreen foliage and immune to Buxus blight!    This compact little Rhododendron lends itself well to being trimmed after flowering and will reach a height of 75cm. It can be trimmed into topiary shapes or as hedging due to its compact growth and dense foliage...(more info)

04 Jun 2017

Buxus Pruning Time

Buxus need pruning twice a year to keep in shape and neat with a trim now in June and another in September to October.  Be sure to prune in the late afternoon or evening on a dull day (should not be a problem then!) as too much sun on the plant when being pruned can cause leaf scorch.  Good quality tools are essential for providing a clean cut and a neat finish.  Topiary Shears are perfect for pruning topiary shapes now as they are designed to get into smaller spaces and around awkward shapes unlike normal hedging shears. Hedging Shears can be used for larger areas of Buxus such as mature hedging.  Topiary shears can...(more info)

01 Jun 2017


Physocarpus are great little plants that work hard and uncomplainingly and although well known deserve to be utilised a little more in gardens.  Physocarpus are similar to Sambucus but not quite as vigorous or as large in flower or leaf so we can think of it as a dainty cousin.  The leaf is often purple to dark bronze in colour with some bright green leaved varieties available too.  Lobed in 3-5 the leaf is great as a backdrop for other plants.  On mature plants the bark can peel resulting in the common name often used – Ninebark. The flower heads are made of clusters of tiny flowers in white, pink, red or shades of...(more info)

31 May 2017

More Magic Forever and Ever!

Checking against our stocklist we have a couple of new Magical and Forever and Ever Hydrangea varieties on board at Provender Nurseries. Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Forever and Ever White’.  As with all the Forever and Ever series this will flower on current years growth with white flowers continuously produced for 2-3 months in the summer- autumn.  Compact in height growing to 90cm.  Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Magical Green Fire’.  Robust plants with a huge amount of flower heads that dramatically change colour from dark pink to pink and green as they mature.  As the flower heads are produced in succession the different...(more info)

27 May 2017

Get the Chelsea Look with Topiary

What would the Chelsea Flower Show be without a bit of Topiary?  Many a show garden relies on topiary to bring form, shape and drama to a garden.  The abundance of shapes, sizes, plant material and forms available to a garden designer is mind boggling to say the least but the addition of a topiary plant whether as a focal point or as simple mix and match in a garden border can uplift any planting scheme.  Cubes create a clean, crisp dimension and are often used with pre-formed hedging for a geometric line. Cylinders can create a bit of upward drama when punctuated in a mixed border and can also be used for creating an eye...(more info)

26 May 2017

Get the Chelsea Look with Geranium

Everyone loves the humble little herbaceous Geranium and Chelsea Flower Show is no exception to the rule.  Used extensively as a filler between other plants and as a standalone stunner Geraniums of every size and shape are on view in the show gardens. There are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from but a new little beauty popped up today at Provender Nurseries today; Geranium pyrenaicum ‘Bill Wallis’ that has delicate blue / purple flowers produced in great numbers from spring through to autumn.  It is also resistant to drought and it is evergreen!  As the name suggests its origin is from the mountain range of the...(more info)

25 May 2017

Get the Chelsea Look with Geum

Having seen some of the coverage of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show it would be safe to say that Geum is making its presence felt! The colours are bright, bold and brilliant when planted in amongst the feathery foliage of grasses and are being used in many a Chelsea show garden this year to brilliant effect.  Geum is a wonderful uplifting plant that blends well with so many other summer flowering perennials, grasses and shrubs.  Versatile and vivacious, Geum is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  They are suitable in most soils in a sunny position and are great at attracting butterflies and bees.  ...(more info)

24 May 2017

Super Specials 25% OFF

May Madness 25% OFF the following plants:  Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Little Devil’ 10L A relatively new introduction at only about 6 years old to the market.  Compact in growth habit reaching 1.2m in height it has lovely deep purple leaves that are shown beautifully against the small white flowers with a slight hue of pink about them.  Attractive to butterflies and ideal for planting in the middle of a border.  Syringa ‘Bloomerang Dark Purple’ 10L Syrings ‘Bloomerang Pink Perfume’ 10L Bloomerang are repeat flowering dwarf Lilacs of small habit reaching about 1.5m in height over time. ...(more info)

22 May 2017

Get the Chelsea Look with Weathering Steel Panels

The rust of steel acts as a perfect foil for any plant.  The deep rich hues in the orange and russet brown are soft on the eye and somehow seem less rigid than normal fencing.  Proving very popular due to the fact that the panels are zero maintenance, have an authentic raw finish, are made form 100% recycled materials and laser cut for that super clean finish.  There are 5 patterns to choose from, each giving a different effect to suit your particular client or design: Drift, Motif, Branches, Privacy and Burst. These weathering steel panels will be on display at Chelsea Flower Show this week, but are also on permanent...(more info)

18 May 2017

Magical Hydrangea

I just can’t praise these cultivars enough – such a great blaze of colour at this time of year and every day brings something different.  Opening one colour and gradually changing colour the Magical series is aptly named.  All are compact shrubs reaching 90cm – 1m in height.  The Magical series are magical by name and magical by nature too.  Originally bred for the cut flower market the Magical series have a myriad of colours on strong, compact plants with many flowers on each stem offering great value for money.  ‘Magical Ruby Tuesday’ – Green flowers subtly change to green with a hint of pink then age to pale...(more info)

17 May 2017

Astrantia – a little beauty

Astrantia are bright little buttons for a shady spot.  Each pin-cushion like flowers has a little papery ruffled bract around each flower accentuating the dainty flower itself.  The flowers are held above the foliage.  Each plant can have a huge amount of flower which are borne in profusion from June to August and as such are hard workers Astrantia are clump forming and prefer a moist soil although with a good water and a mulch when planted they will reward with flowers all summer long.  Astrantia look great in the middle of a border, under trees and planted with Geraniums, Heuchera and Hellebores.  ‘Star of...(more info)

07 May 2017


Sunny Spain has arrived in sunny Swanley.  We really look forward to this time of year for many reasons as spring really gets the blood pumping around the veins and the nursery hums with the sound of customers, birds and bees.  Another reason to smile at this time of year is the arrival of some splendid plants from Spain.  Citrus trees – With 7 different types to choose from –Lemons, Kumquat, Buddha’s Hand, Caviar Lime, Bitter Orange, Orange, Calamondin Orange you truly can bring the exotic to your client’s garden Olives – literally any size, shape or form you could desire is here including Cloud pruned, standards, half...(more info)

04 May 2017

Slugs and Snails

After such a mild winter slugs are rife this spring (when are they never rife!).  On offer at the moment and very timely if you ask me – slug pellets 800g packs – Normally £3.50 – Special Offer Price – 6 for...(more info)

01 May 2017

Continuing the Cornus Special Offer

Continuing for May - A selection of ornamental Cornus just about to bloom / bract and dazzle with their display: Cornus – 10% off Cornus kousa Satomi 7.5L 60/80cm £45.00 retail – 10% OFF Cornus florida Rainbow 7.5L 60/80cm £65.00 retail – 10% OFF Cornus florida 20L 100 /125 £80.00 retail – 10% OFF Cornus florida Rainbow 20L 60/80cm £95.00 retail – 10% OFF Cornus nuttalli Ascona 50L 175/200 £325.00 retail – 10% OFF Cornus kousa Milky Way 70L 175/200 £325.00 retail – 10% OFF...(more info)

29 Apr 2017

Bank Holiday Hours

Please note: Provender Nurseries are open on Saturday 29th April - 8am to 12.00 noon Closed Sunday 30th April  Closed Monday 1st May Open Tuesday 2nd May  Trade Zone - open all day long, every...(more info)

28 Apr 2017

Beautiful Bedding

Another spring welcome is the arrival of spring bedding in stock now.  With everything you could need to freshen up pots, containers, hanging baskets and gaps in borders we have an array of spring bedding here for you.  Listed on our website as Bedding mixed and Bedding basket plants there are a wide range of colours, flower forms to choose from you can create a cascade of colour for the summer and autumn months.  With a range of containers to suit every style you could need alongside hanging baskets with liners or bags of sphagnum moss you can plant to your customers’ colour scheme.  Don’t forget to feed with tomato...(more info)

27 Apr 2017

Prunus - Pretty as a picture

In Japan right now the tourists are enjoying the ‘National Cherry Tree Blossom Festival’ and you can now do the same here at Provender Nurseries.  In bloom now and creating a stir are the following Prunus:   Accolade – open habit with pale pink double flowers Amanogawa – upright, fastigiated habit with large, fragrant semi-double pale pink flowers - Kanzan – upright habit with large double rich pink flowers Kiku-shiadre zakura – drooping habit with small double deep pink flowers Shirofugen – wide, open crown with pink buds opening white and turning pink Shirotae – ‘Mount Fuji’, flat topped and spreading in habit with large...(more info)

26 Apr 2017

Aquatics going swimmingly

Only in for a few weeks now and already gaining in popularity! Fresh in and looking fantastic after an absence of a couple of years Provender Nurseries are now holding a range of Aquatic plants in 2L pots including popular varieties that are often asked for such as water Irises, water Forget-Me-Nots and Sedges.   Topped with gravel and ready to pop straight in the pond.  Aquatic soil and aquatic baskets are now in stock.  Dip your toe in the water and see what you like for your pond....(more info)

25 Apr 2017

Special Offers for 2 weeks only - ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT NOW

For 2 weeks only from Tuesday 18th April to Saturday 29th April Feeding Frenzy! Get feeding those plants for the summer and give a boost with Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food.  Phostrogen provides a balanced blend of nutrients and trace elements for all plants in the garden and for regular use throughout the growing season.   Nitrogen to produce healthy green foliage Phosphate for a healthy root system Potash develops abundant flowers and fruit Regular feeding helps plants become more drought and disease resistance Recommended Best Buy by Which Magazine 800g box – Normally £4.00 a box.  SPECIAL...(more info)

13 Apr 2017

Ericaceous Feature Feeds and Composts

Ericaceous plants require regular feeding as they require lots of iron to keep in peak condition.  Ericaceous feeds contain the correct specific nutrients required for healthy leaf growth and stunning flower displays.   Ericaceous plants can get yellow leaves if on the wrong soil and benefit from a feed either after flowering or when the buds for next year’s flowers are being formed.    Liquid Fertiliser  - apply on a fortnightly basis and easy to apply on plants in containers Plant Food Gro Sure – slow release pellets that will release feed over 3 months Provender Ericaceous fertiliser – professional...(more info)

12 Apr 2017

Ericaceous Feature

It is ericaceous week this week at Provender Nurseries.  We are highlighting some of the less obvious choices for you. Trees; Halesia – small spreading tree with bell shaped white flowers in clusters Acer palmatum – ever popular tree with fantastic autumn colour Liriodendron – curious shaped leaves with pale greenish yellow flowers in July and brilliant red-yellow autumn foliage. Parrotia persica – a tree for a large situation with dark red tufted flowers in spring Arbutus unedo – evergreen foliage and unusual textured bark on mature trees.  White flowers and strawberry like fruits appear on the plant at the same...(more info)

11 Apr 2017

Ericaceous Feature

It is ericaceous week this week at Provender Nurseries.  We are highlighting some of the less obvious choices for you. I am hoping that you are enjoying some of the highlighted ericaceous choices on site.  Today we’re looking at some of the choices in Herbaceous, Ferns and Grasses Herbaceous; Baptisia –erect perennial with pea-like leaves Liriope muscari – semi-evergreen perennial perfect for a dark, dry spot  Sidalcea –prolific flowers produced all summer Ferns; Osmunda regails – regal by name, regal by nature.  Large fresh green fronds that turn rich colours in autumn.  Athyrium – a popular fern...(more info)

10 Apr 2017

Ericaceous Feature

It is ericaceous week this week at Provender Nurseries.  We are highlighting some of the less obvious choices for you Plants Ericaceous plants - hang on – stay where you are, don’t tune out yet.  We’re not talking your bog standard Rhododendrons here – we are talking some real treasures that we have on site and yet may have passed you by: Shrubs; Trochodendron aralloides – an unusual evergreen shrub with a great structure and bronze emerging foliage.  Vibrant green flowers, attractive to bees Enkianthus campanulatus - an elegant shrub with small dainty pendulous flowers in May.  Fabulous autumn colour too ...(more info)

06 Apr 2017

Closed Easter Friday and Easter Monday

Please note we will be closed on Easter Friday and Easter Monday.  We will be open on Saturday from 8am to 12 Noon  Our Trade Zone is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the meantime. Happy...(more info)

31 Mar 2017

Brilliant Berberis

What a corker of a colour Berberis offer. The vibrancy of the colour that these prickly little devils display at this time of year is gob smackingly gorgeous. ORANGE, not orange but ORANGE flowers of Berberis linearifolia ‘Orange King’ literally trip you up as you pass by.  The evergreen foliage on arching shoots  reach 2.5m in total and are bathed in flowers at this time of year. Berberis thunbergii  ‘Daibolic’ is probably the best named plant ever! The foliage is golden yellow in colour and splashed red when young.  Berberis thunbergii ‘Admiration’ has lovely foliage colour with almost every colour you could wish...(more info)

21 Mar 2017


Friday 17th March was a day to celebrate for Provender Nurseries and nothing to do with St Patrick’s Day!  We won an APL Supplier Award for South Grower at the annual APL Awards.  There were 4 categories within the Supplier Awards.  Lynn East and Liz Hughes were on hand to collect the award from Adam Frost who had given an extremely entertaining speech at the start of the ceremonies on how he first got into horticulture.  Richard McKenna said’ This is a great achievement for the team at Provender Nurseries and we are delighted to have our efforts working with APL members in the industry...(more info)

20 Mar 2017

Water a lot of lovelies

Fresh in and looking fantastic after an absence of a couple of years Provender Nurseries are now holding a range of Aquatic plants in 2L pots including popular varieties that are often asked for such as water Irises, water Forget-Me-Nots and Sedges.  Topped with gravel and ready to pop straight in the pond.   Alongside the plants we also hold aquatic baskets.  Aquatic soil is on its way. Dip your toe in the water and see what you like for your...(more info)

17 Mar 2017

Keeping it green

  They say an Englishman’s pride next to his castle is his lawn.  In spring the hum of lawnmowers across the land start up again creating a gentle noise in the background.  The warm wet weather this past season has resulted in a lot of moss growth in lawns and lots of phone calls about how to treat it.  To keep a lawn healthy, green, vibrant and free of moss a little work must be put in.  Lawns should be raked to remove thatch and moss that will have built up over the winter.  Once the moss has been raked up and removed then mosskiller, fertiliser, weedkiller and other lawn products can be applied. ...(more info)

15 Mar 2017

Coprosma – Hot to Trot.

Coprosma are small, shiny glossy evergreen shrubs from New Zealand with a myriad of colours in the leaves.  Ideal for a sunny site, coastal gardens and small gardens. The vibrant leaf colours bring a ray of sunshine to your planting virtually all year round becoming deeper in the winter months.  The leaves are always glossy and shout out happiness to you.  The common name is Mirror plant due to the sheen on the leaves.  Coprosma are easy to grow, no pruning required and tidy in shape with most reaching 1-1.5m in...(more info)

15 Mar 2017

Our green and pleasant land

Can be made greener and easily so!  Now in stock and delivered fresh every Tuesday and Thursday we will be holding Turf on a regular basis.  So if you need some turf to get you out of a hole - come along and pick up at Provender Nurseries....(more info)

13 Mar 2017

Two lovely things in one!

A huge thank you to Rasmus Johansen, a Danish exchange student who helped us at Provender Nurseries last week.   Also beautifully modelling the Elaeagnus x ebbingei pleached 80cm stem with a 80 x 110cm head.   With such a great range of pleach options in stock ranging from 80cm stem height to 2m plus there is always something to tickle your fancy at Provender...(more info)

10 Mar 2017

Nigel Gibson receives RHS Long Service Medal for 40 years of service to Horticulture

40 years – now that is something to celebrate. The Provender Nurseries team are over the moon to have celebrated Nigel Gibson's 40 years in Horticulture yesterday.  Nigel received an RHS Long Service Medal for 40 years of service to Horticulture. Awarded by Chris Lane, RHS Veitch Memorial Medal holder, Nigel was totally unaware of what we had planned for him. Alongside everyone at Provender Nurseries, Jude Lawton, Kent Plant Heritage Chairman Tom Norris, former MD of Coblands and most importantly Sheliagh, Nigel’s wife came along to help Nigel celebrate. A very special mention to Lorraine Hartley too for a wonderful, edible...(more info)

08 Mar 2017

Wondering about a Wisteria?

Wisteria sinensis – What can you say about a Wisteria sinensis that hasn’t been said already?  The mere mention of Wisteria conjur up romance, cottage gardens & most famously the image of a large Wisteria adorning Monet’s bridge in Giverny.  Twining anticlockwise around structures and literally dripping with racemes of fragrant pea-like, violet-blue flowers in May- June and best trained along a sunny wall or structure where the flowers can be viewed from below.  Plant grafted plants or plants over at least 8 years old to ensure flowering.  Provide lots of root space, prune accordingly, sit back, pour a glass of wine...(more info)

07 Mar 2017

Sedum - Green Roof Modules

In stock now - A simple to use clip together modular system that can be easily laid on a roof surface.  Install by simply clicking together and create an instant green environment which can be used to blend in garden structures and buildings into the surroundings – sheds, bin stores, garages, garden houses and garden offices.  Look good all year round, instant coverage, quick and easy to install, insulation properties, help to reduce CO2, improve air quality and most importantly minimal maintenance.  Each module is 54cm square, 9cm deep with substrate that has proper water retention and drainage properties and contains 4-6...(more info)

06 Mar 2017


PLANTS – 25% OFF Magnolia Range – 25% OFF 7.5L Magnolia ‘David Clulow’ 7.5L Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ 7.5L Magnolia salicifolia ‘Wada’s Memory’ 7.5L 10L Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ 10L 40/60cm Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ 10L 100/125cm Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ 10L 175/200cm Magnolia ‘Felix Jury’ 10L Magnolia ‘Heaven Scent’ 10L 125/150cm Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ 10L Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’ 10L 15L Magnolia ‘Fairy Honey Velvet’ 15L Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ 15L Magnolia ‘Vulcan’ 15L PRODUCTS – PRICE DROP Reed Screening – 2m x 5m RRP £30.00 Normally £24.00 SPO £20.00...(more info)

03 Mar 2017

Certainly time for a Cercis

Like many early spring flowering shrubs Cercis flower on bare stems allowing the full glory of the exotic pea-like flowers to be truly enjoyed before the spectacular arrival of the leaves.  Flowers appear direct from the trunk followed by the heart-shaped foliage which are an enticing prospect to look forward to almost more than the flowers themselves. Easy to care for, blooming easily and relatively unfussy when it comes to pruning a Cercis is a welcome addition to any planting scheme.  Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ is probably the most popular of the Cercis with vivid purple new foliage that age to bronze –green – yellow in...(more info)

02 Mar 2017

New Acers– welcome aboard.

Acers are equally as breath-taking in the spring as the autumn colours they are renowned for.  Acer palmatum varieties in particular put on a fabulous colour worthy of a look at this time of year as the delicate emerging foliage take on hues that are exquisite in the spring light.  With such an array to choose from the art of selection really does come down to final height, required autumn leaf colour and siting.  A selection below of Acers that we hold in stock are highlighted for you with some new varieties listed.  (New to Provender Nurseries) New in and Acer palmatum ‘Bi-Ho’.  Slow growing and compact the...(more info)

01 Mar 2017


March is for Magnolias and the show is not far off now.  Time to get selecting and planting now for a brilliant display in the spring Magnolia are amongst the first flowering plants to appear on earth with their flowers pollinated by insects and should be treated with the same reverence as Ginkgo in terms of their age and persistence through the millennia.  The fact that we can still enjoy them now pays testament to their resilience.  The majority of Magnolia originate from East Asia with some from Canada and The Americas and new varieties being bred in the last few years from New Zealand.  When in flower in the spring...(more info)

23 Feb 2017

Meet Doris - Oh I take it you already have!

Doris is a blustery old thing! Huge gusts of wind are causing mayhem out there.   With gusts of wind reaching over 80m per hour damage to fencing, trees and newly planted shrubs is inevitable.   With a range of fencing and all accessories needed - Provender Nurseries is the place to pick up what you need after Doris has been avisiting!  Check on newly planted trees and shrubs that may have been root disturned in such high...(more info)

16 Feb 2017

Amelanchier - hardworking and worth it.

Amelanchier tick so many boxes when looking for a hard working shrub / small tree providing small starry flowers in abundance in spring alongside bronze emerging foliage, excellent autumn foliage colour and purple / black berries.  Popular for use in small gardens, courtyard gardens, street trees and indeed large gardens too.  They also have the added bonus of birds finding them very attractive due to the amount of berries freely produced in the autumn.  Forming small trees to large shrubs often multi stemmed and providing dappled shade beneath.   .  Multi stemmed Amelanchier can be pruned up to create a...(more info)

15 Feb 2017

Spring Colour

So much to see at this time of year and the colour in the spring sunshine sure does blow the cobwebs of winter away.  The longer daylight hours and warmer days seem to bring out the best in plants on site. Catching the eye today are: Libertia Taupo Sunset  - respelendent in its winter colour.  It is really quite something to see.  Not sure where Taupo is, but if the sunsets are thsi colour - count me in! Bedding plants are throwing up their flowers waiting for happy bees to take a rest and a drink. Winter Aconite is a delicate looking flower which just looks adoreable in the sun Ruscus a. 'John Redmond' is not the...(more info)

14 Feb 2017

COR.......Corten Steel Features

Corten Steel really rocks our boat and many a garden designers too.  Added to our excellent range of contemporary Corten steel planters, firebowls and panels we now have some really exciting Corten Steel features on site. Our water feature is guaranteed to make a feature and comes complete with pump. The Enok burner will provide warmth and an excellent spot for huddling around chucking on logs from the stackable wood storage which are great for creating plant displays on feature walls too. Whatever your preference Corten steel brings a sense of warmth and depth to any garden feature  ...(more info)

13 Feb 2017

New Trade Price Catalogue 2017

Hot off the press - the New Trade Price Catalogue 2017 has landed. A comprehensive listing of our Shop and Sundries products for use as reference and quoting. Over 70 NEW landscaping items added this...(more info)

10 Feb 2017

My Funny Valentine

Elvis Costello sang a beautiful song called ‘My Funny Valentine’.  So we thought we would highlight some funny valentine alternatives – ditch the flowers this year and give something that will last longer: Anemone x hyb. ‘Serenade’ Achillea ‘Saucy Seduction’ Geum ‘Flames of Passion’ Dianthus ‘Passion’ Nandina domestica ‘Obsessed’ Pieris japonica ‘Valley Valentine’ Bergenia ‘Spring Fling’ Rosa ‘Kiss Me’ Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ Dianthus ‘Slap and Tickle’ Lonicera cras. ‘Little Honey’ Dicentra ‘Valentine’ Primula ‘Valentine’ Ranunculus ‘Brazen Hussy’  There are many that had to be left out for the sake of...(more info)

09 Feb 2017


A huge WELL DONE to Alex and Carl who have been promoted to Nursery...(more info)

08 Feb 2017

Potty - We have gone Potty!

You may have to get in fast to catch these - there are a few people on site eagerly awaiting the final unpacking! A new pot range has landed and there are some really lovely patterns, shapes and finishes to chose from.   With some excellent plants on site too - the perfect partnership! ...(more info)

07 Feb 2017

Hello Handsome

Hellebores always seem to raise their flowerheads up above the folaige as if to say ' I am so handsome, you have to look at me'! Difficult to resist and classed as a true herald of spring before the Daffodils start turning heads. Headturners on the nursery today include: Helleborus x hyb. 'Double Ellen Picotee' - sublime double, cup-shaped cream flushed purple flowers Hellebous niger 'Jacob Royal' - large  pure, white flowers on strong stems held above the foliage Helleborus 'Magic Leaf' - mottled evergreen green and white leaves with large white striped cream flowers Helleborus x ballardiae 'Camelot' - pink buds open to pink and...(more info)

03 Feb 2017


Cornus selected Winter Stem colour varieties in 20L.  Normally £40.00 – FAB FEB – 25% OFF Cornus alba ‘Baton Rouge’ – FAB FEB – 25% OFF Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’ – FAB FEB – 25% OFF Cornus alba ‘Select Red’ – FAB FEB – 25% OFF Cornus sanguinea ‘Magic Flame’ – FAB FEB – 25% OFF Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’– FAB FEB – 25% OFF All Camellia in 7L and 7.5L  - FAB FEB OFFER – 25% OFF RRP Root Ball Carpinus betulus and Fagus sylvatica 200/250cm Hedging  - FAB FEB – 25% OFF...(more info)

27 Jan 2017

New Trade Cards

You should have recieved your new Trade Cards in the post by now.   Each registered Trade Customer has been sent a new Trade Card over the last 2 months.  Please note that as from February 1st the new Trade Cards will need to be presented at each transaction to recieve your Trade Discount.  If you have not recieved your new Trade Card please contact admin@provendernurseries.co.uk  The new Trade Cards have your own exclusive bar code to speed service at the till on busy days and to ensure that your Trade Discount is protected....(more info)

19 Jan 2017

Happy 18th Paige

Nothing more to say - other than HAPPY, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY...(more info)

18 Jan 2017

A stunning NEW Daphne has arrived. All hail the Perfume Princess

As mentioned in last weeks email, Daphne ‘Perfume Princess’ has now arrived.  A new evergreen introduction and one of the earliest flowering Daphne’s to fill the air with scent in late winter.  The strong, citrusy scent can be smelt from quite a distance in March to April when in flower along the stems.  Slightly larger than Daphne odora blooms the flowers are dainty subtle pink in colour and fade to white over time.  It really is a knockout and well worth making a space in the garden...(more info)

16 Jan 2017

Provender Picks

There are some stunning plants that stand out from the crowd and really do deserve to be better known. When planting in acid or neutral soils Rhododendron, Camellia and Pieris spring to mind and they are tried and tested so why not?  Spare a thought for the much ignored Enkianthus campanulatus which would slip in majestically at the back of a border creating height, drama and a certain panache in early summer.    A more structured and well behaved plant you would be hard pressed to find.  Hailing from the north-east Asia in similar habitats as Rhododendrons they are a perfect planting companion. Happy in a...(more info)

13 Jan 2017

Ice and Snow

The weatherman was spot on - Snow appeared just as perdicted.   You can be one step ahead and prepare customers drives and other hard areas with rock salt, ice clear and snow shovels. We have them all in stock.  Rock salt is available in 2 sizes - 25kg and bulk bags for large areas.  Ice clear in 25kg bags and 2 types of snow shovels.  ...(more info)

13 Jan 2017

Provender Nurseries on Monty Dons Big Dreams Small Spaces tonight

Back in the summer of 2016 Provender Nurseries were approached by Lion Television, producers of Monty Dons Big Dreams Small Spaces to ask if we would like to help in the plant supply and selection for the next series. In July a couple by the names of Tariq and Sairah arrived at Provender Nurseries armed with a list of desired plants and with a small film crew to film plant selection and advice for their garden featured in the episode that airs tonight on BBC2 at 7pm.  Three and half hours later filming on a very hot day and with some plant changes made to the initial list it was a wrap!!  With the icy weather that has us in its...(more info)

12 Jan 2017

Cornus in the sunshine

A sunny winter day and Cornus with stunning winter stem colour are a match made in heaven.  Planted as single specimens or in large drift to create a dramatic effect Cornus with winter stem colour are a must for a garden that needs winter interest.   Cornus can be planted in drifts of single colours or as mixed colours to highlight the colour difference available.  They are best planted where they will catch the morning sun in the winter as when the morning frost is lit by the sun on the stems there really is nothing more pleasing to the eye.    ‘Baton Rouge’ - bright red stems.  Purple leaves in autumn...(more info)

09 Jan 2017

Camellia japonica bursting with bud.

Camellia japonica is one of the most common plants in the UK with the flowers appearing in the late winter to early spring in lightly shaded areas.  Originating from woodland areas they are most happy and will produce many more blooms if given plenty of leaf mould and free draining ericaceous soil.   They require little pruning but do benefit from a regular feed after flowering.   The fact that Camellias are so easy to maintain helps towards their popularity – that and the fact that they are in flower when many other plants have not yet started their annual display.  We have some great plants in stock ranging...(more info)

06 Jan 2017


Over Christmas I was trawling over a few Facebook pages and was looking in particular for gardens that provide winter interest, Anglesey Abbey is on the list to do this year, and happened to notice many people posting that at Wisley, Kew, Cambridge Botanic Gardens, Saville Gardens and many others that the Hamamelis are out in flower a little early this year.    Bowling onto the nursery on the first day back and strolling around to see what was looking and smelling delicious, of course Hamamelis took the centre stage.  The scent is truly phenomenal and a delight for the senses.  The scent seems to be stronger on a...(more info)

05 Jan 2017

Time in the limelight

Provender Nurseries hold in stock two fabulous evergreen all round, hard-working shrubs that do not seem to get as much attention as they should: Rhamnus alaternus ‘Variegata’ and Phillyrea angustifolia.  Both are good for coastal plantings and tougher than they look.  Rhamnus alaternus ‘Variegata’ (Italian Buckthorn) has irregular cream margins to the glossy green leaves.  The yellow flowers in spring are followed by red berries that ripen to black in the autumn contrasting beautifully against the mottled foliage.  Reaching a height of 2.5-4m Rhamnus alaternus ‘Variegata’ is a great choice for sun to semi-shade. ...(more info)

03 Jan 2017

New Year - New Opportunities

Why not join us here at Provender Nurseries?  We are Award winning and dynamic and could be just what you are looking for.   We are currently advertising for new staff memebers to join our team.  Interested?  Have a look at our jobs section or follow the link Provender Jobs...(more info)

02 Jan 2017

Ring in the New Year

Provender Nurseries will re-open tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd January from 8am to 12noon.  We will be closed in the afternoon for staff training. We will open on Wednesday 4th as normal....(more info)

29 Dec 2016

Head in the clouds

You can never accuse us of having our head in the clouds – except for one exception!   Our topiary area.  A huge upsurge of interest in cloud pruned plants this year with some really fab plant options alongside the usual suspects! Ilex crenata types are common, but no less adorable for that.  Proving popular at the moment are the Ilex crenata in shallow bowls, Olea europea, Cedrus altlantica glauca and a one off Prunus cerasifera...(more info)

26 Dec 2016

Boxing Day

Buxus sempervirens is still one of the most popular plants around.   Versatile for use in topiary forms be that balls, cubes, domes, beehives, cloud shapes, standards and of course as hedging.  Feed with Top Buxus to keep in top notch...(more info)

23 Dec 2016

Christmas Closing Hours

Please note that Provender Nurseries will be closed from Saturday 24th December to Tuesday 3rd January when we will open from 8-12am and then re-open as normal on Wednesday 4th January.  While we are closed don’t forget that the TRADE Zone is still open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  We may take a day or two to catch up on orders placed over the Christmas period.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and custom in the last year and wish you all success for the year...(more info)

20 Dec 2016

Cornus - winter stems

Each year, the same problem arises – how to take a decent image of Cornus winter stems! Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’ helped me along this year with the acid green of the stems standing out and screaming their presence.  As stand alone plants they are visually capable of holding their own, but if mixed with other winter stem Cornus the myriad of colours is just a feast for the...(more info)

18 Dec 2016

And The Ivy

Hedera colchica ‘Sulphur Heart’ has large dramatic irregular splashes of yellow and lime.  They look fantastic at this time of year with the large leaves catching attention.  ‘Glacier’ on the other hand is a little more subtle with creamy white variegation, but no less desirable for it.  Both are perfectly suited to covering a shady wall with evergreen foliage providing all year round coverage and...(more info)

15 Dec 2016

The Holly

Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’ glows in the winter light and evokes images of Christmas with the sparkly red berries.  However in the spring and summer months there is just as much to enjoy with the new foliage flush and yellow berries in the autumn that ripen to the red we are all so familiar...(more info)

13 Dec 2016

Olive Grove

Olives are ever popular and are regularly used in gardens as a central feature – normally a short stemmed standard with a gnarled stem.  However, there is a new kid on the block – Olea europea ‘Cipressino’ that has smaller leaves that have a silver-grey underside.  Pyramidal in shape it really could be the next big thing in Olives! We have recently been shuffling plants around the nursery to make plants easier to find.  At the back of the site nestled in amongst the trees is our very own Olive...(more info)

05 Dec 2016

Congratulations to us!

Provender Nurseries are over the moon to say that we won a BALI Award on Friday 2nd December for Exceptional Service.   Proud does not even cover it and the Award is due to our hard working dedicated team who work in all aspects of Provender Nurseries....(more info)

25 Nov 2016

Black Friday – Provender Style

We all know that designers hanker after a black flowering plant - or as near as dammit!  Here at Provender Nurseries we really do have some lovely options to choose – not necessarily true black, but as near as nature allows: Iris chry. ‘Black Form’ - A stunning black flowering Iris.  Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’ - Huge goblet dark purple- wine coloured flowers Aquilegia ‘Black Barlow’ – Purple-black flowers in May - July Leptinella squ. ‘Platt’s Black’ – No black flowers here, but a delicious bronze foliage coloured ground hugging plant – a gem in a corten steel container.  There are loads of options on site – just type in...(more info)

21 Nov 2016

The venue is ours – the choice is yours

Here at Provender Nurseries we have the widest, most diverse, most interesting range and choice of plants available to you in the south-east. With a huge choice at your fingertips, all in one nursery and ready to load and plant, what will you choose to put in your next scheme? Pittopsorum?  Over 20 choices on site Panels? 20 choices on site Pleached? 24 choices on site Climbers?  Over 180 choices on...(more info)

18 Nov 2016

Red is the colour

Autumn is here and the colours are just shining through (better than that super moon the other night!).  Red seems to be the predominant colour on certain plants and is certainly making its presence felt on site: Gaultheria procumbens : Did you know that these vibrant red berries are where Tiger Balm comes from – you will certainly know the smell if you squash one! Euonymus europeaus ‘Red Cascade’ : Bright red leaves in the autumn (all fallen now!) with red fruits that reveal orange seeds within Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ : A popular Acer palmatum due to the deep red leaf colour in the autumn Salix ‘Erythroflexuosa’ :  Twisted...(more info)

31 Oct 2016

Versatile Viburnum

Viburnum tinus has been a stalwart for hedges, bushes, standards and evergreen screening.  ‘Eve Price’ was introduced many years ago as a slightly more compact neater form of Viburnum tinus with white / pink flowers appearing in spring from pink buds that are held all winter.  The more compact growth of Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ is why this variety is often selected for use as standards and half standards. New kid on the block Viburnum tinus ‘ Lisarose’ has deep red buds and appears to be more floriferous than ‘Eve Price’ with white flowers appearing in the winter through to spring.  Only slighty higher if left to its own...(more info)

29 Oct 2016

New Nandinas

Nandina domestica has been around for a while and has kept its hold in the market as a popular plant as it is an easy plant to maintain and plant. New varieties are coming through that have been bred for small spaces averaging a height of 1m and below: ‘Twilight’ – yes, they did it! A variegated Nandina with rather surprisingly subtle white variegation and a pink flush in the spring.  Height 1.2m, Spread 50cm.   ‘Gulf Stream’ has bronze foliage in the spring with a slight orange hue.  Height 80-100cm.  ‘Blush Pink’ has new growth that emerges pink and stays pink, becoming red in the autumn and red colour in the...(more info)

27 Oct 2016

How many root balls per metre?

How many plants shall I put in per metre to create a hedge?  Probably the most asked question on a nursery along with ‘Where are the loos?’   We are here to answer both questions! As root ball hedging season is upon us and the days are absolutely perfect for planting root ball plants we thought a little visual aid might help.   Sometimes when we answer 2 ½ plants per metre we are met with a perplexed look, but hopefully these images will help to show what 2 ½ plants per metre represents.    As you can see our root ball Buxus and Taxus are cracking heavy plants that will create an instant...(more info)

26 Oct 2016

Trachelospermum - Not just for walls you know!

Trachelospermum jasminoides is the plant that just keeps on giving – exotic scent all summer long and dramatic red evergreen foliage in the winter months – a great little performer for a sunny site.  But, don’t just plant it against a sunny wall and forget about it.  Due to its climbing habit it is a versatile plant to play with and manipulate onto structures, frames and arches.  Trachelsopermum jasminoides is now grown over many forms to add interest and a new dimension to your garden designs.  Umbrella form is absolutely ideal for training over an open roof or pergola structure to sit beneath in the shade and scent...(more info)

21 Oct 2016

Throwing some shapes – It’s all a bit Alice in Wonderland!

We have some wild shapes going on here  - panels, cubes, pillars, pom-poms, columns, cloud pruned, multi-ball, cylinders, ½ standards, balls, domes, ¾ standards, beehives, pyramids, spirals, cylinder & balls, double spiral stems, 3 balls, – it is like being in Alice in Wonderland! Topiary – certainly not boring and not all Buxus, Taxus and Ilex – there are Liquidambar styr. ‘Gum Ball’, Syringa vulgaris, Pittosporum tenuifolium Variegatum,  Pruns cerasifera ‘Nigra’, Prunus lusitanica ‘Myrtifolia’, Vuburnum plicatum ‘Tennessee’, Elaeagnus x ebbengei, Ilex aquifolium, Juniperus, Laurus nobilis angustifolia and ‘Bay...(more info)

15 Oct 2016

Never seen the like

Liquidambar styraciflua Pagoda A stunning new Pagoda topiary of Liquidambar styraciflua.  2 together make a really fantastic feature /...(more info)

13 Oct 2016

And there’s more!

3 Lorries in today.  Unloaded.  And about to go out on the nursery – never a quiet moment! Some funky Clematis floribunda seiboldii Root ball Taxus bacatta have arrived and mostly hand to hand lifted off – those nursery guys have really earnt their chocolate bars today More specimen stock including a Trachelsopermum jasminoides Umbrella, Olive standards and some fantastic looking Pittosporum tobira variegatum and specimen Nandina domestica...(more info)

12 Oct 2016

New stock

We are busy getting deliveries in at the moment.  You have to love this time of year with so much new stock and interesting lines now coming in - the fruits of our shopping team labours are now coming through at the rate of a new lorry every day! Unloaded yesterday morning, some fresh exciting new plants: Pleached quercus ilex, pleached Camellia sasanqua, standards and panels – all bursting with bud, Trachelospermum jasminoides arches, Magnolia grandiflora ‘Goliath’ that has HUGE creamy white flowers in spring and a new Photinia  - Photinia serrulata ‘Crunchy’ which has fantastic coppery leaves somewhat more subtle than ‘Red...(more info)

10 Oct 2016

Turf - perfect for laying in the autumn

Autumn is just the perfect time of year for laying turf.  The soil is not too cold or wet at this time of year and the resdiual warmth in the soil will allow the roots to get settled in before winter.   Turf is also the best finishing for a garden you can get  - the final frame.   We have quality turf in stock all ready to roll...(more info)

07 Oct 2016

Today is national SMILE Day

To help you along with National Smile Day here are some lovely photos and offers that we currently have on site: Pieris jap ‘Little Heath’ in 10L pots are on special offer at the moment – normally selling at £35.00 we now have some fab plants at £22.50.  Pieris ‘Little Heath’ is a variegated form with silver margins that are flushed pink when young and white bell-shaped flowers in the spring.  Cracking plants and exceptional value for money.  The front tree field is looking truly magnificent at the moment with autumn starting to make an appearance.  Berrys are berrying, foliage is foliaging (!) enough to...(more info)

30 Sep 2016

No two orders are the same - we provide the paint – you create the picture

The process for collating customer orders follows the same steps– however the scope, range and types of plants that we collate for your individual orders is so different for each order itself.  That is what we love about our industry and our job – the same materials can create such different gardens and panoramas. Having gone to check on a customer order going out next week I was struck by the breadth of plant material we have on site ready to go and what we also order in to bring your planting plans to life.  Once we receive a quote we try and source all that we can for you and that does not mean that we select from what we...(more info)

28 Sep 2016

Carex - a reliable old thing but try the updated version

If Carex were a car it would be described as a good little runner.  Displaying some fabulous foliage all year round there are many types of interest.  The oshimensis types are evergreen clump forming choices with decorative arching foliage.  Their low growth habit makes them inspring choices for the edge of a border, planting for ground cover and also for use in pots and living walls.  Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ is probably the most well known of all the Carex grasses used.  There have been some really useful and just as versatile and attractive additions of late in the Evercolour Series all of which are easy to...(more info)

23 Sep 2016

Skimmia versatile and full of vim

Skimmia are relatively easy plants to look after their needs are few needing a humus rich acidic soil in sun to partial shade.  If you can provide these basic needs Skimmia will continue to delight through the winter months to spring.  The berries are held throughout the winter months and open to reveal fragrant flowers from March to May depending on variety. Skimmia jap. ‘Red Diamond’ - Compact, evergreen Skimmia with dark green glossy foliage and white scented flowers in March - April followed by red berries.  Height 120cm.  Flowers and berries on one plant.  Skimmia jap. ‘Finchy’ - Fragrant creamy white flowers...(more info)

22 Sep 2016

First day of Autumn

Today is officially the first day of autumn and you can feel it in the mornings with a little dew in the garden and the lowering sun. Autumn is not a quiet time of year in the nursery trade in fact we are busy filling the nursery with some fantastic autumn interest plants and there are so many to choose from right now that the choice is rather mind boggling! For late autumn colour Crocosmia give a huge show with Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora ‘Emily McKenzie’ in particular heralding the end of summer and onset of autumn.  The orange, yellow and bronzey flowers of Crocosmia seem to predict the colour of autumn leaves to come. Gaura ‘...(more info)

19 Sep 2016

Formal Shapes

This is the perfect time of year for great availability of Bay Trees.  Adding structure, shape and style to any border, design or container the popularity of Bay Tree standards cannot be denied.  Standards, half standards, quarter standards and cones – all of which are commonly used to give an air of grandeur to a planting plan.  We have recently expanded the Courtyard area to display the Bay trees to their best – but hurry as some are already tagged and reserved. Ilex crenata balls create a sense of flow in a garden with their rounded outlines.  All are evergreen and hardy and ideal for use where Buxus blight is...(more info)

15 Sep 2016

Late Leaf Love

Exotic foliage really comes into its own in these hot late summer days.  Large tropical leaves create a feel of shade and an area to relax in.  Often overlooked earlier in the year, now is the time that these dramatic lovelies come to the forefront creating a jungle look that is reminiscent of tropical holidays.  All of the plants listed below will die back in the winter but fear not they will return even bigger and better than last year! In leaf and looking truly tropical at the moment on site are: Tetrapanax papyrifer and Tetrapanax papyrifer ‘Rex’ can easily reach 3m in a season with HUGE deeply lobed palmate type...(more info)

14 Sep 2016


Jill is as happy as can be - our range of bulbs are in For best results from spring, summer and autumn flowering bulbs next year - plant now while the soil is still warm.  There are some fabulous new Tulips in stock alongside Camassia, Bluebells, Alliums, Narcissi, Iris, Fritillaria and Crocus. With planning you can provide colour from January all the way through to November.  There are large sacks for large planting areas and smaller pre-packs for pots and borders.   We have created an information sheet for use to help you select with information such as flower colour, height, flowering season and aspects.  Please...(more info)

14 Sep 2016

Late summer colour

Some plants come into their own in the late summer months and it is true to say we have some truly cracking examples at the moment.  The joy of working in a nursery is that every day there is something new vying for your attention at whatever time of year. Many people seem to think that late summer can be devoid of colour in the garden.  However we do not agree with that! Penstemon ‘Pensham Amelia Jayne’ produces many red flowers with a white throat on stems of 60cm that can happily flower for 4 months of the year once established.  Delphinium ‘Guardian Blue’ produces tall dark blue – purple semi-double flower spikes in...(more info)

24 Aug 2016

Late…..but worth the wait

Always flowering late in the summer and always worth the wait are Hibiscus syriacus.  Hailing from the Middle East and East Asia the Hibiscus will remind you of exotic holidays. Needing full sun (no problem today!) and a well drained soil Hibiscus will happily pop out their hollyhock like flowers for you when you are enjoying the garden the most.  The funnel shaped flowers have long stamens and appear in abundance at this time of year through to October.  ‘Oiseau Bleu’ (Blue Bird) – light blue flowers ‘Red Heart’ – white flowers with red centres ‘Woodbridge’ - deep pink flowers with a red...(more info)

17 Aug 2016

We can handle it

All in bulk bags, all in stock and ready to go for collection or delivery on our crane lorry or forklift lorry Bark – border, composted, mini mulch, ornamental nuggets & play bark Soil – enriched soil, vegetable soil, planting top soil, turfing topsoil & ericaceous Aggregates  - artic white chip, black basalt, cockle shells, Cotswold chippings, Derbyshire gold, golden gravel, gravel 6, 10 & 20mm, Kent ragstone, red granite chippings, Scottish cobbles, Scottish pebbles, silver grey granite, blue slate, plum slate & white cobbles Building  and soil improvers - ballast, farmyard manure, granite dust, hydroleca,...(more info)

15 Aug 2016

Looking for a tree that is not the standard?

The front tree field is looking truly magnificent at the moment with some of the standard trees showing off in the summer sun.  Having had a walk around this morning I thought I would pick a few unusual standards to show off to you.  All top grafted on the stem so will not grow any taller but the heads will spread and create a real talking point.  Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’.  The leaves of Cercis just sing on a sunny day.  The vivid purple new foliage turns bronze green with age turning yellow in the autumn. Flowers pale rose pink are borne on bare stems in spring before the leaves emerge. Ideal for a small...(more info)

05 Aug 2016

Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor College present winning designers

Provender Nurseries in conjunction with Capel Manor College, Enfield campus, are pleased to announce two deserving winners of the Provender Nurseries Redesign competition 2016. Provender Nurseries sponsor a garden at Capel Manor and have for the last 4 years selected a design that best represents the use of the space in the garden with a broad interesting range of plants that fulfil the brief.  The design brief was for a couple who wish to entertain and wanted a contemporary feel to the garden with an emphasis on the colour red.  The brief was given to students of Garden Design Advanced Diploma as part of their coursework. ...(more info)

02 Aug 2016

Screening - the natural way

Hiding a multitude of sins, natural screening has always been a quick answer to privacy and hiding unsightly objects in the garden.  Creating a rustic feel and adding to the natural look that many clients require.  Natural screening provides an excellent backdrop for climbers to scramble through and also useful for proving shade when rolled on top of a pergola or similar structure. Made from natural materials we currently hold 4 options on site: Brushwood, Bamboo slat, Reed and Willow. Currently on SPECIAL OFFER  - Reed –SPECIAL OFFER 5m x 2m only £24.00 before trade...(more info)

29 Jul 2016

What a difference a year (and a half!) makes

Back at the beginning of 2015 Provender Nurseries supplied a large amount of plants to Writtle College for the replanting of the Dry Garden at the front of the campus.  As the Dry Garden is in a prominent place onsite at Writtle College it was imperative that the pants were to look their best and create a breath-taking display during the late summer months.  These images are from today  -a year and a half after planting and we think the late summer display has happily been achieved.   If you want to achieve the same, we still have plenty of late summer colour in...(more info)

26 Jul 2016

By 'eck - Echinacea - what a choice

Echinacea  - what is not to love? Long flowering, great for use in prairie plantings, in borders, attractive to bees and other insects, long flowering period, good sturdy stems hold the flowers erect and majestic and a fabulous range of colours in the last few years that have been introduced.  How can you resist such a good performer? Both the common and latin name allude to the cone shaped spikey centre of the flower.  The latin name is derived from the Greek word echinos meaning like a sea urchin or spikey and the common name ‘Coneflower’.  Whatever it is called, plant, enjoy, listen to the buzz of happy insects and...(more info)

20 Jul 2016

Green Screens - like your privacy?

Provender Nurseries are now stockists of Green Screens and green roof system. Supplying landscapers, planners, local authorities and garden designers in the South East Mobilane Green Screens are a valuable addition to the already comprehensive plant stock on offer at Provender Nurseries.  A limited range of Mobilane Green Screens are held in stock however the entire range is available to order through Provender Nurseries and subject to the usual trade discount. Hedera helix ‘Woerner’ is the most popular of the lines on offer and is available in panels of 120cm x 220cm, 120cm x 100cm and 120cm x 180cm.  Other plants in the range...(more info)

11 Jul 2016

40 Years and still smiling

40 years man and boy - that is how long our very own delectable Wayne has worked on site here at Provender Nurseries Originally starting as a 15 year old and now very much a fixture of our team here on site.  Wayne can normally behind the scenes mixing soil and loading customer trucks. We would all like to wish Wayne a happy 40th year and hoping for 40...(more info)

08 Jul 2016


Specially selected lines Hydrangea arborescens ‘Strong Annabelle’ 10L  Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bombshell’ 7.5L  Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’ Range in 7.5L and 10L ‘ Bloomstar Blue’ 10L   ‘Endless Summer Bloomstar’ 10L  ‘Endless Summer Bloomstar Rose’ 10L  Established Hedging Plants - 25% off for 10+ plants Griselinia littoralis 20L 125cm  Carpinus betulus (feathered) 25L 175-200cm  Thuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’ 25L 175-200cm  Photinia x fra. ‘Red Robin’ 50L...(more info)

06 Jul 2016

Shiny and new

It is so easy at this time of year to get carried away with lovely flowers bursting out into a myriad of colours, however there is so much colour out there to see and not always in the most obvious of places. The conifer yard may not seem like a welcoming array of colour at this time of year but the new growth that is being put on often has a real sparkle of fresh, new and shiny foliage.  Some are acid green and other vivid glaucous blue – but all are rather lovely to look at.  I could not resist taking a few images: Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fastigiata’  (Upright Japanese Plum Yew) A medium to large sized, erect...(more info)

05 Jul 2016

Award winning gardens at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show supplied by Provender Nurseries

Provender Nurseries are proud to supply plants and support Award winning gardens at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016. Supplying three gardens in separate categories Provender Nurseries are extremely pleased that all gardens supplied have been awarded medals.  Victoria Truman, Designer.   ‘Reflecting the Landscape’ in the Capability Brown Garden Category awarded 2 medals; Gold Medal and Best Capability Brown Garden. Jane Bailey, Designer.   ‘Witan Investment Trust Global Growth Garden’ in the Show Garden Category awarded a Silver Gilt Medal. Tony Wagstaff, Designer with Southend Borough Council.  ‘Youth...(more info)

04 Jul 2016

Photinia - loads of different varieties for hedging

Photinia has come a long way since the good old reliable ‘Red Robin’ that we are all familiar with.  Photinia x fra. ‘Red Robin’ is available in a mind boggling array of forms and sizes; bush, standard, half standards, quarter and three quarter standards, balls, frames, pleached and panels.  The good old Photina x fra. ‘Red Robin’ is now a staple plant in many gardens.     Known for the bright red foliage of new growth and often used as hedging there are now many more varieties available that are either more compact in habit or slightly more colour in the leaf.  ‘Pink Marble’ (Cassini)–new foliage starts...(more info)

01 Jul 2016

Everything is just rosey

Everything is just rosey Hampton Court is just around the corner and enthusiastic garden designers and plant nuts will be heading there in their droves.  If you are seeking some summer colour and stimulation for the senses – leave the crowds to Hampton Court and pop over to Provender Nurseries as the rose bed is awash with colour and scent at the moment with some cracking specimen climbing roses flowering their socks off including Rosa ‘New Dawn at 2m height.    Amongst the Roses we have new climbing roses reaching a height of 3m and under.  Perfect in situations where space is limited: Boogie Woogie – Medium pink...(more info)

25 Jun 2016

But wait - there's more

A few weeks ago I told you of the Cornus kousa and florida we have in stock.  We now have a new batch of plants that were planted up in the autumn and are now rooted through.  Not only are they looking stunning but they are incredibly good value for money too.  Graded at between 150-175 and 175-200cm these are amazing plants that create an instant wow factor.  ‘China Girl’ – an outstanding choice forming an elegant shrub with large white bracts in summer.  Dramatic crimson foliage in the autumn  ‘Rainbow’ – leaves margined with deep yellow that turn deep red-purple with scarlet margins in the autumn. ...(more info)

24 Jun 2016

Inspiration? Look no further

Always packed to the gunnels with top choice plants we have just taken delivery of over 30 trollleys of herbaceous plants including some true gems: 3 x types of Amarine  - a cross between Nerine and Amaryllis - for a touch of the exotic 6 x types of Astrantia major - ‘Abbey Road’, ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Pink Penny’, ‘Roma’, ‘Shaggy’ & ‘Star of Billions’ 5 x Types of Echinacea - ‘Vintage Wine, ‘White Swan’, ‘Delicious Candy’, ‘Tomato Soup’ & ‘Virgin’ 100 x Agapanthus ‘Moonlight Star’ – in flower and bud 200 x Agapanthus ‘White Heaven’ - in flower and bud 100 x Verbena bon. ‘Lollipop’ – perfect for the front of a border 100 x...(more info)

16 Jun 2016

When 2 become 1

Made for each other: Willow Obelisk at 1.5m tall - on a special offer price Trachelospermum jas. 'Star of Toscana' - mellow yellow scented flowers Perfect for sunny spots, attracting bees to veg patches and making a focal point in a formal...(more info)

10 Jun 2016

Trees for small gardens

Go off the beaten track and see what you can find.  Decided that today my usual stroll around the site today that I would go in a different direction – let’s face it we are all creatures of habit and boy am I glad I did as I would have missed out on these stunners! Perusing the tree lines to the back of the nursery I found some trees and conifers just perfect for colour now for small gardens as none reach over 4-5m in height.  What a find! Fagus sylv. ‘Purpurea Tricolour’ – This is a particularly good strain of these funky Fagus with excellent leaf colouration of irregular patches of green, purple and pink.  The tree reaches...(more info)

09 Jun 2016

Bring on the Baptisia

Baptisia have upright branched stems that bear three lobed slightly greyish leaves and pea-like flowers reminiscent of a Cytisus and a Lupin but with much more class than both!   The flowers are followed by dark grey pods.  Forming large mounds and free flowering plant en masse for a really great display and are best planted to the middle / back of a border.  Happy in a well drained soil in full sun they are drought resistant once established and so are perfect for that problem patch! Easy to maintain and generally pest and disease free, simply cut down the foliage once it has blackened.  Baptisia ‘Cherries...(more info)

09 Jun 2016

Brilliant climbing colour and scented roses on frames

Please welcome to Provender Nurseries a brand new range of Frames at 150cm in 15L pots.  Sturdy frames at 150cm - ideal for clothing a wall, covering a pergola, planting in containers and just enjoying the fragrant blooms.   Over 7 varieties of Roses available alongside, Campsis, Fremontedendron, Lonicera and Trachelsopermum jas. Variegatum.   Blooming away nicley now and filling the air with their vibrant colour and scent there is a great raneg to choose from.   Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin'  - Deeply scented pink blooms on thornless stems and also tolerant of shade Rosa 'New Dawn'  - Fragrant pale pink flowers...(more info)

07 Jun 2016

Trachelospermum – Terrific new varieties at Provender Nurseries.

The perfect climber for a sunny spot and so many types to choose from.  Trachelospermum jasminoides is a brilliant plant that works its socks off all year round –glossy, evergreen foliage that takes on a red-bronze colour in the colder months and oodles of 5 petalled star-shaped scented flowers in the summer. Needing a sunny spot that is reasonably sheltered from cold winds and planting near where the scent can be appreciated is a must.  We have some new varieties in and they are already filling the display glasshouse with their intoxicating scent.  Trachelospermum asiaticum ‘Golden Memories’  - Slow-growing shiny,...(more info)

06 Jun 2016

Cracking Cornus

Cornus kousa dances into your life and leaves you all the better for it.  The display of colourful bracts can bring a smile and sigh of contentment to anyone when viewed in all their splendour at this time of year.  Cornus are well known for winter stem colour however the Cornus kousa, florida and Venus are much more graceful in their approach.  Colourful bracts are produced in clusters in shades of white, cream , green and pink in the summer months in clusters.  Gracefully shaped shrubs that really deserve a place in any garden particularly when the autumn foliage is dazzling with reds and orange. ‘Venus’ has huge...(more info)

02 Jun 2016

Wolf Tools

Totally interchangeable heads and handles for everyday and professional use in the garden. Wolf Multi-change is an efficient, economic method of having every tool for every job in the van, shed or allotment.  Saving space and money Wolf tools are used by professional gardeners and all tools are guaranteed for 10 years.  The system is easy to use with choices of handles depending on your height and comfort when in use click easily onto the large choice of interchangeable tool heads.  Heads include – patio brush, cultivator, lawn edger, Dutch hoe, pruning saw, flexi-broom, soil rake, fruit picker and leaf rake.  Select...(more info)

30 May 2016

Ignite your 'Flames of Passion' with Geum

Geum raise their happy heads in the late spring / early summer and will repeat flower all summer long.  The flowers are open and held above the foliage on hairy stems.  Generally trouble free they dislike wet soil around their roots in the summer.  ‘Lady Strathenden’ – Double golden yellow flowers ‘Mai Tai’ – Semi-double apricot ruffled flowers in hairy stems.  The flowers are suffused with pinks and oranges ‘Mrs J Bradshaw’ – Double deep scarlet flowers ‘Princess Juliana’ – Semi-double orange-yellow flowers ‘Alabama Slammer’ – Semi-double flowers...(more info)

27 May 2016

Lovely Lilacs - Please remember Provender Nurseries will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday

Nothing epitomises the launch of Summer like the scent of a Lilac in the air.  Lovely Lilac or Syringa are a highlight in the flowering season now with panicles of scented flowers in pinks, purples and white.  The flowers are highly fragrant and the plants are pretty much trouble free.  Perfect in the middle to back of the border and also as a stand alone specimen tree.  ‘Andenken an Ludwig Spath’ – Pale pink flowers ‘Charles Joly’ – Dark purplish-red double flowers ‘Katherine Havemeyer’ – Deep Lavender flowers ‘Madame Lemoine’ – Pure white flowers ‘Michel Buchner’  - Pale rosy-lilac double flowers ‘Monique...(more info)

26 May 2016

Specimen Shrubs - perfect for hedging

Stunning 70L evergreen shrubs commonly used for hedging.   These plants are huge and great value with only 1 plant needed per metre.  Available at 200 - 250cm in height, these beauties will create an instant screen  / hedge  Prunus lusitanica 'Myrtifolia'  - Portugese Laurel  Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' - Cherry Laurel  Photinia x fra. 'Red Robin' - Red...(more info)

24 May 2016


The colour of late Spring / early Summer is now upon us and in full swing - just in time for RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  Sometimes taking a walk around our 17 acre site can be calming and mild on the senses.  Not so at the moment - Rhododendrons are in full flower with some amazing colour combinations to tickle your fancy.  The deciduous Azaleas are dazzling with neon bright colours reminiscent of 80's fashion (Maddona!) plus added knockout scent.  Even the good old Cratageus 'Paul's Scarlet' is putting on a show this week with lovely double red flowers - a stunner.  Last but by no means least are the array of...(more info)

09 May 2016

Don’t get left in the shade

It is super sunny out there now and the nursery is looking resplendent.  In particular the new shadehouses built over the winter to house Rhododendrons, Pieris, Ornamental  Acers, Ornamental Cornus and Camellias amongst other shade loving plants. The Acer house is just a magnet at the moment with new colourful foliage emerging every day creating an absolute blaze of colour up there.  There is still colour out there and plenty more to come too.  The Rhododendrons and Cornus are just coming out.  The Pieris have loads of colour and flower too.  In the original shadehouse the Brunnera mac. ‘Jack Frost’ are...(more info)

05 May 2016

Rhododendrons – Full of Eastern Promise

Heralding from the Asia Rhododendrons fill gardens in the UK with joy from April / May onwards. The promise of delight is held tantalisingly in the fat buds that tease open slightly more every day until they burst open with a burst of in your face colour.  From tiny dwarf options growing to 50-60cm in height up to huge dramatic, large leaved and large flowering types we hold a huge selection on site in the Rhododendron House.  Colours range from pure white to purple, red, orange, yellow and almost blue! Don’t forget Inkarho Rhododendrons too.  Popular varieties grafted onto lime tolerant rootstocks meaning that the plant...(more info)

29 Apr 2016

Ribes – not the normal pink……….Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Monday.

Everyone is aware of Flowering Currants and in particular Ribes sanguineum ‘ King Edward VII - it is indeed a perfectly lovely, versatile plant.  We do however have some other stunning Ribes herein stock that may make you look twice in future: alpinum ‘Aureum’  - a tall shrub reaching over 1.5m in height.  Vivid yellow flowers against bright green leaves in the spring / early summer.  Height 1.5m laurifolium – unlike the other Ribes this little lovely flowers in late winter and early spring with greenish-yellow flowers sanguineum ‘ King Edward VII' – the most popular of all Ribes with crimson buds opening to crimson /...(more info)

21 Apr 2016


Bedding plants, Geraniums, trailing plants, vegetable plants, tomato plants - all fresh in and ready to go Multiple buy discounts apply on 9cm and 10.5cm plants Plants are not listed individually by name on our website - You will find them all by typing in Bedding in the search box.  Plenty of colour, plenty of choice, plenty of good plants.  Get them while they are...(more info)

21 Apr 2016

Roll out the barrel

These wine barrels caused quite a stir when they were first unloaded last week.  The sunshine bought out the smell of the Bourdeaux Rouge 2013 within and the staff had to be pulled away! Unfortunately the barrels were already empty but they still appeal for use as a table in the garden, making a focal feature and also for cutting in two for planting into. Ideal for use outside in pub or restaurant...(more info)

19 Apr 2016

Light up my Life

The new foliage of Acer palmatum types in the spring never fails to lift the spirits even after so many years in the industry.     Sparkling new foliage with such a striking array of colours light up the surrounding plants.  Known and loved for their blazing autumn foliage colour some of the new emerging foliage in the spring can easily give the autumn colour a run for its money. Elegant and alluring purple and light green dissected foliage of Acer palmatum dissectim ‘Crimson Queen’.  Acer palmatum ‘Orange Dream’ just pows and wows in your face with red/ green and orange new growth. Acer palmatum ‘Phoenix’...(more info)

18 Apr 2016

Provence at Provender

Rows and rows of perfect Lavender in 10L pots reminiscent of Provence  - but you don’t need to travel that far - Provender Nurseries has it all going on.  Lavender are perfect for a low flowering hedge, attracting bees into the garden and planting alongside topiary balls. By far one of the most popular lines we sell at Provender Nurseries.    ‘Hidcote’ – English Lavender.  Compact shrub with purple blue flowers in July onwards.  Height 40cm ‘Grosso’  - Extremely fragrant and is often used in perfumes .  Very long flower spikes of purple in summer.  Height 60cm ‘Munstead’ – Dwarf English...(more info)

13 Apr 2016

Backbone plants

Backbone plants - the ones that do alot of work but rarely take the limelight. As a supplier to the trade we hold a great range of stock to satisfy every need from 9cm plants to enormous specimen trees.  However - not all plant choices need to be huge, spectacular and awe-inspiring. There is much to be said for the backbone plants / the worker bees of the plant world that we hold in stock all year round.    Vinca minor ‘Atropurpurea’ – A hard working plant and an excellent ground cover plant that will happily flower for most of the summer.  Also great for dry shade conditions – always a problem area .  ‘Gertrude...(more info)

12 Apr 2016

Brilliant value for money

Over 200 1L Herbaceous plant choices in stock.   The favourite forerunner at the moment are  - Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'  - Purple flowers on dusky greyish foliage and will flower all summer long.  An excellent choice for a hard working, yet really easy plant to look after.  More bang for your buck with this hard worker!  With spring the perfect time to plant 1L stock there is a great choice awaiting you at Provender Nurseries.  The warming of the soil at this time of year enables these 1L perennials to get good root growth started and as a result put on good, strong foliage and flower display for years to...(more info)

08 Apr 2016

Eu know Eu love a Euphorbia

Euphorbia – the backbone of many a garden design.  A hugely diverse genus, from ground cover, middle to back of border and huge towering giants Euphorbia have got it going on.  Thumpingly vibrant foliage of purple, acid green, orange stripes on green leaves, pale white variegation, steely grey and dusky green  are held on equally colourful stems.   The ‘flower’ on Euphorbia are really pretty insignificant it is the colourful bracts surrounding that provide the stunning colour variations that are so prized by designers and plant enthusiasts alike.  With careful selection Euphorbia can provide colour from...(more info)

02 Apr 2016

Wonderful Whites

White - so fresh and illuminating at any time of year but in the spring it seems to leap out at you.  White themed gardens never fade in popularity mainly due to the White Garden at Sissinghurst.  Listed below are some choice white flowering and variagated plants for white themed gardens and brightening up any colour scheme. Paeonia suf. 'Feng Dan Bai' - Upright stems hold open white papery blooms Camellia 'Hakurakuten' or 'Wisley White' - Creamy-white semi double flowers on this delightful upright growing Camellia  Hebe 'Silver Queen'  - Evergreen shrub with broad creamy white margins to the leaf that contrast...(more info)

31 Mar 2016

Pretty in Pink

Spring is such a lovely time of year with a rainbow of colours on the nursery changing and emerging each day.  It really is almost impossible to keep up with the new stock arriving and to get across how excellent the site looks at the moment.  New deliveries are arriving on a daily basis and there is so much to see out there.  Yesterday, between phone calls, orders and emails a walk around the nursery was called for.  As always camera in hand, the theme of pink came to mind - helped by the amount of pink flowering plants and thier sheer diversity in terms of flower shape, colour and new leaf growth.  Selected...(more info)

28 Mar 2016


Plant perfection in a Pieris.  For spring colour they just can’t be beaten.  Each year the varieties on offer just get better and better with some absolutely stunning choices.  Recently ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Brouwers’ Beauty’ took the lead in favourites on site – however there are some strong contenders out there on the nursery now: ‘Ralto’ – purple / pink flowers, orange/bronze new growth, variegated foliage ‘Taiwanensis’ – pure white flowers, bronze new growth ‘Katsura’ – white flowers, deep scarlet new growth ‘Valley Valentine’ – drooping deep dusky red flowers, red new growth Closing Hours - Provender Nurseries will be...(more info)

27 Mar 2016

Yellow Theme Plants for Easter Weekend

Yellow always seems to be an underrated colour with designers and yet the colour yellow heralds the arrival of spring and is traditionally associated with Easter.  Yellow seems to signify a jolly feel, brightens a cold day and can be used for drawing attention to certain plantings.  When planted alongside oranges and greens yellow mellows in comparison and blends in creating warmth and depth.  It being Easter weekend - what better time is there to showcase some of the yellow flowering plants that are currently on site: Corylopsis spicata  - bright yellow fragrant flowers in spring on naked branches Genista ‘Porlock’–...(more info)

26 Mar 2016

Pretty Shrubs all in a row

All stocked up and ready to go, we have pretty shrubs all in a row!    With spring well and truly sprung we are filling up our nursery beds as fast as they are being emptied!  You just have to love a busy spring.  All in stock and ready to show off later in the season but perfect for planting now are a great range of shrubs: Genista ‘Porlock’ – semi-evergreen and fragrant butter yellow flowers in spring Cornus alba ‘Baton Rouge’ – improved variety giving strong stem colour Pieris jap. ‘Ralto’ – slightly scented purple-pink / red flowers in spring Dwarf Rhodendrons – ideal for summer colour later in the season –...(more info)

25 Mar 2016

Pretty perennials all in a row

All stocked up and ready to go, we have pretty perennials all in a row!   That is the stretch of poetic abilities I’m afraid.  With spring well and truly sprung we are filling up our nursery beds as fast as they are being emptied!  You just have to love a busy spring.  All in stock and ready to show off later in the season but perfect for planting now are a great range of herbaceous perennials: Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ – every designer’s favourite plant Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’ – looking good enough to eat Nepeta racemosa ‘Walkers Low’ – fabulous for lots and lots of flower Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ – bringing joy...(more info)

24 Mar 2016


Hellebores are a great plant for using en masse in shady areas and provide a welcome site in the winter and spring.  Hellebores can easily flower for up to 12 weeks and are then joined in by other spring flowering blooms.  They are reasonably tolerant plants and are also unattractive to rabbits and deer adding to their appeal. Looking great on site right now: ‘Mrs Betty Ranicar’ – double white flowers ‘Royal Sofia’ - white flowers with a green centre foetidus – pale green flowers, fantastic dramatic foliage ‘Double Ellen Picotee’ – double cup shaped cream, flushed purple flowers Over 30 varieties to choose from in stock...(more info)

18 Mar 2016

New and improved

That is the promise with 2 new types of Laurus nobilis or Bay Trees as they are more commonly known that are now in stock at Provender Nurseries. Laurus nobilis ‘Angustifolia’ has long willowy leaves with a slight wave to the edge of the leaf adding to its aesthetic qualities.  This relatively new introduction has a denser habit than straight Laurus nobilis and has proved to be slightly more hardy too.  Laurus nobilis ‘Bay Junior’ is another compact, dense growing introduction making it an ideal choice for topiary standards and balls. Slightly slower growing than ordinary Laurus nobilis means less pruning too – what more could...(more info)

11 Mar 2016

Plants and People - they are what Provender Nurseries are all about

At this time of year we could post literally hundreds of images on a daily basis of plants looking fantastic, coming into bud, leaf and flower.  Indeed we will be busy putting up such images next week.  For the moment, let us take a little look at some of the people behind the scenes at Provender Nurseries that order, tag, collect, put out, display, care for and feed the plants that are pouring in and out of our gates at the moment. In our first image, let me introduce Densie who collects and collates all of our customer orders.  Come rain or shine Denise can be found exploring the nursery on her buggy for plants that...(more info)

03 Mar 2016


It is that time of year when each day brings different weather - just look at how lovely today is compared to the cold, sleety blustery day that was had yesterday.  Each day here at Provender Nurseries is not judged only by the different weather but also and most importantly by the amount of different stock we have coming in on a daily basis.  There are some cracking HUGE specimen plants here that have just come in and making their presence felt - well, let's be honest at the size of them you can't miss them anyway! The Cloud pruned Olives are just magnificent and perfect for that 'Statement' plant.  Best of all though is...(more info)

23 Feb 2016

Magnificent Magnolia

Majestic in stature and ancient in history, did you know that Magnolias are named after a French botanist Pierre Magnol who helped devise the botanical classification of plants that is still used today? There are many popular Magnolias used in gardens to this day as they have not faded in popularity since the first Magnolia grandiflora was first introduced to the UK in 1726. Magnolias can provide interest for many months of the year but are most popularly used for a great display in the spring before the rest of the garden has woken from winter slumber. The deciduous types generally flower on bare stems before the foliage emerges and are...(more info)

15 Feb 2016

Pieris - Perfection for spring colour

Pieris have long been a favourite for the dramatic foliage displays in the spring.  With careful selection you can have Pieris in display for up to 3-4 months of the year in a variety of colours and heights.  Pieris are evergreen shrubs with the new foliage emerging bright red or bronze in the early spring accompanied by nodding panicles packed with tiny bell shaped flowers, most normally white but new varieties can have dark red, purple and pink.  With the new Pieris shadehouse completed our plants are in tip top condition and looking great.  We have a varied choice available with variegated foliage, different...(more info)

08 Feb 2016

Spring Flowering Camellias SPECIAL OFFER

All 3L Spring flowering Camellia varieties in 3L NOW ONLY £12.50 RETAIL Over 20 varieties to choose...(more info)

02 Feb 2016

A Haven for Hellebores.

Hellebores or Helleborus – which ever term you use – are just stunning in the early months of the year.Truly one of the easiest plants to grown and display at this time of year and for the next month or two there are some truly astounding plants out there to be had. Trotting around the nursery today four hellebores in particular grabbed my attention and they could not be more different – another fantastic aspect about Hellebores is the depth and range of flower form and colour.  The names are often as exotic as the flowers.  The first Helleborus that caught my eye this morning is definitely a case of that! Helleborus x hybrid...(more info)

26 Jan 2016

If you are going to do something - do it well

Could not agree more! As plant enthusiasts and Horticulturists we realise the importance of providing plants with the right conditions whether planting or holding stock on site.  A well looked after plant is more attractive, healthier and less prone to stresses. With these simple rules in mind we have our nursery team extending again in our Shade loving plant area. We are expanding in our main shade glasshouse which will give more space to increase our plant range offered to you and space for plants to be displayed properly.  Our team are doing a great job of laying the paving as you can see. We have also extended our Acer...(more info)

22 Jan 2016

Bowled over by Boulders

The range of decorative boulders, rockery stones and decorative aggregates is reflecting the great range of plants we have always held on site. Stunningly visual and ideal for giving the polished finishing touch we now have a boulder or stone to reflect colour co-ordinations in your design. Boulders are ideal for use in general landscaping schemes and are rounded and as such visually pleasing.  Angel Whirlpool Boulders             A dark grey-green tumbled smooth boulder with natural white bands throughout. Rainbow...(more info)

15 Jan 2016

Cold weather ahead - think Seeds and Salt

The newspapers are full of healdines about cold weather and freezing temperatures ahead.  While we humans revel in our centrally heated houses - spare a thought for our garden birds out there.  Providing extra food at this time of year can increase the winter survival rates of many species and what could be more heart warming than that? Stocking various seed mixes for wild birds in varying sizes alongside fat balls, specialised mixes for specific species and bird feeders - why not start feeding now and take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch on January 30th to 31st. Now, while we are thinking welfare of feathered...(more info)

12 Jan 2016

Making everyday more colourful

Never a dull day at Provender Nurseries.  We are bursting with some fantastic colour at the moment. Check more colourful images of some great plants on our facebook page:...(more info)

05 Jan 2016

Ever expanding

A major reshuffle in the shop area has now expanded our tool range by over 4 metres offering you a real choice in all the garden tools and accessories a professional would need. We hold in stock over: 20 types of rakes 15 types of shears 12 types of secateurs    20 types of forks and spades With the colder weather ahead who couldn’t resist a pair of gloves (or two as one pair will inevitably get wet or lost) to ward off the cold and damp?  We may have one or two choices for...(more info)

01 Jan 2016

New Year – New Pots!

To ring in 2016 Provender Nurseries are proud to introduce a new pot to our ever expanding range.  Corten Steel pots have been a real favourite in 2015 and now there is a newer lighter version to try out.  The appeal with the new range for 2016 is that the pots are made out of fibreglass and fashioned to look just like the real thing.  Rust Finish Contemporary Box is ideal for areas where weight is an issue.  Looking at the image – can you tell which one is the Rust Finish Contemporary Box? Spoiler alert  -  Psst – it is the one on the...(more info)

28 Dec 2015

Winter Stem Colour

Cracking Cornus and Stunning Salix really do brighten up a dull day with their warm stem colours in the winter. Some Cornus selections are almost flame-like in their colouring which is reflected in their names.  Captivating and particularly attractive when planted in large drifts when space allows both Cornus and Salix are happy when planted in moist fertile but well-drained soil and in a sunny position where the sun will ripen wood for great stem colour the following year.  Cornus alba ‘Baton Rouge’ – - Almost impossibly red stems that keep their colour al winter with straight upright stems.  Height 1.5-2.5mIMAGES Cornus...(more info)

24 Dec 2015

In the deep mid-winter

Known and loved throughout the horticultural, gardening & design world Helleborus / Hellebores perform magnificently in the winter months.  Most are clump forming and give the best display when planted in groups.  Plant beneath and around winter interest plants such as Cornus and Mahonia.  Lividus ‘White Green’ – A delicate little Hellebore with creamy-green flowers against dark green foliage    x hybridus ‘Winterbells’ –Nodding flowers that emerge from peach coloured buds to reveal bell shaped flowers pink / creamy white on the outer petals and white on the inner petals niger  - Shallow, saucer-shaped...(more info)

23 Dec 2015

In a Galaxy far, far away – or in a fantastic nursery in Kent!

Continuing the Star Wars theme that seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment we thought that Cornus would be a good direction to go in with their other worldy bracts and appropriate names.  This year we saw the introduction of a new supplier to us here at Provender Nurseries and as a result we have in stock some of the best Cornus plants I have seen in 30 years of plant supply with excellent forms and shape to the plants as well as a bounty of bracts in the spring and summer these Cornus flew out of the door.  Cornus kousa ‘Milky Way’ – A truly brilliant Cornus forming a large shrub  / small tree which flowers...(more info)

21 Dec 2015

Magnolia Star Wars

Yoda style write I will.  In your house a Star Wars fan?  ‘Star Wars’ Magnolia perfect gift it is.  Spring, 6 weeks it flowers and many of.    New Zealand, travels far here you for.  Or in other words……………… To celebrate the release of the latest Star Wars movie I would like to introduce you to Magnolia ‘Star Wars’ – the perfect gift for the Star Wars fanatic in your family.  Flowering from mid-March for up to 6-8 weeks 30cm light pink star-shaped flowers are borne in...(more info)

17 Dec 2015

Full of winter cheer

Jasminum nudiflorum                    Winter flowering Jasmine or Jasminum nudiflorum packs a huge yellow punch at this time of year with its buoyant, cheerful, bright yellow flowers borne on naked stems – hence the nudiflorum.  The flowers are not scented unlike many other Jasmines but it more than makes up for that with the joyous yellow blooms brightening up a winter’s day.  Easy to grow and responds well to pruning after flowering to keep in shape.  It was introduced from China back in the 1840’s and happily cheering up winter...(more info)

15 Dec 2015

Provender Picks - Sycoparrotia semidecidua ‘Purple Haze’

Earlier in the year we took delivery of a few unusual plants, some of which were new to us here at Provender Nurseries.  Amongst the treasure trove of unusuals was a shrub called Sycoparrotia semidecidua ‘Purple Haze’. Having looked up a description for it  - ‘A semi-evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves turning orange-red to redidish-purple in the autumn / winter’ I thought I would go and check on it now and see how it fares in the autumn / winter months.  As you can see it is doing exactly as promised with spectacular autumn / winter leaf colour on the leaves. A cross between Parrotia persica and Sycopsis sinensis...(more info)

11 Dec 2015

A magnitude of marvellous multi-stem trees

There is no doubt that multi stem trees are a real humdinger of a way to make a statement in a garden.  With a network of branches and a fabulous framework the correct selection makes the right statement at any time of year. Autumn and winter are the best times for deciduous multi stem tree options when the plants are dormant and this autumn is no exception – in fact this year Provender Nurseries may well have one of the best selection of multi stem trees we have ever held in stock. We currently have in stock a great selection at 200-250cm and 250-300cm multi stem trees.  Have a look online at our stocklist or pop in and see...(more info)

04 Dec 2015

Celebrate National Tree Week – by planting a tree and additional discount

For this week only Provender Nurseries are offering a 7% discount on all trees on site With so many trees to choose from and many different decorative boxes ticked by planting a tree – why not celebrate National Tree Week with us here at Provender Nurseries by selecting a tree this week and receiving a 7% discount into the bargain? Each day this week we will focus on a group of trees to showcase the depth of the choice of trees held on site. Fastigiate  / Upright Trees It’s all about the outline or shape of a tree.  Sometimes a standard shaped tree just does not fill the space correctly or the design calls for something a...(more info)

03 Dec 2015

Celebrate National Tree Week – by planting a tree and additional discount

For this week only Provender Nurseries are offering a 7% discount on all trees on site With so many trees to choose from and many different decorative boxes ticked by planting a tree – why not celebrate National Tree Week with us here at Provender Nurseries by selecting a tree this week and receiving a 7% discount into the bargain? Each day this week we will focus on a group of trees to showcase the depth of the choice of trees held on site. Listed below is a snippet of some of the Malus trees in stock and available at a reduced price this week only: Malus The humble Crab Apple is a corker of a tree with so much to offer in spring,...(more info)

02 Dec 2015

Celebrate National Tree Week – by planting a tree and additional discount

For this week only Provender Nurseries are offering a 7% discount on all trees on site With so many trees to choose from and many different decorative boxes ticked by planting a tree – why not celebrate National Tree Week with us here at Provender Nurseries by selecting a tree this week and receiving a 7% discount into the bargain? Each day this week we will focus on a group of trees to showcase the depth of the choice of trees held on site. Evergreen Trees Evergreen trees are invaluable in this day and age as requests for evergreen trees has to be one to most popular questions we get asked in nursery supply.  Providing noise...(more info)

01 Dec 2015

Celebrate National Tree Week – by planting a tree and additional discount

For this week only Provender Nurseries are offering a 7% discount on all trees on site With so many trees to choose from and many different decorative boxes ticked by planting a tree – why not celebrate National Tree Week with us here at Provender Nurseries by selecting a tree this week and receiving a 7% discount into the bargain? Each day this week we will focus on a group of trees to showcase the depth of the choice of trees held on site. Winter Interest Trees In the winter when most trees lose their foliage other features such as attractive bark become the focal point of interest instead.  If planted where they catch the...(more info)

30 Nov 2015

Celebrate National Tree Week – by planting a tree and additional discount

For this week only Provender Nurseries are offering a 7% discount on all trees on site. With so many trees to choose from and many different decorative boxes ticked by planting a tree – why not celebrate National Tree Week with us here at Provender Nurseries by selecting a tree this week and receiving a 7% discount into the bargain? Each day this week we will focus on a group of trees to showcase the depth of the choice of trees held on site. Spring Flowering Prunus.  Nothing exalts the onset of spring quite like a Prunus in full bloom.  Even after many years in horticulture the image of a large spring flowering Cherry can...(more info)

24 Nov 2015

Colourful Fruit and Bare Root

In full fruit on the front tree field are some unusual fruit of the Diospyros lotus tree which translates as ‘divine fruit’ and is otherwise known as the Date Palm and is a close relative of the Persimmon.  The fruit resemble large fat yellow / orange tomatoes and are said to taste like dates, hence the common name.     Relatively unused in UK this little tree is perfectly hardy and guaranteed to be a talking point in any garden at this time of year. Looking like they have leapt straight out of the pages of a fantasy novel the iridescent violet berries of Callicarpa x bod. ‘Profusion’ are really rocking the joint at...(more info)

13 Nov 2015

Think bold – think big

Large specimen shrubs and hedging available now and ideal for planting at this time in the season. On site and in stock, we are holding some magnificent 2m hedging options: Prunus lus. ‘Myrtifolia’ 175 to 200cm Ilex x mes. ‘Blue Prince’ 175 to 200cm Thuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’ 175 to 200cm Photinia x fra. ‘Red Robin’ 200 to 250cm Prunus lau. ‘Rotundifolia 180 to 200cm – huge plants Carpinus betulus 200 to 250cm Fagus sylvatica 200cm Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropurpurea’ 200cm Taxus baccata 180 to...(more info)

04 Nov 2015

Rosedale multipurpose compost - back by popular demand

Rosedale compost had historically been offered from our site here at Provender Nurseries and is now back due to popular demand. We plan to introduce more lines back into the Rosedale Range. Earlier this year Dave, our shop manager, took a bag home to try out and got a major crop of Chillies as you can see - excellent results.  Mixed to our specific blend of professionaly graded peat and bark fines combined with 15-10-20 base fertiliser and trace elements.  Rosedale Multi-Purpose provides excellent aeration and moisture retention with an open structure to aid drainage and promote strong root growth.  It feeds for up to...(more info)

30 Oct 2015


It almost looks like Halloween here - at first I thought it was a load of pumpkins being delivered – but no, my eyes deceive me. It is the new metal Wheelbarrow ‘Duraball’ – the first ever heavy duty ball barrow for the construction market.  Heavy duty galvanised pan and puncture proof ball tyre and a 90 litre capacity.  120 litre Invincible metal Wheelbarrow with a puncture proof tyre and an extra strong double-rolled edge galvanised pan. Both are ideal for use at this time of year when leaf collecting or moving large amounts of soil. With the mild weather we are having it is the ideal time for applying Autumn & Winter...(more info)

26 Oct 2015

Clocks go back - Root balls come forth

Autumn is here officially – the clocks have gone back, autumn leaves are ablaze with reds, oranges and yellows.  The true sign that autumn has truly arrived on a wholesale plant nursery is the arrival of root balled hedging plants.  So - we welcome the arrival of autumn with the arrival of the first batch of root balled Taxus and Buxus plants.  Stored in straw bales to protect the roots – this is the perfect time of year for planting whilst there is still some residual warmth in the soil.  Plant with either Bonemeal or Mycorrhizal fungi – whichever you prefer, as long as you give a hedge some good root feed when...(more info)

23 Oct 2015

Looking for new team members

During the season there has been a substantial demand on the products and services we offer our customers and we are therefore looking to recruit new team members. Sales Person Salary – on application, depending on experience Job Description: Provender Nurseries is seeking to employ a friendly and enthusiastic sales person to join our team to help sell our diverse range of plants and associated products to a wide range of customers.  This is a great opportunity for anyone who has a passion for horticulture and good people skills.  The role will mainly involve assisting our cash and carry customers with their purchases. ...(more info)

20 Oct 2015

One ‘L’ of a Tree

Lovely Liquidambar doing what it does best at this time of year.  Fantastic autumn colours that always seem to really shout autumn at you, but with some recent new introductions those shouts just got taller and slimmer!    Let Provender Nurseries introduce you to: ‘Slender Silhouette’ – Excellent new introduction with an upright slender habit and of course, brilliant autumn colour of orange and crimson Alongside this exciting newcomer we also have in stock: Liquidambar styraciflua – Grows into a large conical shaped tree with the younger stems having an attractive corky bark.  Brilliant autumn colours ‘Lane...(more info)

09 Oct 2015

You are on the right path

Trees?  Multistems?  Look no further – you are on the right path. A specimen tree field that is second to none in terms of choice and variety and also looking resplendent in the autumn sun that we are lucky enough to have today.  We have stock ranging in size from 175/200cm up to some whoppers at 500-600cm.  A snippet of some of the fantastic multi-stem trees we currently have in stock are: Zelkova serrata – 1 sold, still more to choose from.  Muted autumn colour at the moment but more colour is to come.  Just look at that great structure – perfect for a statement specimen planting.  A fantastic tree...(more info)

02 Oct 2015

A Haven for Heuchera and Heucherella

What did we do before Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ won the Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year way back in 1991?  It is amazing how this simple introduction rang the changes for planting perennials in gardens and became the new ‘must have’ plant. 24 years later the humble Heuchera has really earned its rightful place on every planting list with a veritable riot of colour choices to choose from proving very much still a must have plant.  Always on the lookout for something new, tough and interesting our buying team has excelled themselves with these stunning Heuchera choices available at Provender Nurseries, some for the...(more info)

30 Sep 2015

WOW - Pleached Options

Hot off the lorry and being unloaded as I type - some amazing PLEACHED options Pleached Quercus ilex - Ideal for creating evergreen screens and providing privacy Pleached Carpinus frames - Covered in foliage and fabulous for creating a feature area Pleached Liquidamber - Create a dramatic wall with amazing autumn colours with pleached Liquidambers Also being unloaded - Pleached Apple rees, huge pleached Photinia frames, pleached Carpinus trees - more to...(more info)

16 Sep 2015

It's all going on

Wow - lots of lovely new stock coming in on a daily basis.  Grab them while they are hot! A range of Olive standards with good thick sturdy stems and good dense heads - at incredibly good prices too Lots of seasonal climbers on trellis looking very appealing in our new specimen climbers area Trachelospermum jasminoides - one of our most popular climbers and these plants are great value at 175/200cm high and a brilliant trade price Bulbs - 'tis the season! More coming in too  - will get posting again tomorrow.  Better still while the weather is not teh best why not pop in and have a look at what is new and looking...(more info)

11 Sep 2015

The Bulbs are back in Town

Sun still shining and the weather is looking rather good out there - but it really is time to look ahead to next spring and early summer with bulbs now in stock. Perfect for creating colour from January / February all the way through to June / July a good selection of bulbs bring in a furthere element of depth to any garden no matter how large or small.  From Alliums to Eremurus, from Crocus to Cyclamen and from Muscari to Tulips get planting now while the soil still has some residual warmth from the summer. Available in smaller packs and large sacks of 400+ bulbs there is all you could need in stock at the...(more info)

08 Sep 2015

Sultry Sorbus

Sorbus – a tree that's loved by designers and wildlife alike Surely a time for Sorbus. Sorbus – loved by designers and wildlife alike.  With a great display of flowers in the spring and berries to enjoy later in the autumn this tree gives a lot of interest.  Sorbus berries come in a large range of colours from white, pink and orange through to deep red.  Here are some that are looking particularly lovely at this time of year on the nursery.   Sorbus 'Sunshine' - A small tree of erect habit with yellow berries in autumn.  Brighter yellow than other Rowans that hang in dense clusters.   Ideal for a...(more info)

05 Sep 2015

All done and dusted

After two days counting and counting and counting the stock take is now done. Thank you for bearing with us over the last two days.  We aim to please and this stock take will result in our online stocklist being up to date allowing easier ordering for you A huge thank you to all of our team for really pitching in and getting the job done...(more info)

12 Aug 2015

Smells lovely out there today

A couple of gorgeous plants out in the main glasshouse today vying for the best scent! Gladiolus murilae - perennial with erect, upright sword-shaped leaves and white funnel-shaped flowers with deep pink/ red throat/  Fantatsic scent.  Height 60cm Lilium 'Stargazer' - pink flowesr with purple spots and a knockout scent. Both love a sunny spot in the garden and will reward you with a scent to knock your socks...(more info)

11 Aug 2015

National Allotment Week

It is National Allotment Week This time of year is the perfect time to give some of fruit and vegetables a bit of a boost with specialised feeds: Chempak 4 – High Potash Feed – Apply now on Peppers, soft fruit and root veg. Chempak 8 – Low Nitrogen Feed – Apply now on Onions, leeks and Runner Beans Epsom Salts - Great for greening up foliage on leafy crops and for sweeter tomatoes – apply from March to August Dried Blood – Fast acting feed and great for leafy crops such as lettuce, spinach and cabbage Sulphate of Ammonia – A fast acting feed for cabbages, spinach and lettuce Maxicrop Tomato Feed – A seaweed based feed that improves...(more info)

07 Aug 2015

A plethora of Clethra

Just in – a plethora of Clethra.  Ideal for late summer colour in the garden at this time of year and will flower from July through to September filling the air with its spicy scent.  Clethra alnifolia produce deliciously scented, erect, bottle-brush-like flowers are popular with bees, butterflies and insects just as the Lavenders and other great pollinating plants are coming to an end.  Clethra alnifolia form multistemmed oval upright shrubs and are perfect for planting in a woodland or slightly shaded situation and in a moist slightly acidic soil. Plant with Rhododendrons as Clethra will put on a great display and scent...(more info)

06 Aug 2015

Spookily Good Value!!

Fabulous plants - full of bud, over 1m high from the pot, total statement plant at this time of year - Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom'. 'Phantom' has sturdy stems that do not flop from the weight of the large flowerheads. Huge creamy white flowerheads in summer and flowering all through to autumn the blooms change to deep pink and green. You should have recieved your monthly Provender Nurseries email this week with a list of Hydrangeas looking good at teh moment - but just take a look at these spectacular plants I will be tagging one of these for my new garden that's for...(more info)

27 Jul 2015

Morning promise on the Nursery this morning

Every morning on the nursery has a hint of promise  - something new perhaps or just watching plants change through the seasons.  Today we are lucky enough to have both! NEW  - Stewartia pseudocamellia – well the name says it all really.  White camellia-like flowers with yellow stamens are in full bloom at the moment.  Stewartia pseudocamellia forms a small to medium tree and has appealing brown / grey flaking bark to add to the appeal.  With interesting leaf colour of orange and red to look forward to in the autumn months there is more to come.  It does require a lime-free soil and shelter from cold...(more info)

23 Jul 2015

Large Sleepers and Bollards now in stock

New to Provender Nurseries are 3 sizes of Pine Bollards –pressure treated circular poles that are ideal for creating curved wooden features, retaining walls and even hanging hammocks from! Available in 100cm, 120cm and 3.6m lengths For those projects that need a longer, larger sleepers Provender Nurseries now stock New Pine Sleepers at 3.6m lengths x 225mm x 125mm  - ideal for raised beds, retaining walls and planters. Also available on site are Oak Sleepers at 2.4m lengths x 225mm x 125mm.  Uniform and clean in appearance.  In fact we now stock 5 different types/ lengths and styles of sleepers. Don’t forget to use Timber...(more info)

17 Jul 2015

Summer Scent Sale

While stocks last Provender Nurseries are offering Trachelospermum jasminoides in 6L pots at 175/200cm height at a SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of £22.50 retail – Normally £27.50 retail.  Valid from Monday 20th July onwards.  Normal trade discounts still apply Fabulous plants – dripping with flower and scent Long flowering period Evergreen glossy...(more info)

15 Jul 2015

Do you know you Diervilla?

Easy to grow, densely branched summer flowering shrub that originate from North America.  Sometimes known as Bush Honeysuckle, Diervilla are great plants for problem areas such as sloping sites.  In summer small subtle panicles of yellow trumpet-like flowers are freely produced.  Resembling Weigela and attractive to butterflies Diervilla spread quite easily and can reach 1.5m in height and spread if given free reign.  Diervilla sessifolia ‘Cool Splash’ – Upright, suckering, thicket forming deciduous shrub with ovate green and white variegated leaves.  Clusters of small yellow flowers in summer.  Sun /...(more info)

02 Jul 2015

Rays of Sunshine

While some of us have been busy beavering away at Hampton Court the nursery has become a riot of colour in our absence.  Literally smacking you in the chops as you enter the shop area are some flamboyant blooms tempting you over.  Lilium Pixie series Originally bred in Oregon, USA the Lilium Pixie series have clusters of large open flower heads on short, sturdy upright stems.  The stems reach a height of 30-40cm.  Available in orange, pink, red and yellow these striking little Lilies are great in pots, windowboxes and mixed perennial borders.  Delightful Dahlias Dahlias are real ‘Marmite’ plants, love them or...(more info)

30 Jun 2015

Silver Gilt Medal at Hampton Court for Provender Nurseries

VaRa Garden Design were awarded a well deserved Silver Gilt Medal for 'Foundations for Growth' co-sponsored by Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor College yesterday at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.  The garden was incredibly well planted and featured as the opening garden on last night's BBC coverage on BBC2.  With all construction and planting completed by Capel Manor College with all plants from Provender Nurseries, alot of hard work has paid off.  With 'Foundations for Growth' being the first garden ever constructed by VaRa Garden Design to win a Silver Gilt has really recognised all the hard work put in by...(more info)

23 Jun 2015

Close up on Cornus

Last autumn the Richards went plant shopping as they do at that time of year.  One of their visits was to a new supplier of Cornus kousa and Cornus kousa chinensis types and after a wait of a few months these plants are now looking beyond fantastic on the nursery.  Cornus are commonly used for autumn and winter stem colour however Cornus kousa and Cornus kousa chinensis types really display well in the summer months with architectural plant forms and creamy bracts that draw the eye immediately.  Great as stand alone specimens or even in the back of borders Cornus kousa and kousa chinensis deserve a space in any design –...(more info)

17 Jun 2015

Watch out for Wind Damage and Water well

In this windy weather that has been dominant in the last 2 months or so damage to plants can occur due to lack of water.  Symptoms can sometimes appear quite a while after the initial problem has occurred.  Typical symptoms of lack of water are: Leaf burn/ scorch – usually on windward side of the plant Wilting Leaves  - typical on deciduous plants Leaf drop  - typical on evergreen plants These symptoms occur when wind removes water from leaves faster than it can be replaced by the roots.  As wind / air movement travels over the leaf surface water is transpired at a faster rate than normal and as a...(more info)

15 Jun 2015

Has Monty Don got it wrong?

Whilst watching Gardeners World on Friday night Monty Don mentioned ‘The June Gap’ which apparently is when there is a dearth of flowering plants for nectar foraging for bees.  Not immediately one to disagree with Monty on many counts – but he just needs to send the bees in the direction of Provender Nurseries.  We are positively buzzing with plants in bloom and happy bees filling the June gap all the way through summer to autumn.  Delphinium ‘Guardian Lavender’  - delicate lavender-blue flower spikes in the summer months Pyracantha ‘Saphyr Range’ – Orange/ Yellow / Red - positively covered in flower and...(more info)

10 Jun 2015

Summer Colour and a bit of Jimi Hendrix

Summer is a lovely time for some colour in the garden - especially after the first flushes of colour and growth in the spring. There are lots of fantastic looking plants on the nursery at the moment in full swing including Hydrangea mac. 'Deep Purple Dance' - a stunning litttle mophead Hydrangea with dee purple flowers and an exceptionally long flowering period.  Rapidly becoming a favourite of every one on site. Also flowering and displaying a wonderful array of colours is summer bedding.  June is a great month for planting out bedding plants for summer displays in the border, baskets, troughs and containers.  In fact –...(more info)

29 May 2015

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Trachelospermum jasminoides has almost all you could want in a plant – evergreen, glossy leaves with a great autumn colour and to top it all off heavily scented jasmine-like flowers.   Not surprisingly it is one of our most popular plants at Provender Nurseries - ideal for a sunny wall providing a dense cover of glossy evergreen leaves and small attractive star-shaped flowers that when viewed close up look like tiny whorls.  Vigorous in growth once established and easy to prune – perfect for covering pergolas, walls and fences and a great companion to plant with other climbers.  • Trachelospermum jasminoides – deep...(more info)

18 May 2015

Provender Nurseries investing in the future

Once again Provender Nurseries have selected a winning garden design from applications for a Garden Design competition held at Capel Manor College.  Judging took place back in February and from an impressive range of entries, Miriam Gopaul’s garden design, ‘Four Elements’ was considered the most appealing with a well thought out design for the use of space.  The design uses the seasons as a means of depicting the four elements of Water – Spring, Summer – Air, Autumn – Fire and Winter representing Earth.  The judges agreed that each element and season were well researched and represented by a core of plants that perfectly...(more info)

15 May 2015

Decorative Mini Bark - SPECIAL OFFER

Westland Decorative Mini Bark Mulch - SPECIAL OFFER  -Screened to 8-20mm Mini Bark Chips 70L bags - normally £7.00 each NOW 2 for £10.00 - While stocks last Why use a mulch? Helps to retain moisture Supresses weed growth Provides a decorative finish For use on small borders and containers...(more info)

08 May 2015

Wonderfully wicked Wisterias

In stock now – a wide range of Wisterias absolutely dripping with bud.  We have a great stock of 150/200cm tall plants heavily in bud, in flower and ready to WOW like only Wisteria can.  Evoking images of Wisteria covered walkways dripping with racemes of scented flowers  in  May – June is when these little beauties really strike a chord with gardeners all over the world.  Whether you prefer the traditional purple – blue appeal or the more unusual white flowering types there are many to choose from on site.  Perfect for twining around pergolas, covering walkways, twining through larger trees and shrubs some...(more info)

01 May 2015

Bank Holiday Closing Hours

It's been a busy April and the nursery really has been throbbing with the throng of busy landscapers filling their trucks with some fantastic goodies. Provender Nurseries will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday and open as usual again on Tuesday 5th May.  Why not check out our Facebook page while relaxing over the bank holiday weekend? https://www.facebook.com/ProvenderNurseries?ref=hl ...(more info)

29 Apr 2015

Now in - Summer Bedding and Veg plants

Just in  - after many requests - summer bedding plants: Double 6 boxes, Geraniums - bush and trailing and a great range of basket plants too - all perfect for planting in borders, hanging baskets and containers for some summer colour. Also fresh in  - the first of the seasons vegetable plants - tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, sweet peppers and strawberry...(more info)

24 Apr 2015

Celebrate 'Hanami' at Provender Nurseries

Hanami or ‘Cherry Blossom Viewing’ is said to have originated in the 7th Century in Japan and is now internationally recognised as a national festival during the season of ‘The Bloom of Cherry Blossoms’.  When the Cherry Blossoms bloom the parks and gardens of the city are inundated with tourists and locals all admiring the cherry blossoms with tea ceremonies and traditional Japanese performing arts adding to the atmosphere.  Japan is not alone in its appreciation of Cherry Blossom Viewing : Washington also has a National Cherry Blossom Festival – celebrating trees given as a gift to the city on 1912.  In...(more info)

23 Apr 2015

Rockingly Ravishing Rhododendrons

Provender Nurseries currently have over 120 types of Rhododendrons and Azaleas in stock. Fantastically structured plants, positively dripping with buds that are just beginning to burst open with huge blousy flowers. A great range of plants in stock ranging from small dwarf Rhododendrons to large specimens of up to 1m in height.  Popular Rhododendrons include Rhododendron ‘Cunningham’s White’ and one of my personal favourites Rhododendron lutea – slightly scented and a real knockout yellow flower. Rhododendron 'Horizon Monarch' has orange buds that open peachy / creamy flowers - a real stunner We also stock ‘Inkarho’...(more info)

17 Apr 2015

Malus - Majestic Multistems

Malus - excellent multistem trees and perfect for informal, cottage type gardens and in a wide range of planting situations.  Now in bud, ready to perform and flower their socks off before the fruit appear in the autumn months.  Malus 'Evereste' - A spreading, weeping form with white flowers that open from red buds.  Yellow-orange fruits in the autumn.  Reaching a height of 7m Malus floribunda  - A semi-pendulous form with crimson buds that open to white-tinged pink flowers in April - May and followed by small yellow fruits in the autumn.  Reaching a height of 12m Malus 'John Downie' - A very...(more info)

13 Apr 2015

Evergreen Clematis for a sheltered spot

Most of us are familiar with Clematis armandii, an evergreen Clematis with large leathery green leaves and scented creamy-white flowers for a sheltered spot.  But there is a new kid on the block that is slightly more dainty and a little less vigorous and to top it all off - pure white in flower : Clematis cartmanii ‘Avalanche’.  Particularly early flowering in early – mid spring, the deeply cut leaves are a fantastic backdrop to the abundance of pure white flowers.  Perfect in a sheltered spot and reaching about 2.5-3m in height and well worth a try for something else in the world of...(more info)

10 Apr 2015

Herald the arrival of Spring with Prunus ‘Accolade’

Prunus ‘Accolade’ is one of the earliest spring flowering Cherries and certainly puts on a graceful, yet eye-popping display at the start of April. Prunus ‘Accolade’ is the result of a cross between Prunus sargentii and Prunus x subhirtella.  Along with the abundance of pink semi-double flowers that open from darker pink buds the foliage turns rich orange / yellow in the autumn too, but let’s not get that far ahead yet! A brilliant tree as a multistem, equally happy as a standard form and also available in pleached form here at Provender Nurseries.  It is tolerant of most soils and many positions in the garden and is worthy of...(more info)

27 Mar 2015

Icing on the cake

New in at Provender Nurseries With all the ingredients at your fingertips for creating and planting the perfect garden, we have now added to our range with Grange Fencing – The icing on the cake Adding Grange Fencing to our stock now allows you to shop from our complete landscape product range.   We currently hold in stock Lap Panels in 3 different sizes Feather Edge Panels in 3 different sizes Fence posts – 6ft and 8ft in 50mm and 75mm square.  All posts are treated with wood preservative and have a 15 year warranty.  In addition to the 2 fence panel types and posts held in stock we also hold trellis and...(more info)

24 Mar 2015

Palm Perfection

Palms always manage to evoke thoughts of tropical beaches and exotic holidays and are often used in tropical garden design and justifiably so.  With a delivery of Palms just arrived at Provender Nurseries all the team are wondering where we can make a beach to relax in between customers – but at this time of year there is no time for that! Hard to find and for the first time at Provender Nurseries are Trachycarpus wagerianus – a Dwarf Chusan Palm with short, stiffer leaves making this an ideal choice for a more exposed spot.  The fibre covered trunk adds to the interest of this tough little cookie as it ages. Cycas revoluta is...(more info)

10 Mar 2015

Rock and Roll Hydrangea Heaven

Just landed at Provender Nurseries are some fantastic new Hydrangeas. Hydrangea Black Diamond Series – dramatic black foliage with traditional mophead flowers in a range of colours – you can’t more rock and roll than that combination! Dark colour leaves with prominent veins are the main attraction for this range of Hydrangeas.  Hydrangea mac. ‘Dark Angel Purple’ – bright purple mophead  flowers Hydrangea mac. ‘Red Angel’ – bright red mophead flowers Hydrangea mac. ‘Baroque Angel Pink’ – bright pink mophead flowers Hydrangea mac. ‘Barouque Angel Blue’  - bright blue mophead...(more info)

02 Mar 2015

Allotment Day Success

Saturday saw Provender Nurseries first Allotment & Horticultural Society day of the year.  And what a turn out, over 300 people registered interest and indeed we think that all 300 showed up on the day! The cold weather does not deter these hardy types you know With Jim Buttress of ‘The Big Allotment Challenge’ chatting and meeting people he was the highlight of the day for many along with the ever popular BBQ.  A real gentleman he was a fountain of knowledge and imparted several gems of knowledge to attentive allotmenteers without once referring to a book!  Jim had to rush off to watch his beloved Crystal Palace play on...(more info)

16 Feb 2015

Try Tref – it’s Terrific! !

Tref is a professional grade potting compost that came on to the market for the trade about 2 years ago. During the time Provender Nurseries have been stocking Tref many of our regular customers now use it on a regular basis.  With such great results when used for potting on plants or in permanent containers, post and baskets Tref is proving a real winner.  Made with a unique blend of Baltic White Peat, Pine Bark, Humic Compost and slow release trace elements, the professionally mixed blend has a high air content even when wet which keeps the compost open and promotes healthy root growth.  At a trade price of...(more info)

10 Feb 2015

Spring Colour - not the usual suspects

Late winter / early spring and thoughts turn to a bit of seasonal colour.  With Camellia japonica, Sarcococcoca and Cornus with lovely colouir winter stems are the mainstay of early colour at this time of year.  But there's more - so much more out there. Ribes laurifolium - Evergreen with racemes of yellow/ green / cream flowers in late winter and early spring Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' - Dramatic, crimson red spider-like flowers with a knockout scent and orange-red leaves in the autumn Helleborus x hybridus 'Tutu' - A large flowering form with speckled pink flowers with dark spots and a frilled centre. Spring...(more info)

26 Jan 2015

Don't believe the hype?

Weather - the most talked about topic in the horticultural fraternity and who can blame us? Come rain, shine or snow gardeners, designers, landscapers and horticturists have to adapt to the daily conditions and still bring in a buck! According to some of the newspapers thsi weekend there is a rather cold snap on the way although it is still mild enough to plant at the moment.  But there is nothing wrong with a bit of preperation for the predicted cold snap.  Why not offer your client over the next following days the following items thus preparing them for possible bad weather.  Let's be honest most people prefer to have ice...(more info)

20 Jan 2015

Feeling the cold?

OK - It is a little frosty out there today but spare a thought for poor Richard Burt as he is particularly feeling the cold because last week he was out in sunnier climes selecting plants for the season ahead.  At Provender Nurseries we like to visit our suppliers on a regular basis keeping an eye on quality and hand selecting particular lines.  All the better to bring you quality plants at a good price.  From September to March one of us is usually out visiting suppliers, selecting stock and checking new lines available across the UK or Europe.  Here are some images of Richards visit last week - a little bit of...(more info)

13 Jan 2015

Camellias in bloom

The sight of a Camellia japonica in flower at this time of year always seems to brighten the day and it looks like a happy plant if that is possible!   A welcome sign of spring soon arising Camellia japonica come in a wide range of flower colours – one to suit every situation.  Showing off quite happily at the moment are: Camellia jap.  ‘Pink & White’.  Delicate rose/pink flowers Camellia jap. ‘White’.  Pure white flowers and dripping with bud! Camellia El Dorado.  Soft pink open double flowers Camellia jap.  Nobilissima.  Double white flowers with pale yellow shading.  Compact...(more info)

05 Jan 2015

A cheery welcome back

Let's be honest the first Monday back to work can seem like an eternity.  But not when greeted with these little lovelies this morning! Hellebores give a great show at this time of year and are ideal for some winter to spring colour - perfect for a little pick me up on the first day back.   Pictured are: Helleborus 'Silver Rose'  - A dainty green - yellow flower held against steel grey leaves Helleborus x hybridus 'Tutu' - A large flowering form which are pale pink and speckled with dark spots and frilled centre Helleborus x nigercors 'Emma' - Pale pink buds open to creamy-white flowers from December to...(more info)

19 Dec 2014

Christmas Hours

We are open on Saturday 20th December.  Our normal opening hours apply from Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th December. We re-open on Friday 2nd January at 8.00am While we are closed our stock can be found online.  Don't forget if you are registered in the Trade Zone you can still quote / place orders while we are closed. ...(more info)

18 Dec 2014

Hearty breakfast

It’s a good job the guys out on the nursery had a healthy breakfast this morning.  Look what they are unloading now! 150 Thuja plicata at 3m+ for a customer order.  Loads of hedging plant options in stock at this time of year: Bareroot  - 31 options in stock Rootball – Buxus, Taxus, Carpinus betulus, Fagus sylvatica in a range of sizes Containerised Options – Over 38 options in...(more info)

16 Dec 2014

Santa says

Forget Christmas trees - why not buy a real tree for your nearest and dearest this year? With a real tree you can get colour, scent, form and interest all year round.  Just have a look at this Prunus sub. 'Autumnalis Rosea' flowering it's socks off in time for Christmas.  Now, wouldn't that make a real statement on Christmas day? Why not pop in and have a look around for the plant fanatic in your life?  With our diverse range of plants there is something here for the plant lover in your family. ...(more info)

08 Dec 2014

Look after your birds this Christmas

Did you know that apparently over half of the adults in the UK feed birds in the garden?  We find it rather heart-warming that as a nation we care for our wildlife so much.  And let’s be honest sitting inside in the warm watching the variety of birds feeding outside is one of the most enjoyable experiences on a winter’s day. By providing feed for birds not only are you providing a warm glow for you, you are also providing necessary nutrients for small birds to survive winter.  Berries on plants obviously provide some nutrients, but what to do when they are all eaten? Put out the bird feeders of course and enjoy watching the...(more info)

02 Dec 2014

The same but different

Plant lists come along on my desk with lovely detailed descriptions of new introductions on a regular basis.  With some new introductions it can be difficult see the real difference from the description alone until the plants are actually in front of you.  Such is the case with Ilex crenata, which is a great alternative to Buxus and has certainly gained interest in the last few years.  Ideal as a substitute for topiary and hedging where Buxus is usually used, most of you will be familiar with Ilex crenata ‘Dark Green’ and ilex crenata ‘Blondie’ which have been doing the rounds for a few years now and looking at the...(more info)

27 Nov 2014

Bare root planting Prime Time

This is it - all systems go!! – the seasonal bare root planting season is now upon us.  The milder weather may have held back the onset of the bare root season, but now the plants are coming in thick and fast and fantastic strong plants they are too.  This year’s growing season of warm and wet has produced some really fantastic plants that once planted will romp away. Everything you need to plant a native hedge, create a wildlife area in the garden or to revamp a neglected corner is here at Provender Nurseries. Many options are in bundles of 25, however smaller quantities can be catered for too.  Don’t forget to protect...(more info)

14 Nov 2014

Think bold – think big!

Want to make a statement?  Want to make your customers to stand back, admire your work and make all the right noises?  Look no further, we have just taken 2 deliveries of 10L and of 12L pot sized stock and crackingly good plants they are too.  Stupendous value for money a 10L or 12L plant makes an instant impact and starts looking good straight away.  Carex buchananii in a 10L pot – with superb autumn colour.  One of my favourite grasses, standing proud at this time of year with dramatic red autumn tones.  Arbutus unedo ‘Atlantic’ 10L pot – adorned with pure white flowers at this time of year which are...(more info)

10 Nov 2014

Cornus – A Cornu(s)copia of colours

Ideal for showing off for the winter months and guaranteed to raise a smile on a sunny wintery day when the stems positively shine with exuberance.  Underplant with spring flowering bulbs for a real spirit lifting display in the spring.  Many are familiar with the red stemmed Cornus – but why not cut a dash with the more dramatic ‘Kesselringii’ or ‘Flaviramea’.  For a more vibrant display all on one plant – there are ‘Magic Flame’ and ‘Midwinter Fire’ that have stems that coloured with red, orange and yellow.  Best when planted in groups of 3 or in larger groups that catch the winter sun.  Tough as they come,...(more info)

31 Oct 2014

Second lot now in!

Narcissi have been selling so well we have bought in a second lot of stock! The weather is so mild this really is the PERFECT time to plant.  Narcissi or Daffodils are perfect for planting at this time of year.  Available in large sacks this is definitely the most economical way to plant Narcissi in large drifts or groups for a more show stopping display next spring.  The RHS recommend an average of 25 to 50 bulbs per m2 25kg bags Average 350 – 400 bulbs Bulb size 12-14cm – Ready to flower   Barrett Browning – White flowers with a deep orange cup.  Height 40cm Camelot – Large golden cup...(more info)

27 Oct 2014

Scentsational Sasanquas

Forget Spring flrowering Camellias - now is the time to get your nose into a Camellia sasanqua -autumn flowering and scented.  With a deliecate scent of Earl Grey tea and lovely pale delicate flowers Camellia sasanqua beats Camellia japonica every time in my book.  The flowers are at least 7-10cm across with bright yellow stamens adding to their attraction.  First bought into Europe by Dutch Traders in 1869 and still not widely known.  We have some fantastic specimens in stock, flowering their socks off in the autumn sunshine - who could ask for more? 'Maidens Blush' - Pale pink flowers 'Paradise Caroline' - Deep...(more info)

24 Oct 2014

Has Banksy been in to call??

I popped up to take some photos this morning of the rootballed plants that arrived at Provender Nurseries yesterday afternoon.  I turned the corner to the plunge beds that hold the plants and had to stop…………………….Has Banksy been in to visit???? Nope – it’s our Tom being artistic and at the same time – meticulous! Tom is extremely meticulous and is never happier than when sorting Rootball Taxus and Buxus into size and lovely, neat straight rows.  By the time he has finished this area will be like a work of art.  You can achieve the same effect with our excellent quality Rootball plants at extremely competitive...(more info)

17 Oct 2014

Seminar Season - Still time to book

APL Event - Spotlight on recruitment and retention of staff at Autumn APL Networking Seminar We encourage you to book now for the Autumn APL Networking Seminar on Wednesday 22 October 2014 to ensure you don’t miss out on the packed programme designed for landscapers to recruit and retain the best staff for their business. At the previous seminar the hot topic of recruitment was highlighted and this time around the programme aims to delve deeper. The APL is aware that the landscape industry can often face challenges when hiring staff. Therefore, this autumn all landscapers and designers are invited to an evening focused on...(more info)

10 Oct 2014

Bay trees / Laurus nobilis

Did you know that October is the time of year that fresh deliveries of ornamental Bay trees come in to Provender Nurseries?  New, fresh and looking just perfect for winter planting in containers or in ornamental beds as a permanent focal point, Bay trees of all shapes and sizes are now here ready for you to select.  If you like the traditional style Bay tree- then Standards are the ones for you.  Available as ¼, ½ and standards, there is a size to fit any planting scheme.  Also of a traditional style are the Laurus nobilis Cones available in 2 sizes: 120cm and 180cm.  If you fancy something a...(more info)

01 Oct 2014

Corten Steel – A depth of colour in a range of sizes and guises!

New to Provender Nurseries - Corten Steel Corten Steel has a lovely warm appearance that weathers and improves with age and exposure to air.  Corten Steel was originally developed for use when building bridges and skyscrapers due to its incredible durability and strength.  This strength lends itself fantastically to use in gardens as firebowls, burners and ornamental pots.  Made of strong, weather-resistant steel that develops a layer of rust once exposed to open air with the resulting layer of rust also forming a protective layer which protects against further erosion.  The rust colour of the steel lends itself...(more info)

25 Sep 2014

Brighten up those boxes

With a definite autumnal feel in the air now is the ideal time to pull up the summer bedding plants and get the autumn / winter displays in. Provender Nurseries took delivery of some smashing 9cm ferns and grasses that are perfect for refreshing those tired summer displays.  The grasses and ferns are also the perfect size for planting up Living Walls.  Some exuberant Cyclamen and dainty winter flowering pansies will set off the greenery and perform all winter long.  Our Winter Flowering Pansies are UK grown with the special selection to ensure flowering through the winter months.  Why not underplant with some Dwarf...(more info)

24 Sep 2014

A Winning Team at Capel Manor

Now in its second year, Provender Nurseries are pleased to announce the winners of the Provender Nurseries Garden Design Competition at Capel Manor, Enfield. The winning design this year is a result of a joint effort from Garden Design students Vanessa Hoch and Rachel Pocock.  Both were students at Capel Manor, Enfield Campus and finished their course in July of this year.  Judging took place in early July at Provender Nurseries with Sophie Guinness – lecturer in Planting Design, Liz Hughes – Marketing Organiser at Provender Nurseries and Richard McKenna – Director of Provender Nurseries.  The judges were looking for the...(more info)

16 Sep 2014

Sticks and Stones

  A little bit of poetic licence needed here!   Sticks: With tree planting season soon upon us, are you aware that Provender Nurseries have a range of Tree Stakes to suit your finished look: Hardwood – Square and planed.  Made from a mixture of hardwood offcuts sourced from FSC certified forests Machine Rounded – Rounded by machine for an even finish.  Tanalised for longer long life Peeled – A clean crisp finish. Chestnut Cleft – Made from Sweet Chestnut and rustic looking Stones: Decorative Aggregates – more than before! Celtic Paddlestones -   NEW– tumbled to provide a smooth...(more info)

10 Sep 2014

A lovely day for it

Well, it's always a lovely day here.  Always something new coming in. Today is no exception.  New in are the Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Series - a great range of flower colours on sturdy, compact plants that will happily flower for 6 months.  Tough as they come and easy to grow - this is one of my favourite times of year as Hydrangeas get to sing out their late summer...(more info)

05 Sep 2014

September Lawn Maintenance

Is your client’s lawn looking a little be-draggled at the end of the summer? It has been a tough year for lawns what with such a wet start to the year moss has been a huge problem a sure sign of drainage issues in the soil.  September is a great time of year for early autumn lawn maintenance as any hard work put in now will result in a healthy green lawn next year.  Provender Nurseries have 3 great products in stock to help bring your client’s lawn up to scratch and look great through the winter months to the spring.  Autumn lawn treatments can be used while the weather is still favourable, which according to the...(more info)

03 Sep 2014

September Provender Promotions

Provender Nurseries have 8 Promotions on throughout the month of September. Selected plant lines and shop sundries have been selected and price reduced for September Provender Promotions. Keep an eye on your inbox as you should recieve the entire list by email later today. Come in and have a look - once they're gone - they're...(more info)

01 Sep 2014

Watch this space

WATCH THIS SPACE Keep an eye out for emails in your inbox from Provender Nurseries this...(more info)

26 Aug 2014

I am not always right!

Harlequin There are certain things in life that send a shudder down my spine – Harlequins are one of those very objects.  A manically smiling man in a skin-tight multi-coloured, diamond patterned leotard with a black mask – can’t think why! I have to say – it is the same in the plant world.  Usually, and this is a huge sweeping generalisation, any new plant introduction that is slightly too loud for most normal people to use in any design  seem to be called ‘Harlequin’ – not a selling point for me I’m afraid.  Although if you look at the definition of Harlequin in an English Dictionary – ‘varied in colour and having a...(more info)

21 Aug 2014

We won't keep you in the shade this Bank Holiday weekend

Provender Nurseries will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday. We will be open on Saturday 23rd August from 8am to 12 noon.  Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend - remember this is the last Bank Holiday weekend of 2015 so make the most of it!!...(more info)

11 Aug 2014

Spring is here!!!!

I know, summer is not quite over yet but any discerning designer, happy horticulturist or plain plant enthusiast will always be looking at least one or two seasons ahead. Nothing heralds the arrival of spring like a display of daffodils, a cacophony of Crocus, a school of Snowdrops or an island of Iris.  Later spring is further hailed by the arrival of troops of Tulips and if you like the Chelsea Flower Show look, armies of Alliums.  Right – now that’s enough of that! Let’s look at what we have…… Just arrived at Provender Nurseries and perfect for planting now is a great range of early and late spring flowering bulbs: Alliums -...(more info and video)

05 Aug 2014

It’s National Allotments Week this week

This week is National Allotments Week and there are judging competitions taking place in village halls all over the nation.  Allotment growers will be chewing their nails in fear that their courgettes are not up to scratch, their runner beans are too bent and their jam too runny.  As it is National Allotments week we thought this a great opportunity to tell you what we’ve been up to concerning allotments and horticultural societies.  As you know here at Provender Nurseries we place a high value on our association with Allotment & Horticultural Societies as well as our landscaper customers.  With plans well underway...(more info)

28 Jul 2014

Last week of 14% settlement discount

Don't forget - it's the last week of our 5 week double settlement discount! From the 30th June to 1st August all plants in stock  in a 7.5 litre pot and above will be eligible for DOUBLE SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT OF 14% on all plants selected by you from Provender Nurseries for collection or delivery within this time period.  Everything, across the board: Trees, Specimen plants, Fruit, Climbers, Conifers, Topiary, Bamboos, Hedging  and more – as long as the plant is in a 7.5 litre pot or larger and in stock – you will get DOUBLE SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT OF 14% This is a superb opportunity to get some great value specimen plants and...(more info)

25 Jul 2014

‘Eavenly Echinacea

Echinacea – stiff, upright and really shouty! Originating from dry prairies and flowering late in the summer through until the autumn, Echinacea are the plant to have right now.  Performing well in the heat of the summer the stiff, upright stems hole the buds and flowers high aloft the foliage and proudly announce their arrival.  The delightful ‘Cherokee Spirit’ are a yellow, orange and open to an array of colours – as long as you want orange!  Searing the eyeballs with the vividness of colour on a hot day – it’s a must have! Let’s not forget the more subtle ‘White Swan’ and purpurea who subtly sit in the background....(more info)

16 Jul 2014

Water – The Hub of Life

We are all wise enough to know that plants need water in order to survive and with this warm weather ahead over the next few days the need for water for newly planted plants is paramount. Newly planted plants covers a wide spectrum of time.  For example trees planted 2 years ago will still need water on a regular basis to aid long term establishment. Large shrubs if planted a year ago will still benefit form a regular watering (even after this winter!) and of course anything planted this year will most definitely need water on a regular basis. There are many ways of course to deliver water to a plants roots – the most common being...(more info)

10 Jul 2014

Agapanthus - Just love 'em

You will have recieved an email last week about Agapanthus and I have to say that they have been trotting out of the door really rather well.  In fact so well - that we have had to order in some more for you to select from.  The good news is that they are in bud / bloom and looking splendid.  Don't miss out on this lovely new stock of...(more info)

04 Jul 2014

Woolemi Pine – found at last – at Provender Nurseries

Think the great plant explorers.  Think exotic places.  Think deep ravines covered in deep green vegetation – seen for the first time by Western eyes.  Think Swanley! Not quite so far as the rainforest gorges near Sydney in Australia.  That’s where these lovely pines were discovered again in 1994.  Thought to have been extinct, David Noble, A NSW National Parks & Wildlife Officer stumbled across a grove of Woolemi Pines whilst bushwalking.  Can you imagine his excitement?  Re-discovering a living fossil legend? There are less than 100 mature Woolemi Pines in the now protected area of NSW...(more info)

30 Jun 2014

5 Week Special

From the 30th June to 1st August all plants in stock  in a 7.5 litre pot and above will be eligible for DOUBLE SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT OF 14% on all plants selected by you from Provender Nurseries for collection or delivery within this time period.  Everything, across the board: Trees, Specimen plants, Fruit, Climbers, Conifers, Topiary, Bamboos, Hedging  and more – as long as the plant is in a 7.5 litre pot or larger and in stock – you will get DOUBLE SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT OF 14% This is a superb opportunity to get some great value specimen plants and really make an impact while saving some money too! SMALL PRINT! Plants...(more info)

24 Jun 2014

Basking in the sunshine

It’s a lovely day here at Provender Nurseries – the sun is shining, the car park and nursery are very busy with customers picking up some stunning plants and the phone is ringing off the hook.  We have a couple of designers on site selecting plants for projects that will be installed as art installations in London in a couple of weeks too.  I’ve sneaked off into the back office for a minute to put a couple of photos up to show why we are buzzing with activity today – our quality plants speak for themselves.  Mix this with some of the friendliest staff in the South East and – hey presto – busy little...(more info)

19 Jun 2014

Coming up Roses

A really cheerful part of the nursery to get to at the moment - the Rose section.  Blooming away, scents across the plant area and loads of happy bees enjoying the colour almost as much as us humans do! Rose 'Geoff Hamilton' - better looking than it's namesake - fantastic, rounded, scented pink blooms. Rose 'Abraham Darby'  - repeat flowering apricot flowers with a rich fruity fragrance Rosa glauca - dainty, tiny, star-shaped pink flowers followed by bronze shiny hips Rose 'Iceberg' - scented, pure white flowers - a stunner...(more info)

18 Jun 2014

APL Cluster meeting at Provender Nurseries

On Monday evening Provender Nurseries were hosts of the first APL Cluster meeting held here on site.    The topic was ' An Overview of Plant Sourcing from all Angles'.  The discussion was given from a Designers, a Contractors and a Suppliers point of view made for an interesting evening with much participation and exchange of views.  We were really pleased that James Steele-Sargent of Arun Landscapes gave his perspective, while Jean Wardop talked from a Designers point of view.  Richard McKenna also shared his views from a suppliers poiint of view.  All round, it was a great...(more info)

10 Jun 2014

Oranges are not the only fruit

Strictly speaking – not an Orange but Calamondin – a cross between a Nectarine and a Kumquat – is happily fruiting away at Provender Nurseries.  I will be keeping an eye on this as I have never tried one before – this one has my name on it! Also happily and quietly fruiting away on site are some mouth-watering gems: Cherry Bigarreau Moreau – An early, self-fertile, fruiting sweet cherry with round, firm fruit.  Commercially grown in France and Europe.  These fruit will darken to a lovely plum / cherry colour over the summer.  We’ll have to beat the birds to these! Blueberry Blue Crop – A self - fertile and really...(more info)

02 Jun 2014

Special Offer - Compost Deal

As the saying goes - 'When they're gone - They're gone' ! J Arthur Bowers multi-purpose compost - RRP £5.00 Provender Price - £3.60 (including settlement discount) Pallet rate (70 bags) also available - please call for...(more info)

30 May 2014

APL Cluster meeting at Provender Nurseries

AN OVERVIEW OF PLANT SOURCING. ( Plant Sourcing from all angles) We hope it will be an evening where the hosts will share with the group a complete explanation of the do’s and don’ts when sourcing plants for your contracts, from a wholesale nurseries perspective!! The evening will cover, How to buy. What to look for. Understanding specifications. Managing expectations. It’s not all about Price!! This will then be followed by A discussion about the relationship between Designer, contractor and their supplier. How this works and what each party looks for from the other. There will be a Q and A session including a...(more info)

23 May 2014

Some stunners for a long weekend

I have shamelessly put up some stunning images of plants around the nursery this week.  The reasoning behind this is twofold: Firstly: To show that we have a brilliant, unrivalled range of stock in at the moment and all looking top notch. Secondly: To get your attention and let you know that Provender Nurseries will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday.  We are open on Saturday morning as usual from 8-12noon and re-open on Tuesday. Enjoy the images and your weekend - see it worked!!...(more info)

22 May 2014

We’ve Gone Potty

Pots, containers, troughs. There is a vast array of pots out there to suit every taste.  At Provender Nurseries we are used to catering for all tastes when it comes to plants and now we are doing the same in the pot area too. From traditional terracotta to modern lined plastic pots.  From mini-pots for herbs to pots large enough to stand in.  From dusty clay colour to vibrant coloured plastic moulded pots.  We have an extensive range of pots in stock and also available to order for that certain spot that is crying out for a container as a focal point. Our range of bright coloured pots are lightweight, moulded for a...(more info)

15 May 2014

Half a Rainbow

Acers.  Often used and loved by many - including us here at Provender Nurseries.  Once you take the time to study Japanese Acers more closely the range of leaf shapes, colours and hues are amazing.  Some have perfectly dissected leaves - a nod to natures symmetry, others have broader leaves with larger surface areas and some seem to appear in whorls from the stem with slight serrations to the side of the leaf adding to overall interest. We have a shadehouse full of some splendid looking Acers - a veritable rainbow of colours - well I exagerate a little unless there are any blue, indigo and violet Acers I know nothing...(more info)

13 May 2014

Podocarpus - pretty as a picture

Not a conifer that springs to mind immediately.  Now I cannot see why – of all the conifers that are available Podocarpus are really worth a look at.  Most have a change of colour in the year adding to their interest value.  The leaves are usually arranged in spirals adding to the visual interest of these conifers.  Originating in warm – temperate to tropical zones they are at home in the UK in a wide range of soils.  They do perform best in a moist but well-drained soil in full sun – but do take care to shelter from cold winds. Two favourites of mine that are looking fab at the moment are: Podocarpus...(more info)

08 May 2014


It divides a nation; on which side of the fence do you fall? Love or Hate? But what can be made of your answer - does falling on one side of the fence make you a food snob or not? The same can be said of plant choice.  Some plants can divide the office here with some giving ‘oohs’ of delight and others giving ‘yuks’ of despair.  What makes a tasteful choice? Who can tell you what is a desirable plant against what is not desirable?  There is no right or wrong answer – all choices are personal or dictated by the planting conditions.  Pictured are some ‘Marmite’ plants – Love or Hate?  You decide? Go to our...(more info)

06 May 2014

Plant Hunters - Carry on Looking - it's all here!

As our website is such an important part of our business we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service to you. With this in mind we have now installed 'auto-complete' to help eliminate those awkward spelling mistakes and help you find what you are looking for.  Simply type in the first 3 letters of what you are looking for and auto-complete ( a bit like predictive text on a mobile) will pop up with suggestions and then simply scrowl down to what you are looking for.  Plants and products can now also be searched for using just variety or cultivar names.  Struggling to find an Acer? Simply type in the...(more info)

02 May 2014

And then there was one!

All sold  - a fabulous range of Trachycarpus fortunei came in and have now sold.  Great value, great plants, happy customers all round - everyone is happy. We are open on Saturday and closed on Bank Holiday Monday. Enjoy your weekend - we are open again on Tuesday as...(more info)

24 Apr 2014

Sleeping on the job!

Sleepers are traditionally used for creating retaining walls, storage bays, path edges and raised beds – however don’t let your imagination stop there.  For retaining walls sleepers can be used laid horizontally or can be cut and used vertically creating a more visual impact, particularly if cut at varying heights.  If ‘planted’ as a staggered row they can create an aura of privacy without blocking the light.  Oak Sleepers – Large - 2.4m x 225mm x 125mm.  Clean and uniform in appearance.  Oak Sleepers – Small – 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm.  Clean and uniform in appearance.  Pine Sleepers – Large - 2.4m x...(more info)

16 Apr 2014

Heavenly Hakenochloa and Easter Opening Hours

A VERY VERY popular plant.  Designers just love this dainty grass and we have just taken delivery of 500 plants that are looking lovely and waving exotically in the breeze! But hurry  - 90 went out yesterday befroe we could even get them priced and out on display! We will be closed on the Bank Holiday Friday and Monday.  We are open as usual on Saturday from 8am to 12...(more info)

15 Apr 2014

Part of your 7 a day

So - we are now told that we should eat 7 protions of vegetables and fruit a day.  Don't go rushing to the supermarket - Grow Your Own! Fresh in - Tomato plants, Courgettes, Pepper plants - both hot tyeps and sweet, Peas, French Beans.  We have; 37 varieties of Apples, Apricot trees, Blackberries, 3 varieties of Blueberries, 5 varieties of Cherry trees, Figs, Gages, Goosebeery bushes, Grape Vines, Jostaberry, Kiwi plants, Loganberry plants, Medlars, 6 varieties of Pear, Plum trees, Pomegranates, Quince, Raspberries, Redcurrant, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Sweet Chestnut, Tayberry and Walnuts.  Almost anything you could...(more info)

14 Apr 2014

Worth the journey!

Occasionally we have customers turn up who have travelled a fair distance to pick one plant in particular that they have been searching for.  Now – you have to love a plant fanatic – the wild look in their eyes as they approach their bounty, their unlimited knowledge on a particular plant or genus and their huge smile of satisfaction as they pick up their bounty and head out of the door happy, content and cuddling their new acquisition.  I have selected four plants in this vein that have attracted people in over the last couple of weeks.  Acer palmatum ‘Koto-No-Ito’ – an Acer with particularly delicate, narrow...(more info)

11 Apr 2014

Marvellous Malus

We have some truly stunning Malus in flower at the moment.  Malus 'Van Eseltine'  - a fabulous upright form with soft pink double flowers.  Malus floribunda - different in habit - slightly pendulous with crimson buds opening to white tinged pink flowers.  Malus 'Evereste'  - A small tree with white flowers opening from red buds. All deservedly popular and putting on a cracking good...(more info)

09 Apr 2014

Warm weather ahead

Got to love the sunny warm weather - but don't forget to water your plants in.  Our April special offer on hoses should help you along the...(more info)

08 Apr 2014

New Acer shadehouse at Provender Nurseries

Spring just can't go by without a mention of Acers.  Beautiful leaf colours, shapes and plant forms are just part of their poetry.  Some of the new foliage is almost irredescent at this time of year when newly emerging.  We have recently built a new shade house towards the back of the nursery to house these little beauties.  I have to say, if I am not at my desk - you'll find me up there! Come in, have a look around and tantalise your tastebuds! You'll find me up there...(more info)

03 Apr 2014

We’ve saved you the trouble

Don’t bother going to Europe for your summer holidays this year – we’ve bought the best of Europe to you.  I love this time of year as we get plants in that appeal to my ‘warmer’ side.  Olives, Agaves, Teucrium fruiticans, Polygala myrtifoilia, Perfect Myrtles, Palms of various heights and types all landed here on Wednesday and are now out, unwrapped and sparkling in the hazy sunshine we’ve had this week.  Chamaerops humilis argentea – A favourite of mine – the only truly branching dwarf Palm with steely blue leaves.  Perfect for pots on a sunny patio.  Rhaphiolapis indica ‘Springtime’  - A lovely...(more info)

24 Mar 2014

Feeling Fruity?

We have a great range of wild, wonderful exotics to tickle your tastebuds:  Apricots, Aronia, Figs, Kiwi, Nectarines, Quince and Japanese Wineberry.  Aronia Berry is rich in Vitamin C and is great for use in smoothies. Japanese Wineberry is related to the blackberry and raspberry and produces large bunches of orange- red berries that are sweet in flavour.  Easy to grow and rapidly gaining in popularity.  Quince Leskovac produces an apple-shaped fruit that is perfect for making into quince jelly which is the perfect partner for Lamb, cheeses and game dishes.  We also have a large range of Apples, Pears,...(more info)

20 Mar 2014

Rocking your world

New in and for the very first time at Provender Nurseries – a range of cobbles, boulders and ornamental rockery stone. Rainbow Boulders – a rounded buff sandstone boulder averaging 250mm in size with red / orange banding. White Boulders – large smooth white dolomite boulders suitable for general landscaping schemes averaging 250mm in size. Blue Rockery Slate - an angular blue slate stones averaging 250mm in size.  Perfect for rockeries, water features and general landscaping situations.  Cotswold Rockery Stone – An angular cream dolomitic limestone for use in many landscape situations: rockeries, water features and inside of...(more info)

18 Mar 2014

Don't come a cropper!

Slippery paths can be a menace after the wet weather we had earlier this year (although that now seems like a distant memory!) Algon - an organic path and patio cleaner is perfect for clearing up slippery moss and algae. Algon can also be used on bricks, stone, flagstones, tarmac, decking, wood, roof tiles and even garden furniture and outdoor paintwork.  For best results dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water and apply using a sprayer in dry weather.  Safe for pets, wildlife and around fish...(more info)

14 Mar 2014

Pretty in Pink - Flowering Cherries

Flowering Cherries come into their own at this time of year and look spectacular too.  Truly heralding the onset of warmer days Prunus are one of the most popular trees used by designers and landscapers alike.  There are an abundance of different size and shapes with one to suit almost any situation.  We have over 21 Prunus varieties in stock in many shapes, forms and guises.  Here are a few to tickle your tastebuds and also to demonstrate the diversity of shapes and forms available in this pretty genus of plants.  Prunus ‘Accolade’ – A tree with an open spreading habit with delicate pale pink flowers in...(more info)

13 Mar 2014

Sand and Sleepers!

Lawn looking a little mossy – that’s no surprise after all that rain – but all is not lost! Lawn sand: good old fashioned mosskiller for lawns.  Now is the perfect time for using Lawn Sand as it is best applied when the soil is moist – a misty morning is perfect.  And let’s be honest we are having some fantastically beautiful misty mornings at the moment – so let’s put them to good use.  Apply evenly at a rate of 68g/m2, water the treated area 2 days after treatment.  The moss in the treated area will turn black.  2-3 treatments may be necessary. We have just taken a delivery of sleepers, new oak, new pine and...(more info)

11 Mar 2014


This is the time of year for sowing seeds and repotting plants in pots and containers.  Why not try TREF Professional Container Mix? One of the best kept secrets on the Professional Growing circuit until about 2 years ago and now available to gardeners.  A professional graded blend of compost for use with seeds and in pots.  Used by professional commercial growers for nursery stock this compost mix has a proven track record and is suitable for various crops.  What makes TREF so special in comparison to other composts available.  TREF is mixed from the highest quality materials:    A blend of: 70%...(more info)

07 Mar 2014

Know your Onions!

And your shallots and while we are at it your potatoes too!  Almost forgot the garlic. Now the days are lengthening and milder weather is on its way, if the weathermen are to be believed, it is time to get down to the allotment and get this season’s bounty under way.  We have everything you need as a dedicated and discerning allotment owner, 15 varieties of potatoes, 6 varieties of onions, and a limited number of shallots and garlic left.  Now is the time to enrich the soil, especially after the heavy rainfalls lately that will have leached many nutrients out of the soil.  We hold a large range of traditional...(more info)

04 Mar 2014

Amazing Amelanchier -

You just have to love an Amelanchier lamarckii - 3 seasons of interest from one hard working plant.  Often used in many a planting scheme and it is not hard to see why: New foliage emerges coppery bronze in spring, followed by dazzling, simple white flowers in summer, autumn does not disappoint either with stunning orange-red foliage accompanied by small black berries popular with birds.  Amelancheir lamarckii form a small tree or large shrub and look fantastic when planted as multistem specimen plants.  These fantastic plants are in bud at the moment on the nursery and with this warmer weather the buds are getting...(more info)

28 Feb 2014

Mellow Yellow

Yellow heralds the the arrival of spring with huge swathes of Narcisssi nodding their heads to the sun.  However there are some other beauties to consider at this time of year that sing the onset of spring with their lovely yellow blooms: Stachyurus praecox - an open spreading shrub with bell-shaped yellow-green flowers in late winter and spring borne on bare stems. Corylopsis spicata  - bright yellow fragrant flowers in the spring are borne on bare stems - an excellent specimen plant for the garden. Cornus officinalis - Small clusters of bright yellow flowers followed by red fruits in autumn.  Older specimens develop...(more info)

21 Feb 2014

It may be wet, but plan ahead and quickly!

As we all know  - the weather may have been wet lately, but it has also been mild this winter.  This will result in many dormant plants being ready to rock and roll at the first sign of dry, warmer weather.  With this in mind, if any of your designs or up and coming planting work involves bareroot or rootballed plants I would be inclined to get them in sooner rather than later as the rootball season will be shorter than normal this year. Rootballed and barerooted plants are still available at the moment - if you have any enquiries, please contact a membr of our sales team....(more info)

20 Feb 2014

Conifers ARE Cool - only 10 days left

To celebrate the fact that Conifers are Cool,  Provender Nurseries will be offering DOUBLE SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT on our exciting range of conifers held in stock for the months of January and February.  From Abies to Xanthocarpus, Podocarpus to Taxodium, Picea to Pinus, Cedrus to Cupressocyparis, Juniper to Sciadopitys.  Whether hedging or ornamental, potted or rootballed, small or large – the offer still stands.  Thought we were dull  - read on……………… Araucaria araucana  - Brought back to the UK by Archibald Menzies on Captain Cook’s ship, HMS Discovery.  Often called ‘Monkey Puzzle’ tree as the...(more info)

10 Feb 2014

Ready to get your hands dirty?

’’This is an event with a twist!  - Interactive, innovative, dynamic, fast and an energetic 3 hours are up for grabs on February 13th.  Spaces are limited and are being filled as we speak - so book your place today.  You, the audience, are actively encouraged to take part and get interactive with our hand picked suppliers and see new innovations in the landscaping world.  In order to accommodate numbers there will be two separate 3 hour sessions with 15 trade stands: • The morning session - arrive 8.30.  Tour of trade stands 9am – 12pm.  Refreshments and mingling, 12-1pm• The afternoon session -...(more info)

07 Feb 2014

Bigger and better than the average 1 year old - come and help us celebrate being 1 year old

To celebrate being 1 year old, Provender Nurseries are having some special offers in the sundries section. We will be having different special offers for the months of February, March and April. Stock is in and prices are slashed on certain lines for February - need a taster? Composted Bark - bulk bag - Normally £46.00.  OFFER PRICE £39.00 - 15% OFF Thermal lined gripper gloves - Normally £4.75.  OFFER PRICE £3.75 - 21% OFF Jeyes Fluid - 1L - Normally £10.00.  OFFER PRICE £8.00 - 20% OFF Algon concentrate 2.5L - Normally £5.75.  OFFER PRICE £4.75 - 17% OFF More...(more info)

05 Feb 2014

5th Annual Jacksons Fencing Design Competition

Jacksons 5th Annual Show Gardens Design Competition - Register your interest! The Jacksons Show Gardens have proved to be an attraction for many visitors to the Jacksons display area, as news has got around about these inspirational displays. In the first year the project was hailed as a “mini Chelsea Flower Show” as people in the Kent area were treated to visions of loveliness more associated with the big RHS flower shows, rather than something you would expect to see in a local fencing centre. Provender Nurseries work closely with Jacksons Fencing and have provided many plants for the winning designs as can be seen in the images. ...(more info)

29 Jan 2014

SGD Awards 2013

A glittering night in the company of garden design royalty was had at the SGD Awards on Friday night at Millenium Gloucester Hotel in London. Provender Nurseries sponsored the 'Large Residential Award' which was won by Andrew Wilson for a garden in Hertfordshire.  The judges were full of praise for the design and said hte garden was full of surprises.  With 6 invited guests alongside myself, Lynn East, Richard McKenna and Richard Burt were treated to a fabulous meal with amusing anecdotes from James Alexander Sinclair who thoroughly enjoyed ribbing all of the sponsors and winning designers much to the delight of the...(more info)

27 Jan 2014

Have you booked your slot for 'Get Your Hands Dirty' yet?

Interactive, innovative, dynamic, fast and an energetic 3 hours are up for grabs on Thursday February 13th.  Spaces are limited so apply early for your chance to be part of ‘’Get Your Hands Dirty’’.  You, the audience, are actively encouraged to take part and get interactive with our hand picked suppliers and see new innovations in the landscaping world.  In order to accommodate numbers there will be two separate 3 hour sessions with 15 trade stands: • The morning session - arrive 8.30.  Tour of trade stands 9am – 12pm.  Refreshments and mingling, 12-1pm • The afternoon session - arrive...(more info)

22 Jan 2014

Let's Get Ready For Spring - Saturday 15th February

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting longer, the sun is warmer and allotments need attention for the coming growing season.  That can only mean one thing – ‘Let’s Get Ready For Spring’ at Provender Nurseries on Saturday 15th February.  Our twice annual day for Allotment and Horticultural Societies is on the horizon so we hope you can join us.  Register now and get ready for spring at Provender Nurseries.  We have listened to your suggestions and with this in mind ‘Let’s Get Ready For Spring’ has been extended.  The day will run from 9am – 3pm with our usual fine food being served 10am to 1.30pm....(more info)

21 Jan 2014

175 year birthday party for Perennial

Having taken part in the 3 Peaks Extreme challenge last year for the Perennial Charity, Liz and Lorraine were invited to attend the 175th celebratory party on Friday held at The Kensington Roof Gardens.  We also provided the 'Pledge Tree'. A fantastic specimen of Euonymus alatus for guests to hang pledges of how thety proposed to raise money for Perennial Charity in the forthcoming year.  The tree looked fantastic as it was uplit with a silevr light giving an almost ghostly appearance! Alan Titchmarsh, President of Perennial, HRH Princess Alexandra, Royal Patron of Perennial and Sir Roger Singleton, Chairman of Perennial were in...(more info)

20 Jan 2014

Big is best – Bulk is better!

Are you aware that Provender Nurseries stock and manufacture a wide range of professional grade aggregates, composts, barks and soils in bulk bags. As well as the normal range of topsoils that are widely available we also mix our own specific special soil blends.  For example, Ericaceous – A low pH compost for potting & planting of acid loving plants; Azaleas, Rhododendrons, etc and Veg Mix  - The complete vegetable compost mix for use in containers, raised beds and all vegetable beds. The mixture is 20% organic compost, 20% horse manure, 60% 18mm screened soil. We have expanded our bulk bag area considerably in the last...(more info)

13 Jan 2014

Come and 'Get Your Hands Dirty'

This is an event with a twist! Interactive, innovative, dynamic, fast and an energetic 3 hours are up for grabs on Thursday February 13th.  Spaces are limited so apply early for your chance to be part of ‘’Get Your Hands Dirty’’. You, the audience, are actively encouraged to take part and get interactive with our hand picked suppliers and see new innovations in the landscaping world.  In order to accommodate numbers there will be two separate 3 hour sessions with 15 trade stands: • The morning session - arrive 8.30.  Tour of trade stands 9am – 12pm.  Refreshments and mingling, 12-1pm• The afternoon...(more info)

07 Jan 2014

Bulk Bulbs

SPECAIL OFFER 25kg Bulk bags of Narcissi - now only £10.00 - normally £25.00-£35.00 Approx 350 bulbs in a...(more info)

03 Jan 2014

Still lots to do despite the rain!

It may be raining but there are still jobs to be done in the garden between showers. During the dormant season pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs can be done.  Look for crossing and rubbing branches that can cause damage to the plant during these high winds.  Wisteria can also be pruned at this time of year to encourage flowering later in the season. Waterlogged lawns can become a problem during periods of high rainfall.  If your lawn is waterlogged, spike the area with a fork or aerator and fill the holes with sharp sand to improve drainage.  The sharp sand can be brushed into the holes using a broom with...(more info)

02 Jan 2014

Mellow Yellow start to the New Year

Happy 2014 to all.  I should imagine that the wind blew away all the cobwebs over the Christmas break and with 2014 now upon us you are ready for the new season. The season has satred here at Provender Nurseries on a lovely mellow yellow note with some gorgeous beauties doing their thing for all to enjoy. As ever the reliable Hamamelis x intermedia 'Pallida' is flowering away at this time of year and wafting scent over the nursery.  Perfect for planting now as the flowers do not get damaged by any frosts that we may get in the next couple of months.  Another hardy stalwart, Jasminum nudiflorum is also happily...(more info)

19 Dec 2013

A tall story

At this time of year many a tall tale gets told - A Christmas Carol springs to mind - but I am happy to say - there are no Scrooges here at Provender Nurseries - just jolly fine plants and super tall ones too. If you are looking for tall rootballed hedging plants then we have a great selection here including some fantastic Ilex aquifolium at 200-225cm and Ilex crenata 'Blondie' at 250-275cm.  Perfect for planting now and creating an instant...(more info)

17 Dec 2013

December Double Deal

Especially for the Christmas season - DOUBLE SETTLEMENT DISCOUNT on all plants selected and collected from our nursery and paid for on the day. Offer applicable to all plants held on site and selected by you for collection or take away. Offer does not apply to online orders / plants ordered in especially for orders or shop...(more info)

03 Dec 2013

Changes afoot

We are changing around parts of our cash and carry at the moment.  You may have noticed that the main Buxus bed that used to greet you upon arrival has been moved, panic not - they are still here and available - they have just moved to the back of the shadehouse to their new home. More changes are afoot, so keep an eye while you are here and all will become clear.  However, while I was walking to the old Buxus bed to chack on progress I have to say my head was turned by these two stunning plants - literally flowering away and bringing some cheer on an otherwise dry but dreary day; Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles' and Nerine undulata...(more info)

28 Nov 2013

Charity begins at ................Provender Nurseries

Last week we asked you to help Provender Nurseries raise money for BBC Children in Need.  Richard is posing (!) with a cheque for £79.00 thanks to your efforts.  Many thanks to all who particpated. Also last week, due to a collection box at the till area we managed to raise £109.24 for Ellenor Lions Hospice who provide hospice care in the Dartford area. While we are at it - you may also have noticed Richard Burt sporting a rather unusual amount of facial hair - he is of course raising money for Movember.  This is to promote men's health, in particluar testicluar cancer and has really taken on in the last...(more info)

20 Nov 2013

Wait no longer people - for - they are here

Over the last couple of weeks our sales team have taken numerous phone calls for bare root availability and when are the plants due in.  We cannot phone you each individually - so - here we are - the bare root plants have now arrived and looking fresh and full.  All bare root plants are listed on our website which is updated with our stock on a daily basis.  Have a look and see if your bare root requirments are here.  If you cannot see what you require - please call our sales team. When planting bare root plants - don't forget to use Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi with dipping gel.  A mix of mycorrhizal fungi and a...(more info)

18 Nov 2013

A few more likes to go

Help Provender Nurseries to raise £500.00 for 2013 Children In Need Appeal Just a quick note to all our lovely customers asking you to help support us and raise money at the same time for the BBC Children in Need appeal. All you’ve got to do is simply like our Facebook page. For every new like we get from our customers before the end of Monday (18 November) we will donate £1 to Children in Need up to a total of £500. We hav had quite a few likes over the weekend - but need some more to reach our target. Just go to www.facebook.com/ProvenderNurseries and click the all-important ‘Like’ button. And thanks to everybody...(more info)

15 Nov 2013

Society of Garden Designers Autumn Conference

Well, I hope you have your tickets ready for the Society of Garden Designers Autumn Conference tomorrow.  Held at the Imperial College, Exhibition Road, South Kensington twice a year, the conferences are ever popular with discerning designers.  Tickets are all sold for tomorrow - so if you are lucky enough to be attending - come along and see Provender Nurseries at the Society of Garden Designers Autumn Conference on stand number...(more info)

12 Nov 2013

Sunny afternoon ahead for student visit

We are eagerly awaiting a visit this afternoon of 35 students in Horticulture and Design from Writtle College.  Glad to see the sun is shining for them and just hope that the weather holds out. The only dilemma is - with so many plants looking fabulous at this time of year - where do we...(more info)

31 Oct 2013

The same old rootballs – THINK AGAIN!

What do you think of at this time of year : This clocks go back, Halloween, almost bonfire night – but hang on – more interesting than all of that – Rootball season is upon us once again.  Think it’s the same old plants – think again……………………… Yes – we have the usual range of Taxus baccata – and it has to be said - they are cracking plants.  The Taxus baccata 160/180cm extra in particular are fantastic specimens – see the picture below. Yes – we also have Buxus sempervirens as rootballs.  These rootballs always seem to be larger, bulkier plants than the potted available all year round – perfect for literally creating that...(more info)

25 Oct 2013

Busy, busy week. The deal was sealed!

A resounding success all round at Provender Nurseries this week.  Two successful events and many happy visitors Wednesday was the day for the APL Seminar  - 'Are you sealing the deal?'  With 16 stands and 86 people in attendance we like to feel that the deal was indeed - sealed! Some great and infomrative speakers gave a rapt audience much infomation to digest and take away.  Bulent Osman of APP Garden and Justin Paxman of Paxman Landscapes praised the virtues of ecommorce and how being up to date in the website and mobile phone app department can realy help a business expand. Neville Stein of Ovation and Richard...(more info)

11 Oct 2013

A week of Certificates

Well, what a week it has been.  In the last 6 days Provender Nurseries have recieved 2 certificates in recognition of our hard work. First of all Provender Nurseries recieved a Certificate from MegaGrowth 50 - an initiative run by Kent Business and the Kent Messenger.  This is in recognition of Provender Nurseries being one of the 50 fastet growing businesses in Kent.  This is a wonderful achievement for us and we are proud of the recognition of all the hard work that has been put in over the past year by everyone here at Provender Nurseries. The second Certificate came as a complete surprise while Richard McKenna, Clare...(more info)

04 Oct 2013

Marvellous Miscanthus

Looking for some groovy grasses  - then Miscanthus is the one for you.  Native to sub-tropical and tropical areas of Africa and Asia, Miscanthus are just as happy in the English climate.  With a long season of interest from leaf colour, varying habits and flower colour.  The flowers last well into the winter and range in colour from white to pink/purple and crimson.   The flowers and foliage catch the autumn and winter sun and sway in the autumn winds adding movement to their list of attractive crudentials. Miscanthus sinensis 'Ferner Osten' is compact and strong growing with thin silver striped...(more info)

01 Oct 2013

Unusual fruits !

Having been away for a few days I thought I ought to get out and about in the nursery and see what has been going on while I was away.  Having got no further than the courtyard I was stopped in my tracks by a couple of unusual fruits, one I have seen before in the UK and the other I have never even heard of, let alone seen.  That's why I love working in horticulture - you can never close the book and say ' I know every plant going'! Pomegranate  - now these I have seen on buying trips abroad -but not in Kent recently.  Dripping with fruit which are edible and perfect for a sunny site - why not give a Pomegranate a go....(more info)

23 Sep 2013

Just couldn't wait to show you this

Now, I love a bit of autumn colour and always look forward to one of my favourite plants doing it's autumn thing - Euonymus phellomanus - the pink and orange berries are a joy to behold at this time of year and really stand out against the green foliage.  The autumn foliage starts a little later and positively blazes against the berries too.  I did try to wait to show you this little stunner - but just couldn't resist! Almost aglow with colour at this time of year, Parthenocissus quinquefolia 'Engelmanii' - a stunning red glow to the leaves.  I have watched these plants slowly change colour over the last couple of weeks- and...(more info)

20 Sep 2013

Get ready for Autumn

Now is the time to start preparing for jobs to do in the autumn. Bulb planting season is in full swing and with  great range of spring flowering bulbs available, now is the perfect time to plant bulbs.  New on the market and new to Provender Nurseries is 'Bulb Starter' with mycorrhizal fungi endorsed by the RHS.  This is a biologically active compound which promotes strong, healthy growth by quickly establishing a vast secondary root system which supplies extra nutrients and water to the plant.  One 500g pack treats up to 50 bulbs.  Autumn is also the perfect time of year to sow wild flower seed meadows as this...(more info)

17 Sep 2013

3 Peaks Extreme Challenge - conquered

After many months of planning, training (although not enough it would appear!) and many emails re logistics etc the  Peaks Extreme Challenge is now behind us. 6 grueling days of climbing Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike and Snowdon with 3 days of 125 mile cycle rides between has now come to an end.  Lorraine and Liz were acting as support crew for the 13 crazy cyclists and also agreed to climb the Peaks too.  I don't think either of us realised what hard work it would mean for all of the team involved.  Lorraine and myself were up early to make the cyclists breakfasts, protein shakes, smoothies and to pack them up with water...(more info)

10 Sep 2013

The 3 Peaks Extreme challenge - Two down, one to go

The 3 Peaks Extreme team including Liz and Lorraine from Provender Nurseries are already two-thirds of the way through their testing challenge. Having successfully climbed Ben Nevis, they’ve also now completed Scafell Pike and are on their way to Snowdon where the week-long trial will end after having scaled the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. The Scafell Pike climb yesterday took 7½ hours up and down but they were rewarded with spectacular views. Today sees many members of the team embark on a 120-mile cycle ride before they take on the challenge of Snowdon. It’s all for a great cause and the money raised goes...(more info)

03 Sep 2013

Proud of our Richard Burt

We are immensley proud of Richard Burt as he has been offered and accepted the role of Sales Director in recognition of the hard work, support and dedication to Provender Nurseries.  Having been the Sales Manager at Provender Nurseries for 6 years Richard is well equipped to cope with the Sales Directorship.  Richard’s new role will embrace all aspects of the sales performance of Provender Nurseries including compiling and implementing a sales strategy and linking together with our marketing strategy.  A large part of the job will involve sourcing the correct range of plants and products to offer our customer base. ...(more info)

27 Aug 2013

Little Pot of Horrors

Well, as you can see - not so little a pot - but can't really comment about the horrors within! Provender Nurseries have just taken delivery of a fantastic new range of pots.  The new range of spun plastic terracotta pots have a grainy effect resembling real terracotta but much more lightweight - perfect for use on roof gardens and some are large enough for mature trees to be planted in too. Alongside the spun plastic terracotta pots we also have some vibrant coloured plastic pots and troughs which are great for brightening up dull areas, interior use and for use in restaurants.  The Italian terracotta range is made...(more info)

23 Aug 2013

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Provender Nurseries will be open on Saturday 24th August 8.00 to 12 noon. Please note we will not be open on Bank Holiday...(more info)

20 Aug 2013

Trees going well

The Tree sale for August to September is going well.  You should have recieved an email with the special offer discount specified within.  If you have not recieved an email - please contact our sales team to ensure we have the correct contact details.  In the meantime - have a look at these lovely trees that could be adorning your or your clients garden at a very special price. ...(more info)

16 Aug 2013

Looking good on site today

Having a trot around the nursery today I noticed some lovely plants looking good and flowering their socks off.  I thought I would share some of these little beauties with you. Time for some late summer colour?  Come and see what else is looking good. ...(more info)

12 Aug 2013

Summer - almost over Autumn & Spring Ahead

Plan ahead now for a fabulous autumn and spring display.  I know it seems premature - but now, while the sun is shining and the weather still warm is the time to plan ahead to the next few seasons.  Just in last week - spring flowering bulbs - often overlooked in planting plans, but planting them now can really bring a project alive in the spring.   Let's face it  - what do we all look forward to most come early spring - nodding daffodils heralding the arrival of spring.  Tulips, if planted now benefit from the warmer soil at this time of year and put out good root structure ready for their display next year...(more info)

09 Aug 2013

Spray Course at Provender Nurseries

This week saw the first PA1 & PA6AW spraying course take place at Provender Nurseries.  With 3 people signed up to the 3 day course, Paul Bannister, owner of Amenity Training & Consultancy was very pleased with the calibre of people taking the course. It is now a legal requirment to have a PA1 or PA6AW to spray professional chemicals in any landscaping situation.  In terms of career development - having a valid spray certificate is a must.  The attendees to the course had 3 days training with Paul and will be back next week to sit their final test before they are fully qualified.  Provender Nurseries...(more info)

05 Aug 2013

Buy in Bulk!

With the children off from school and enjoying the summer holidays - what are you to do to keep them occupied?  Perfect timing to build a sand pit or play area in the garden or to rejuvinate any existing playareas in school playgrounds with a range of Playsand and Playbark available at Provender Nurseries in bulk bags Playbark is to BS 7188 and is composed of high quality pure pine nuggets that supply a superior quality bark perfect for play areas, school playgrounds and parks. Playsand is to BS EN 1177 and is non-staining, non-toxic, soft and clean and suitable for childrens play areas.  Alongside our range of playbark...(more info)

02 Aug 2013

Trees please

Special Offer Trees for the months of August and September trees in 30L pots and above are subject to a settlment discount of 30%.  Offer applies to trees in stock only.  Come along and select a tree for autumn berry, leaf colour or to add some sparkle to next years spring...(more info)

31 Jul 2013

Sempervivum frames - make your own!

You saw them at Hampton Court and they proved very popular indeed.  In fact one of the most commonly asked questions was 'How do you make a Sempervivum frame like that?'  Well - search no more for the answer is now here.  Peter has not been resting too much since this years Hampton Court and has written some details on how to make and plant a Sempervivum frame - so why not give it a go!...(more info)

30 Jul 2013

Looking for late summer colour

Looking for some late summer colour - then Provender Nurseries has what you need.  This is the time of year when gardens looks their best - herbaceous borders full of blooms attracting bees and insects in to feed.  This is also the time of year when you notice gaps in the border that could be filled with another late summer flowering plant to carry that display into the autumn months.  With a huge range of late summer flowering perennial and shrubs in stock we have more than anough to fill any gaps in your border. ...(more info)

15 Jul 2013

Let the People decide - and they did!!

Let the people decide - well we at Provender Nurseries are pleased to say that the people did choose and Four Corners, designed by Peter Reader, winner of The Student Design & Build Award 2012 was awarded the highly coveted People's Choice Award yesterday. Alongside the Silver Gilt Medal received for Four Corners, the People’s Choice is the icing on the cake for all concerned.  There was also great coverage of Four Corners on BBC’s TV coverage on Friday with Joe Swift highly praising the garden too.  The People's Choice is decided by the people attending The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and is as much sought after as...(more info)

09 Jul 2013

Silver Gilt Medal for Four Corners at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Needless to say, Provender Nurseries, Peter Reader and The Real Garden Company are over the moon with The Silver Gilt Medal awarded to Four Corners at Hampton Court yesterday.  The medals were handed out a little earlier than ususal and so we were caught out when the medals were awarded while we were on lunch.  In no way did that dampen anyone's spirits though as after 6 months of careful planning, growinig sourcing and practice dry stone walling - the joint efforts of all combined came to a great conclusion.  The garden receieved alot of attanenion baaking in the summer sunshine - perfect for showing Four Corners in its...(more info)

05 Jul 2013

Four Corners progress at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Four Corners, designed by Peter Reader winner of the Student Design & Build Award 2012, sponsored by Provender Nurseries in conjunction with the RHS, is nearing completion.  Peter is now on day 12 of the build and this is his final day of planting.   A team of planters from Provender Nurseries and many of Peters friends have really worked hard this week to bring The team from The Real Garden Company http://the-real-garden-company.com/ have been brilliant building the hard landscape parts of Four Corners and the rill, or the water feature as Tecwyn calls it! Earlier this week was a nail biting moment when the rill...(more info)

28 Jun 2013

Plants and Peter Reader getting packed and loaded for Four Corners

Peter Reader, winner of the Student Design & Build Award 2012 and Liz Hughes of Provender Nurseries have been selecting and packing the final pick of the plantys to go to Hampton Court today.  The plants will be delivered to site tomorrow and planting can begin in earnest.  Hoping for good weather and lots of tea! This is just a taster of some of the plants for Four Corners - come along and see for yourself at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower...(more info)

25 Jun 2013

The journey of Four Corners to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show has begun

'Four Corners', the winning design of The Student Design & Build Award 2012, is beginning to take shape. The initial build started yesterday and is already going well with all hard landscape materials on site.  The large multistem Cercis siliquastrums have already been planted and another main faeture plant - the gnarled Olea europea is happily nestled into its raised stone wall planter and looking majestic.  Peter Reader, the winning designer is getting stuck into the build and enjoying every minute with regular updates.  You can follow his journey on Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook -...(more info)

13 Jun 2013

Cooper Pegler now in stock at Provender Nurseries

Now in stock at Provender Nurseries, Cooper Pegler sprayers, accessories and spare parts.  Cooper Pegler sprayers are well known for use by professionals in the industry.  Precise and efficient spraying is achievable with these tough, reliable sprayers.  Sprayers held in stock range in size from a hand-held 1.5L Mini-Pro to the larger Knapsack Sprayer CP15 which holds 15L of liquid.  Also available is a range of spare parts and accessories including spray shields for precise spraying of herbicides and extendable lances for high treatments. ...(more info)

06 Jun 2013

Herb Hub - part of the Chelsea Fringe - last weekend to get planting

The Herb Hub is an interactive, sensory herb garden at this year’s Chelsea Fringe, set in the iconic surroundings of Battersea Power Station.  The garden explores the diversity and beauty of herbs with a series of unique innovative workshops. The garden demonstrates the beauty that can be achieved with a herb garden, raises awareness of the diversity and multiple uses of herbs, and encourage people of all ages to grow their own. Visitors are encouraged to get their hands dirty and make their own mini herb tub.  Either bring your own planter or you can buy one on the day. The Herb Hub garden is a modular, interactive, sensory...(more info)

31 May 2013

Acers - take a different view

Acer, glorious and graceful add beauty to any design and sit serenely in the surrounding greenery.  Whether in a pot as a focalpoint, in a mixed border or leaning seductively over a pond Acers are an added bonus. Provender Nurseries have some stunning Acers in stock at the moment and a few that are not so well known.  So have a look at Acers from a different point of view. Acer japonicum 'Green Cascade' has very delicate, deeply cut green foliage held on graceful, drooping branches giving an overall dome shaped effect.  The foliage turns orange, yellow and red in the autumn.  Acer palmatum dissectum 'Seiryu' has an...(more info)

16 May 2013

Lawns - looking good.

Lawns are an important part of most gardens and many a photograph of a garden situation would not be complete without that perfect carpet of green.  This is a perfect time of year to tend to a tired lawn especially after such a wet winter.  Moss in the lawn is a sign of poor drainage and can kill off large areas of grass which then will be invaded by weeds and before you know it - that lwan is an oasis of green, but not the kind of green you or your client wants to look at.  Lawn products are best evenly distributed by the use of a lawn spreader.  This ensures that all treatment is evenly spread and avoids...(more info)

03 May 2013

Chelsea just around the corner

With the Chelsea Flower Show just around the corner, thoughts are turning to sourcing plants for many a designer. Charlotte Murrell, who won our first ever Student & Desin Build Award in 2010, designed & built a show garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2011.  Charlotte achieved a Silver Gilt Medal for her efforts that year and now has set herself a higher challenge of designing the BALI stand at the Chelsea Flower Show this year.  Provender Nurseries jumped at the chance to provide the plants for Charlotte's BALI stand at Chelses - a continuation of her journey with Provender Nurseries over the...(more info)

01 May 2013

Amelanchier - looking lovely at this time of year

Amelanchier - looking lovely at this time of year - but it is not over yet.  With the new foliage emerging coppery - red, delicate white flowers borne in abundnace in spring to early summer and fabulous autumn colour followed by berries - there is a lot to an Amelanchier to appreciate.  Originating from moist woodlands, Amelachiers tend to prefer a moist, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade.  Amelanchier lamarckii is an upright growing shrub or small tree with a huge amount of white flowers in spring and then followed by small glossy black fruits in the autumn.  Amelanchier laevis 'Snow Cloud' is also upright...(more info)

29 Apr 2013

SGD Spring Conference - all in all a good day

The SGD Spring Conference, sponsored by Provender Nurseries, was held on Saturday 27th April and was considered to be a resounding success. A dynamic line up of speakers were well recived by all designers attending including Provender Nurseries very own Richard McKenna and Nigel Gibson. Richard McKenna stressed the importance for designers to visit plant nurseries to select stock, especaillay important for the larger, more prestigious projects.  Visting your plant supplier on a regular basis familiarises yourself with new plant introductions and seasonal availability. Nigel gave an interesting talk on new plant introductions which...(more info)

22 Apr 2013

Special Offer Plants - great prices for great plants

Provender Nurseries have some great special offer plants in stock at the moment.  Top grade and quality at special offer prices.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  See list below for Seasonal Specials; Retail Prices given below ; Anemone sylvestris 2L pot  - Normally £7.50  -  NOW £5.25 Photina x fra. 'Red Robin' 3L pot - Normally £8.75 - NOW £6.50 Photina x fra. 'Little Red Robin' 3L pot  - Normally £9.25 - NOW £8.00 Escallonia 'Red Dream' 3L pot - Normally £6.50 - NOW £5.00 Escallonia rubra macrantha 3L pot - Normally £6.75 - NOW...(more info)

19 Apr 2013

Capel Manor & Provender Nurseries working together

Last weekend during the Capel Manor Spring Show the Provender Nurseries Garden at Capel Manor started taking shape.  In the rain and very occasional dry patch, except for Sunday which was glorious, during the Capel Manor Spring Show, Esra Parr - the competition winner, Julie Phipps - Head Gardener at Capel Manor and Liz Hughes of Provender Nurseries were busy planting the new garden and leveling soil.  Joint decisions were made regarding moving ceratin plants and reducing the soil level and the result is that teh plants and plenting design look excellent and are well showcased.  Provender Nurseries are working...(more info)

10 Apr 2013

Spring has hit Provender Nurseries.

No news today - Just some lovely photographs of some great plants in flower and enjoying the spring sunshine at Provender Nurseries today.  Need an excuse to look at some lovely plants - come in and see for yourself.  Have a look at our Facebook page for more images to tempt you...(more info)

08 Apr 2013


Lavandula angustifolia 5L 20/30cm Normally              £22.50 retail         - £12.55 wholesale including VAT Promotion          £15.00 retail       - £8.37 wholesale including VAT     Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’ 10L 100/125cm Normally              £35.00 retail       - £19.53 wholesale including VAT Promotion...(more info)

03 Apr 2013

Treebox / Living Wall Workshop

With the ever-growing interest in green walls, we thought you might like an opportunity to attend a Treebox workshop held at Provender Nurseries on Wednesday April 24th. See why green walls are a ‘must have; Think about how green walls fit into future cities Discover how green walls can improve air quality Understand the benefits that planting vertically can provide See how vertical planting fits into current government policy Learn how our systems compare with others currently on offer Realise how green walls may provide practical solutions for urban farming See how you can make vertical planting work for you. Tickets are...(more info)

30 Mar 2013

Don’t Fence Me In – In Fact Pease Do! - Another string to our bow at Provender Nurseries - Jacksons Fencing are now on board.

The result of an already trusted working relationship between Jacksons Fencing and Provender Nurseries has now come to fruition.  Having worked together in the past providing plants for the Jacksons Show Garden competition, Provender Nurseries and Jacksons Fencing are now working in unison to provide top quality fencing at The Landscape Centre. Jacksons Fencing have a well-deserved respectable reputation as a supplier of top quality, pressure treated fencing – along with a 25 year guarantee.  At Provender Nurseries we feel that working with such a prestigious company also reflects the level of service, sundries and plants we...(more info)

22 Mar 2013

Grow your own the Delamore way

Provender Nurseries are stockists of Delamore Young Plants.  We have recieved a stock order of bedding plugs and some hardy plant plugs too this week.  With a wide range of plants supplied in small plugs, Delamore plants are perfect for growing on for small nurseries, growers and plant enthusiasts.  Perennials, Clematis, Alpines and Grasses are all available.  Existing customers of Delamore can place their orders to be collected at Provender Nurseries.  For a brochure and price list, please contact Jill Gowers on;...(more info)

06 Mar 2013

Engaging Euonymus - yes they do exist!

Euonymus is a genus of plants that are used widely in many a planting scheme - yet they have the reputation of being dull and uninteresting.  There are some that are over used in many situations which has possibly led to their undeserved bad reputation.  However I am going to see if I can change your mind.  Easy to grow in sun or dappled shade and in a well drained soil, a well selected Euonymus can bring pleasure and structure to a design for many years to come.  There is a wide range of size, shapes, forms to cover any use with anything from ground cover, hedging, containers, specimens in shrub borders to fill a...(more info)

28 Feb 2013

Peter Reader and Four Corners accepted for Hampton Court 2013

Peter Reader, winner of the Student Design & Build Award 2012 with his garden ‘Four Corners’ has been accepted by the RHS Application Panel for Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.  The letter arrived by email on Tuesday 25th February and states ‘The Panel felt this could be a very successful garden’.   Peter Reader has recently finished a Garden Design Diploma Course at KLC School of Design and passed with a distinction.  He has already undertaken a lot of research into materials for ‘Four Corners’ and the next main task is selecting the plants from Provender Nurseries to bring the design to life.  With 15 weeks...(more info)

19 Feb 2013

What a success

Provender Nurseries first Allotment and Horticultural Societies Sale Day held on Saturday 16th February was a resounding success with over 220 people attending.  The sun shone on us that day and no-one went hungry! The 'Prizes in a Pot' were claimed by Joydens Wood Horticultural Society in 3rd place, Shoreham Horticultural and Garden Society in 2nd place and Stockberry Cottage Gardeners Association in 1st place.  We would like to thank all who attended, and you did come from far and wide, and for showing your support.  We had many useful and helpful comments on the day too.  David Topping who works on the sundries...(more info)

12 Feb 2013

Works starts on The Provender Nurseries Garden at Capel Manor, Enfield campus

Provender Nurseries enjoy working with students of design and horticulture at all levels, introducing students to new varieties of plants.  With a history of hosting student visits both here on site and at horticultural colleges, our enjoyment of working closely with students early in their career is already well established.  With a passion for plants and a keenness to showcase and promote new and interesting plant introductions Provender Nurseries launched a design competition at Capel Manor in June of 2012.  Students of National Open College Network Level 3 Diploma in Garden Design based at the Regent’s Park Campus were...(more info)

07 Feb 2013

Student Design & Build Award Success past and present

Peter Reader, our current winner of The Student Design & Build Award 2012 has submitted his design, 'Four Corners' to the RHS Application panel and we await the news.  We should be informed by the end of February - in the meantime Peter and Liz are busy sourcing plants and materials and ready for the off! The first winner of Student Deisgn & Build award in 2010, Charlotte Murrell is now designing a stand at the Chelsea Flower Show for BALI.  Provender Nurseries first success story goes from strength to strength.  Needless to say Provender Nurseries will be providing the plants for the BALI stand and we look forward...(more info)

30 Jan 2013

It's all yet to come

I decided to have a good old walk around site today, now that the snow has cleared and today is quite mild, it seemed a good idea to clear the head before the onset of the working day.  Am I glad I did! I found a new Pieris - always a pleasure.  Anyone who works at Provender Nurseries will know that I am a great fan of Pieris and the colour of this litlle lovely with vibrant flower stems and buds stopped me in my tracks.  Pieris 'Brouwer's Beauty' in bud is a delight at this time of year.  This particular Pieris forms a dense, multi-stemmed shrub with an upright habit.  The purple - red stems with creamy...(more info)

28 Jan 2013

Horticultural Organisations and Allotment Day

On Saturday 16th February, Provender Nurseries will be holding their annual Horticultural Sociey and Allotment Day.  Open from 8am to 1pm with lost of special offers on the day - the annual Allotment Day is well worth a visit.  This is a popular day with our Horticultural Groups and Allotment Societies with an opportunity to exchange ideas and growing tips over a free sauasage in a bun and refreshments.  Special offers on the day will include; Growbags, Tomato Feed, Liquid Growmore and many more.  Come and stock up for your growing year ahead.  Also on the day one lucky attendee will recieve 'Prizes in a...(more info)

22 Jan 2013

Another opportunity to design a winning garden in partnership with Provender Nurseries and Jacksons Fencing.

Jacksons Fencing are holding their 4th annual show gardens competition.  The competition attracts entries from far and wide and draws designs from many a great designer.  Some designers that have won and planted their winning garden design at Jacksons Fencing have gone on to win medals at RHS Show gardens at Cheslea and Hampton Court.  In conjunction with Jacksons Fencing the winning designs will be supplied with plants from Provender Nurseries to plant in the show garden at Jacksons Fencing’s company HQ in Kent. To find out more information about previous year’s gardens log on to :...(more info)

16 Jan 2013

Winter Scent - sniff your way around

Most people tend to think that winter is a bleak time in the garden – how wrong they are.  Open yoursenses to another dimension and prepare to be dazzled because in January and February the scent of promise is in the air. When there appears to be little colour to dazzle the eyeballs, let the nose take over and explore a whole new world! The scents produced at this time of year tend to be a combination of subtle but strong and can really lift the senses if you can get in for a good sniff.  If you know where and how to look there are a number of good strong backbone plants coming into their own in January and...(more info)

07 Jan 2013

Make sure you're prepared for a cold week ahead

All the weather gurus are predicting cold weather ahead later this week and early next week. With this cold weather around the corner make sure that you are prepared for the frost and snow with rock salt and snow shovels. Icethaw Rock Salt 25kg bag £5.22 and Granular Salt Express 25kg bag £6.83 Our range of snow shovels include compact car shovels at £5.99 and 2 other sizes ranging from £8.10 to £12.50 To brighten those winter days why not plant a Hamamelis - strong winter scent, unusual flowers and brilliant autumn leaf colour ensure that these winter stunners have something to offer both in spring and...(more info)

04 Jan 2013

What a start to the new year ahead as Provender Nurseries

The new year has begun and Provender Nurseries is now up and running and ready for the year ahead. Our lovely Lorraine started us off on the right foot with some lovely homemade Provender Nurseries cupcakes in the business colours complete with logo! Needless to say - there are none left ! There is still time to plant spring flowering bulbs and we have a great range in stock. We have a new Twitter account  - so you can keep up to date with the latest news and events - please follow us on...(more info)

06 Dec 2012

Exciting times ahead - a new business is born - Provender Nurseries

After nine years of working side by side, Wyevale East Nurseries and East Horticulture realised the value of providing an improved service to our customers and as a result Provender Nurseries is born.  Supplying excellent landscaping products, soils, composts and related horticultural sundries alongside our range of top quality plants Provender Nurseries can now supply all your horticultural needs from one site.  Already providing a great service and the finest plants, tools, soils and hard materials, the 17 acre site is well stocked with everything you could need to complete a job, from replanting a simple border, planting a...(more info)

05 Dec 2012

Keep an eye on the post this week

Keep an eye out in the post this week, important news will be landing amongst your Christmas cards from Wyevale East and East...(more info)

30 Nov 2012

It's no good - they have to go!

Not Richard and Dave - we would not want to see the back of them, but it is 30th MOvember and the facial hair has to go.  MOvember is a global charity rasing initiative originally starting in Australia.  The aim is to raise awareness and funds for men's health, in particular prostate cancer and testicular cancer. In 2011 over 84,000 men grew moustaches and raised a grand total of £79.3million. Needless to say we are very proud and supportive of our own 'Mo Bros' at Wyevale East Nurseries. If you would like to donate to Team Wyevale - please visit the MOvember website and type in Team Wyevale or follow the link...(more info)

29 Nov 2012

Winter Sunshine showcases Salix and behind closed doors

The winter sunshine is perfect today and is showing off the amazing colour stems of the Salix alba 'Chermesina' multistems to their absolute best. Salix alba 'Chermesina' is also knwo by the cultivar name 'Britzensis' and the common name of Scarlet Willow.  With the red - orange stems it is not hard to see how this stunning plant aquired it's common name.  Fast growing it can be pruned hard or coppiced hard each year to get the bset winter stem colour.  Plant in sun to part shade, again to get good winter stem colour and plant in moist but well drained soil - that is the reason these are commonly planted next to water and...(more info)

26 Nov 2012

National Tree Week

This week is National Tree Week, an initiative run by The Tree Council.  (www.treecouncil.org.uk).  Originally launched in 1975 the Tree Council encourages everyone to celebrate the planting season in many ways – the most important aspect being to actually encourage the planting of more trees! Trees evoke grandeur and are often the real spine of a garden along which all other planting is based from tall shrubs to dainty cyclamen planted beneath a specimen. Every garden should have a tree wither within it or even borrowed from the landscape.  Trees provide a sense of scale to balance the rest of the garden and help to...(more info)

23 Nov 2012

Fantastic Futurescapes

Futurescapes was held earlier this week and at Kempton Park Racecourse.  A new event aimed at all aspects of landscape and horticultural professionals and students.  The event and seminars were a resounding success and extremely well organised.  Wyevale East Nurseries had a stand in the Nursery Zone and although it was a wet, windy day we had a great amount of visitors, both known to us and new potential customers to our stand.  The plants speak for themselves, Richard, Dave, Lorraine and myself had to do the rest!  We were there from dawn to dusk - but as you can see - still smiling at the end of the day. ...(more info)

16 Nov 2012

Futurescapes at Kempton Park

Wyevale East Nurseries are really looking forward to the Futurescape event next Tuesday, 20th November. Over 1000 people have registered in advance and with so many interesting seminars relevant to many parts of the horticultural industry we are all keen to get there and started next week.  Registration is free, or you can just come along on the day - just don't miss out! Follow the link to book your place http://futurescapeevent.com/ Wyevale East Nurseries will be exhibiting in the Nursery Zone on Stand N7, so come along and see what the buzz is all...(more info)

14 Nov 2012

A week in the life of Wyevale East Nurseries

What a busy old week at Wyevale East Nurseries.  It all started on Friday 9th November with Richard McKenna, Richard Burt and Liz Hughes attending the inaugural SGD Awards ceremony at Millenium Gloucester Hotel in London hosted by James Alexander Sinclair who kept everyone amused with his dry and witty one liners.  Lorraine Hartley, David Topping and Nigel Gibson then attended the SGD Autumn conference on Saturday 10th November and met some top notch designers and chatted about plants – something they all enjoy! On Wednesday 13th Wyevale East Nurseries hosted a visit from over 25 students from Writtle College, a mix of...(more info)

09 Nov 2012

Awards tonight

Tonight is the Society of Garden Designers Annual Awards ceremony  at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel. We are looking forward to wearing some sparkly clothes and congratulating the winners.  Good luck to all shortlisted entries and the People's Choice Award winners. Keep an eye out for photos of some of the Wyevale East Nurseries crew dressed up for a night...(more info)

05 Nov 2012

Hebe - Goddess of Youth

Hebe derives from the Greek word meaning 'youth' or 'pride of life' - a tall claim for such a stalwart plant that is happily used in many a garden design. Hebes hail from New Zealand and have settled easily into the UK climate and prove to be a popular choice of plant.  With a broad range of plant forms, leaf size and colour to select from and a wide range of flower colour Hebes are a useful plant.  Hebe 'Champion'  - A dwarf, rounded evergreen shrub with violet-blue flowers.  The foliage turns purple in the winter.  Hebe 'Diamond'  - An upright Hebe reaching 1.5m in height with broad...(more info)

02 Nov 2012

Hedge your bets

Time for planting hedges is now uopn us and rootballs are here in stock.  Autumn is a great time for planting rootballed hedging plants with better costs and establishment rates than at other times of year.  Rootballed plants are available during the dormant season, however it is best to get the plants in this side of Christmas to take advantage of the warmth in the soil. Buxus sempervirens rootballed - excellent plants for creating an instant low hedge. Taxus baccata rootballed - perfect for instant screening and providing privacy. Also available in containers now - Elaeagnus x ebbingei - creates an evergreen hdege with...(more info)

31 Oct 2012

No pumpkins here - just lovely plants

We have some scintillating Skimmias here at Wyevale East Nurseries - perfect for winter borders, containers and any place in the border where you will enjoy the marvellous scent.  With the glossy, evergreen foliage Skimmias have an interest all year round but come into their best in the winter months.  Skimmias hold their bud throughout the winter months and reveal their scent in the late winter months and early spring.  This is a great time of year for planting Skimmias and underplanting with other spring interest plants too, such as Narcissi and early flowering...(more info)

26 Oct 2012

Time for Trees

With over 1000 specimen trees in stock on the front field and no fog to obscure the view I thought I would re-visit the front field today to see some sparkling autumnal displays. I last went to the front field on Wednesday with over 50 people too! (see news above) and noticed some really great looking trees while I was down there.  So thought I ought to share some of them with you; Sorbus huphensis - a deservedly popular tree with an upright habit, creamy white flowers in May which are followed by these marvellous white berries flushed with pink in the autumn.  Carpinus betulua 'Monumentalis' ...(more info)

25 Oct 2012

Talking Point

Another interested audience at Wyevale East Nurseries yesterday at the BALI South Thames event 'Plant Procurement from a Suppliers Point of View' .  With over 50 people in attendance including interested students from Writtle and Merrist Wood alongside BALI members, both Richard and Nick Coslett went down well. Everyone was shown around site with Richard McKenna, Nursery Manager of Wyevale East Nurseries pointing out the range of plants and new varieties and forms available to garden designers and landscapers now.  The following discussion held inside was informal and included questions from the audience...(more info)

22 Oct 2012

Autumn Colour - look further than the leaf.

No-one can deny that autumn brings on some fantastic displays of dramatic leaf colour.  There are a multitude of photos at this time of year of Acer palmatum types singing their autumnal song and reflected in many a lake.  Nothing wrong with that at all and many are masterpieces of forward thinking planting.  However, if you look further than the normal dramatic foliage displays –there is more to autumn than meets the eye.  Take for example these four interesting plants that I found this morning at Wyevale East Nurseries giving a dazzling autumn display of their own.   Fascicularia pitcairnifolia...(more info)

19 Oct 2012

BALI South and North Thames event at Wyevale East Nurseries Wednesday 24th October

BALI South Thames Region presents - Plant Procurement from a Suppliers Point of View. From Suppliers to Designers & Contractors to Customer. Wednesday 24th October 2.00pm – 6.00pm Join an afternoon of informal discussion between plant suppliers,landscapers, designers and contractors to understand the complexities of plant supply and logistics of supply, demand and delivery. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion and discuss with like-minded professionals how as an industry we can work more closely with their customers to create a more efficient supply chain. This event is free to BALI members and non-members. A...(more info)

18 Oct 2012

Another highlight from last night

Another highlight from last nights APL event at Wyevale East Nurseries was the opportunity to give the actual gold medal awarded to Susan Willmott and Adele Ford for their winning garden 'Coastal Drift'; achieved earlier this year at Hampton Court Flower Show.  One gold medal is awarded to a first time gold medal winning garden at Hampton Court. The medal arrived at Wyevale East Nurseries a couple of weeks ago.  Susan and Adele have agreed to joint custody of the medal and will not be cutting it in...(more info)

18 Oct 2012

From Promotion to Profit - a resounding success

Wyevale East Nurseries hosted the APL AGM and seminar 'From Promotion to Profit' last night and a very successful night it was too.  Over 55 people attended to listen to respected figures in the horticultural industry sharing their knowledge and expertise.  The evening was chaired by Mark Gregory, Landform Consultants and Chair of the APL.  Paul Hogden of IT Genetics gave a great talk on the benefits of websites and social media and what they do to raise the profile of your business.  Mandy Buckland of Greencube Garden and Landscape Design explained the benefits of working with landscape designers...(more info)

12 Oct 2012

Some shadey goings on at Wyevale East Nurseries

Dave and Kev have been very busy over the last few weeks building away towards the back of the nursery building new shade structures for our stock of Acers, Camellias, Pieris and other shade loving plants.    We at Wyevale East Nurseries we take a lot of pride on the quality of our plants with this in mind and Acers being one of our most popular lines we decided to build 2 large shadehouses for the new stock. Next time you are in come and have a look at our latest improvements. ...(more info)

10 Oct 2012

We have got a winner!

Wyevale East Nurseries are delighted to announce Peter Reader as the winner of the Student Design & Build Award 2012.  ‘Four Corners’ was considered to be the most innovative design that satisfied the client’s brief as set out in the application paperwork. Peter Reader is currently studying the Garden Design Diploma Course at KLC School of Design, based at Hampton Court Palace.  Garden Design is Peter’s second career as he worked as a Doctor for 22 years including 12 years as a NHS GP.   He decided to pursue his passion of plants, horticulture and design in September 2011 and enrolled at...(more info)

09 Oct 2012

Wondering what to do on a Wednesday in October?

Why not attend one of the events that is being held here at Wyevale East Nurseries in conjunction with the APL and BALI? APL Autumn Networking Event at Wyevale East Nurseries 17th October From Promotion to Profit 4.00 – 7.30pm After the success of the first networking seminar in March, the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) is pleased to invite you to the next networking seminar for landscapers and designers which will be held at Wyevale East, Kent on Wednesday 17 October 2012 from 4pm until 7.30pm. The APL AGM will also take place just before the seminar at 3pm. The event provides a great opportunity for landscapers and...(more info)

08 Oct 2012

Lovely Leucothoe

Evergreen shrubs with leathery leaves that take on intense colours through the autumn and keep the colour through until spring.  Tolerant of deep shade to sunny positions, requiring a moist, well drained acidic soil - perfect with Rhododendrons. Leucothoe fon. 'Scarletta'  - A spreading shrub with long slim, glossy dark maroon leaves turning green over the summer and with brilliant bronze and red in the autumn.  Height 1.5m, sperad 3.5m Leucothoe fon. 'Rainbow' - An upright shrub with arching stems and with long lance-shaped leaves with cream, yellow and pink variagation.  Height 1.5m, spread 1m Leucothoe fon....(more info)

04 Oct 2012

3 more delightful conifers for HTA National Conifer Week

To continue our celebration of all things conifer here are three lovely looking plants I found in the conifer yard this morning all looking glorious in the autumn sunshine. Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Sungold' - A dwarf, evergreen threadleaf conifer with a semi-weeping habit.  Gold- lime foliage looks marvellous in the autumn sunlight.  Best colour is achieved in a sunny position. Ginkgo biloba 'Globosa' - A dwarf typer of Ginkgo with a compact and rounded habit.  Slow growing with unusual flat fan-shaped leaves.  The foliage turns dramatic yellow in the autumn. Taxus baccata 'Dovastonii Aurea'  - A very...(more info)

01 Oct 2012

A cacophony of colourful Conifers.

Conifers get a bad press and are considered boring by some however the HTA and Wyevale East Nurseries are hoping to turn the tide this week. This week is National Confer Week, a promotion run by the HTA, so let’s celebrate the humble conifer and look at them with a new perspective. With such a diverse range of forms, shapes, textures, size, foliage and colour conifers are a firm ingredient in over a third of all UK gardens.  This week we will be highlighting certain conifers to show you how they can perform for you. Picea pungens’ Erich Frahn’ is a brilliant example of outstanding  steely - blue needles...(more info)

29 Sep 2012

Grow your own

Wyevale East Nurseries have just taken delivery of some great new plug plants from Delamore. If you fancy a spot of grow your own, now is the time to stock up on some interesting plug plants to grow on and enjoy. With a range of herbaceous, shrubs and climber plugs in stock - there is something for everyone. The new Delamore plug plants catalogues are now in stock, if you would like a copy posted to you please call our sales office and we can pop one in the post for you.   The IPPS Regional Conference visited Wyevale East Nurseries earlier this week and were treated to a tour of the site by Richard McKenna.  Delegates...(more info)

24 Sep 2012

Autumn colours at Wyevale East Nurseries

The weather may be pretty dismal, however there is still some joy to be had with the lovely autumn colours in stock on the nursery.  Caryopteris x cla. 'Summer Sorbet' is a small to medium sized shrub with striking golden variagated foliage and powder blue puffs on flowers in September - October. Physocarpus opu. 'Donna May' is a compact growing Physocarpus with rich plum coloured leaves. Rhus typhina 'Tiger Eyes' a non-suckering form with autumn foliage of orange, yellow and red.  Weigela floribunda 'Monet' has green leaves edged with cream variagation that takes on a pink tinge in the autumn.  Autumn is a perfect time...(more info)

21 Sep 2012

Time to brighten up those containers

At this time of year most containers are beginning to look a litlle tired and past their best.  With autumn fast approaching this is the perfect time to throw out those spent geraniums and summer bedding and get planting for autumn / winter interest.  With a little planning too you can add spring interest by underplanting with spring flowering bulbs which are also available now. Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' has a lovely subtle cream and green variagation and is more than happy in a container.  Underplant with some colourful winter flowering pansies and violas and srping flowering bulbs such as Narcissi or Crocus and...(more info)

18 Sep 2012

Vivid variagation

Every now and again something new comes onto the scene in the world of plant breeders which you just know will catch on and will become more popular than the original well loved stalwart. I think this will be the case with Hydrangea petiolaris 'Silver Lining'  - a self-clinging climber for a shady spot that can now be livened up with this speckled, silver-white variagated leaf. Great on a north facing wall Also new on the scene, Parthenocissus tri. 'Star Shower'  - again speckled white- silver variagation that also takes on a pink hue in the autumn. Pennisetum set. 'Skyrocket' is another variagated plant to...(more info)

13 Sep 2012

A lovely walk resulted in these stunners

My computer needed working on this morning so I thought I would amble down to the front field to take some photos and see what delights I can find down there.  What a great decision that was, I can tell you - just have a look at these little beauties I found looking resplendent in the autumn sunshine; Albizia jul. 'Cyrano' flowering it's socks off.  This is the hardiest of all the Albizia species with graceful, fluffy pink flowers set against delicate foliage.  Flowers in late summer to autumn - great for some late colour.  Sorbus 'Sunshine' who could ask for more on a day like today.  A...(more info)

13 Sep 2012

Another successful workshop at Wyevale East Nurseries

Today, at Wyevale East Nurseries, Treebox / Easiwall are holding their second workshop.  The day is a success with Armando Raish singing (not literally!)  the virtues and benefits of Easiwall systems. Easiwalls are a great way of vertical gardening which has increased in popularity over the last few years.  Attaching to a wall and planting could not be easier and really does not take alot of time.  Simple, effective and decorative - who could ask for...(more info)

07 Sep 2012

Fresh Fronds

New in today, lovely new Tree Ferns with beautiful fronds.  Great architectural plants - if you want to make a statement - this is the plant for you.   Tree Ferns prefer a shaded position and a humus rich soil.  Apply diluted liquid feed to both the fronds and stem for best...(more info)

03 Sep 2012

Do you want a display like this in the Spring?

Then plant your bulbs now for best results in the Spring.  Most Spring flowering bulbs benefit from being planted in September - October while there is still a little warmth in the soil before the onset of Winter.  Galanthus nivalis, Snowdrop, heralds the arrival of Spring with the dainty drooping flowerheads so admired by galanthophiles (avid collectors of Galanthus). Narcissus are a happy, cheerful nod towards the warmer weather in Spring and can be planted in pots, borders, under trees and in great big drifts where space allows.   We have Narcissus available in 25kg sacks (approx 350...(more info)

03 Sep 2012

Staff Garden at Wyevale East Nurseries

A couple of weeks ago Richard McKenna gathered all the staff together and asked us if we wanted to build a garden for staff to use during breaks.  Needless to say we all jumped at the chance of building another medal winning garden, but this time for us and as a permenant feature.  We all got our heads together and wrote a list of 5 plants that each of us wanted in the garden and came up with some rough sketches.  Wi After 2 weeks of everyone having some input and getting involved the final result is below.  You may recognise a couple of features from the last two years from our gardens at Hampton Court, the log wall...(more info)

31 Aug 2012

Student Design & Build Award Applications

Please send all applications to...(more info)

28 Aug 2012

Unusual climbers at Wyevale East Nurseries

Looking for something a bit more unusual to climb through your evergreen shrubs or cover a wall in a semi-shady area?  Then look no further because we have found a couple of options for you; Berberidopsis corralina and Billardia longiflora. Both of these climbers like a slightly acidic, moist but well -drained soil in semishade to sun. Berberidopsis corallina is an evergreen climber with deep crimson - pink pendulous flowers in the late summer to autumn.  Allow to ramble over evergreen shrubs for best effect. Billardia longiflora is another evregreen climber with cream pendant flowers in late summer followed by large,...(more info)

20 Aug 2012

Captivating Cannas

Canna lily - big, bold and tropical. Exotic looking foliage with stunning, exciting bold stripey foliage and flowers of burnt orange and bright red - guaranteed to brighten any day.  Late in the summer to get started - but well worth the wait. Looking tropical and tempting at Wyevale East Nurseries right...(more info)

14 Aug 2012


For the smaller garden - Liquidamber styraciflua 'Gum Ball'  - Compact, dense head of a typical lollipop shape, perfect for small gardens as it reaches only 4.5m in height.  The bark is deeply grooved and cork-like in appearence and the leaves resemble large maple leaves.  In the autumn the foliage turns intense red. orange and yellows. For the larger garden - Liquidamber styraciflua 'Silver King' - Large tree with an upright habit and variagated leaves.  The leaves have a creamy-white margin which is kept during the autumn foliage display of deep reds and purples.  Plant all Liquidambers in full sun - partial...(more info)

10 Aug 2012

Sensational Spring Bulbs in stock now

From Alliums to Iris, Narcissi to Tulips we have a great range of spring flowering bulbs n stock.  29 varieties of Tulips in stock  - new varieties we have never had in stcok before 15 varieties of Narcissi in stock Plant now for a fabulous display in...(more info)

08 Aug 2012

You say CLEMAtis, I say clemATIS

No matter how you say it Clematis can be found in most planting schemes.  At this time of year summer flowering Clematis really put on a good show.  There are a few simple rules to follow to keep a Clematis happy - roots in the shade and shoots in the sun is the most easy to follow and ensures a good show Clematis 'Prince Charles' - single light violet-blue flowers appear in late summer. Clematis 'Madame Julia Correvon' - a compact Clematis, great for containers.  Red-pink star-shaped flowers with prominent yellow anthers flowering from mid summer to...(more info)

06 Aug 2012

Good enough for Wisley - good enough for Wyevale East Nurseries

Spent a lovely afternoon yesterday trotting around Wisley admiring the plants and enjoying the sunshine.  The herbaceous borders looked fantastic and very inspirational at this time of year.  In full flower and looking rather spectauclar a few plants caught my attention and all availabel at Wyevale East Nurseries ; Clematis 'Etoile Violette' - medium sized violet flowers from July to September Pennisetum orientale ' Karley Rose' - the earliest of all Pennisetums to flower with dainty dusty pink flowers that fade to golden yellow in the autumn Phlox paniculata 'White Admiral' - pure white flowers and great for attracting...(more info)

03 Aug 2012

Funky Fucshias

Looking good at the moment fantastic, funky Fuschias.  Full of flower of varying shades of pinks, reds and crimsons and guaranteed to flower all summer long.  Fuchsias work hard to earn their space in a garden and although there are some garish Fuchsias out there, we at Wyevale East Nurseries have some lovely options for you. Fuchsia 'Prosperity' - double crimson and pale pink flowers Fuchsia 'Dollar Princess' - cerise and purple flowerrs and very free flowering Fuchsia magellanica purpurea - graceful flowers of red and purple with new foliage emerging a purple...(more info)

30 Jul 2012

Another Gold medal at Wyevale East Nurseries

Who needs the Olympics - when we have a Gold and Silver Medal winner hare at Wyevale East Nurseries................................... Congratulations to our very own Stuart Tickner who has just returned from teh Full Contact Stick Fightinfg World Championships held in Las Vegas with a Gold and Silver Medal winner in Full Contact Stick Fighting.  Stuart now holds the World Title and Gold Medal for Single Stcik Light Cruiser Weight Division and was also awarded a Silver Medal in Double Stick.    I feel I have to also stick another little beauty in the news today and bring your attention to Kanutia...(more info)

25 Jul 2012

Delightful Dahlias

Dahlias are a real ‘marmite’ plant – you either love them or hate them.  However at this time of year with their many flowers of eccentric shapes and bright colours, there is one to suit everybody.  They will happily flower all summer with the added benefit of deadheading.  Native to Mexico and Central America, Dahlias were introduced to Europe by a Spanish physician who was taken with their joyous colours in Mexico.  The bright reds, purple and oranges are great for use in a ‘hot’ or tropical garden while the cooler colours are just as useful in many other situations...(more info)

23 Jul 2012

Gaillardia Gallo Seires

Gaillardias - so bright and full of colour - guaranteed to raise a smile on any day, but they really shine on a sunny day.  The Gallo Series is a new series of Gaillardia which are very floriferous, compact and uniform herbaceous plants that will bloom from late spring through to autumn. Also can look really good when planted with grasses in prarie type planting.  Deadheading after flowering will encourage further flushes of flowers. Gaillardia Gallo Red  - Large, deep red flowers with a darker centre with soft silver green foliage provide long lasting colour for hot borders or containers. Gaillardia Gallo Yellow...(more info)

19 Jul 2012

Now available for the front of a border - Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop'

All the benefits of a normal Verbena bonariensis - but at less than half the height -Verbena bonariensis Lollipop’ is wonderful for the front of a border.  Reaching a height of 60cm, uniform in height and stature – plant with Nepeta for a great wildlife border.  Now in stock at Wyevale East...(more info)

18 Jul 2012

Amazing Agapanthus

The weather men tell us that warmer weather is around the corner  - so our minds here at Wyevale East Nurseries are turning to plants that always bring sunny thoughts to mind.   Agapanthus are coming into their own at the moment – always a great late summer performer.  Looking dandy on the nursery are ; Agapanthus ‘Northern Star’ with it’s violet-blue flowers with a darker central stripe to each petal Agapanthus ‘White Heaven’ – great bold pure white very large flowerheads create a real statement. Not in flower yet but of interest are some different varieties; Purple Cloud...(more info)

05 Jul 2012

The Stars at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Well, it's been a busy week at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show with Coastal Drift winning GOLD medal.  Coastal Drift is the result of two students, Adele Ford and Susan Willmott entering the Student Design & Build Award 2011 and to be awarded a GOLD medal for their first show garden is a real delight for all.  Coastal Drift is currently number one in the People's Choice on the RHS website.  You can vote for Coastal Drift on the following link; http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Hampton-Court-Palace-Flower-Show/2012/All-Coverage/Articles/Gardens/Peoples-Choice Monty Don was on the garden...(more info)

03 Jul 2012

Gold Medal at Hampton Court

Wyevale East Nurseries are delighted to announce their first Gold medal at Hampton Court Palace Flower show with Coastal Drift in the Summer Garden Category designed and built by Susan Willmott and Adele Ford, winners of The Student Design & Build Award 2011. Coastal Drift is Susan’s and Adele’s first experience of designing and constructing a show garden and was highly praised by judges.  Bob Sweet, Head of RHS Shows Development was interviewed on BBC Radio Kent this morning saying the garden was ‘fabulous and a great achievement for newly qualified designers’.    Only 3 Gold medals have...(more info)

02 Jul 2012

BREAKING: 'Coastal Drift' awarded Gold Medal at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

We are very pleased to announce that 'Coastal Drift' has been awarded a Gold Medal by the RHS judging panel at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Many congratulations to the designers, winners of Wyevale East Nurseries' Student Design and Build Award 2011, Susan Willmott and Adele Ford on this well deserved award! To read more about 'Coastal Drift' and The Student Design & Build Award click...(more info)

02 Jul 2012

Coastal Drift and the Berkheya purpurea (purple berkheya)

Following on from our last 'Coastal Drift' update, today we have three more photos of the garden. One plant of particular interest in the garden is the Berkheya purpurea, a fast-growing thistle which is native to South Africa's mountainous regions. This is the only mauve to purple flowered species in the genus, and is a beautiful perennial which flowers in midsummer. Berkheya purpurea was apparently grown at Kew around 1917 but has only recently become popular in gardens in Britain. They grow best in well-drained soil and full sun and look good in groups and planted among low grasses, as seen in the wild. We're all looking forward with...(more info)

29 Jun 2012

Nearly there................

Just a couple of days to go now until 'Coastal Drift' at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is open to all to see, (well as long as you have a ticket!). Here is a sneaky preview of how 'Coastal Drift' looked yesterday.  Susan Willmott and Adele Ford have done a really good job and done us and our plants...(more info)

28 Jun 2012

BBC Radio Kent

Tune into BBC Radio Kent on Sunday morning to listen to live interview with Susan Willmott and Adele Ford by BBK Kent's gardening gurus Andy Garland and Steve Bradley. The interview will be live from Hampton Court Palace Flower Show at 10.50 in the morning.  Why not tune in and listen to their journey of from paper to plot and winning The Student Design & Build Award...(more info)

27 Jun 2012

Terrific Trachelospermums

Trachelospermums, Rhyncospermums, Star of Jasmine - whatever you want to call them they are really worth considering as an evergreen climber in a sunny spot. Great, glossy evergreen foliage takes on a slight red tinge in the winter months.  However it is the knockout scent that is the Trachelospermums best asset.  The most common Trachelospermum is Trachelospermum jasminoides with masses of pure white, strongly scented flowers produced all summer long.  In stock at Wyevale East Nurseries at the moment we have the lesser knowon but equally rewarding Trachelospermum jas. 'Star of Toscana' with buttery lemon yellow flowers...(more info)

15 Jun 2012

The Show starts here

The tickets have been bought, the permits have been ordered, the plants are being loaded next week for the beginning of the build of Coastal Drift, designed the winners of the Student Design & Build 2011 Susan Willmott and Adele Ford.  Both Susan and Adele have been eager to get started and we urge you to come along and visit Coastal Drift at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and see it change from the initial site visit (pictured) to the final garden  - see image.  Coastal Drift is in the Summer Category (fornerly the Small Garden Category) at PAL/350.  Follow Susan and Adeles journey on their blog...(more info)

12 Jun 2012

Handsome Hydrangeas

Mophead Hydrangeas - a staple plant for any garden.  Extremely popular mainly for the large, showy blooms that last all summer through to the autumn.  Easy to grow and tolerant of full sun to full shade, however most benefit from some shade as the flowers tend to last longer.  Perfect in a moist but well-drained soil.  Here are a few options of what is looking good around teh nursery at the moment; Hydrangea mac. 'Elbtal Blue' - blue flowers Hydrangea mac. 'Schneeball' - pure white flowers which fade to green and then through to red Hydrangea mac. 'Rosita - sugar pink flowers Hydrangea Preziosa - pink flowers and...(more info)

01 Jun 2012

Bank Holiday Closing Times & Incredible Irises

Wyevale East Nurseries will be closed for teh Bank Holiday Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th June.  We will be open for business as usual on Saturday 2nd June from 8 to 12 nooon, so there is still time to get bedding plants for Jubilee displays and street parties. You may well have seen the odd Iris or two at Chelsea Flower Show this year amongst the topiary specimens  - in fact Topiary and Irises seemed to dominate this years show. We at Wyevale East Nurseries have some fantastic Irises for you to replecate yourr very own Chelsea display at home. Amongst our well stocked herbaceous area we have some gems flwering away...(more info)

28 May 2012

Wonderful Wisteria

Wisterias have wide appeal due to their profusion of scented flowers which are freely produced in spring and summer.  Happy in a sunny to part - shade position and correctly pruned Wisterias will really give you a great show.  They tend to be widely used trained against walls, grown as standards and also grown through existing trees.  Wisteria seem to bring out the romantic in people with famous painters such as Claude Monet defintley adding to their appeal with the renowned paintings of the Wisterias dripping over the bridge in his gardens at Giverny.  So - add some romance to your planting plans ...(more info)

22 May 2012

Cercis siliquatrum – Judas Tree

Cercis siliquatrum was first introduced to the British Isles in the 1600’s and has steadily grown in popularity, particularly in the last 20 years or so.  The unusual, interesting flowers, leaves and form  make this large shrub / small tree is perfect for smaller gardens reaching a height of 8m in 20 years or so.  The leaves emerge a bronze-brown in colour becoming green over the summer.  The rosy-pink, pea-shaped flowers appear in clusters on bare stems before the foliage emerges and also at the same time adding to the overall appeal.   Cercis siliquatrum ‘Alba’ is similar in growth and habit...(more info)

18 May 2012

Heavenly Herbaceous

Looking good at Wyevale East Nurseries this week are the herbaceous beds.  Plenty of interesting plants with great foliage and loads of flower. Here is a small selection of little wonders looking great at the moment; Aquilegia v 'Winky Purple & White' - Compact and free flowering.  Purpe and white flowers from late spring to summer Aquilegia v 'Winky Red & White Double' - Compact and free flowering.  Double red and white flowers from late spring to summer Lychnis 'Rollies Favourite' - Clump forming perennial producing masses of star-shaped vibrant pink flowers Veronica gentianoides 'Sissinghurst White'...(more info)

11 May 2012

Hooray for Hostas

Hostas are extremely popular plants primarily due to the mounds of bold, handsome foliage that appear each year.  Many hybrids have been introduced over the years, mainly from the USA. Hostas are simple fellows to look after as most are happy in a fertile, moist bet well draining soil in full to partial shade.  The exception to this rule are the yellow leaved hybrids which prefer a bit of sun with shade from midday onwards.  Hostas do benefit from being protected from slugs. We have a wide range available in the nursery at the moment ranging from 2L to 6L pots.   I have selected a few that are looking particularly...(more info)

08 May 2012

New Hebe in town

Hebe 'Strawberries and Cream' is a new introduction from America introduced into the UK market in 2010.  With narrow leaves with dark pink shoots and pink and white flowers produced freely in late summer it is guaranteed to be popular.  Reaches a height of 50cm. Also available  Hebe 'Little Red Rum' has a compact, bushy growth habit.  The young foliage is bronze in colour changing to green as the foliage ages.  Lilac flowers are produced in late summer.  Reaches a height of 50cm. Hebe 'Pascal' has deep red foliage in the winter months again turning green in the summer months.  Blue flowers are...(more info)

04 May 2012

Loud and Proud

Loud and Proud - Azaleas and Rhododendrons in bud and flower lookig great at Wyevale East Nurseries now. With a range of colours from subtle white to pink, purple, red and blazing orange - there is a colour to suit everyone.  We have all sizes in stock from 2L up to 40L specimens that make a real statement.    We are closed on Bank Holiday Monday and re-open as usual on Tuesday 8th May at...(more info)

30 Apr 2012

Success at Society of Garden Designers Conference

Wyevale East Nurseries and our sister nursery based in Solihull, Greenline Plants sponsored the Society of Garden Designers Conference on Saturday 28th April and a resounding success it was too.  The day was chaired by Cleve West and attended by over 300 top garden designers.  There were  a range of speakers imparting their knowledge on plants and their use in design applications. Our plants and stand were well recieved and with a follow up invitation day planned we are hoping for further success for the SGD Spring Conference 2012.  Richard, Liz and Nigel attended and were on hand to answer any...(more info)

25 Apr 2012

Star of the Show

Star Jasmine - or Trachelospermum jasmoinoides as it is otherwise known! A justifiably popular choice for Mediterranean gardens and planting schemes. Evergreen foliage which is glossy green in the summer and takes on a bronze - red hue in the winter months add interest all year round.  In the summer months small scented, star-like jasmine like flowers are freely produced filling the air with their scent. Plant in a sunny, sheltered site in a good free draining soil and this will reward you with a scented show all summer long.  Reliable in dry sites reaching a height of 4m and spread of 3m Available in a range of sizes from 3L...(more info)

23 Apr 2012

Pretty as a Picture

A popular plant with loads of common names including Lungwort and Soldiers & Sailors.  A great cottage plant that flowers in spring and happily continues for the rest of the season.  With shades of flowers ranging from white and pink to purple, blue and red - there is a Pulmonaria for every colour scheme.  Many have brilliant foliage with great mottled variegation, as well as pure silver and plain green leaves.  This little beauty will be happy in our British climate and reward you with masses of flowers.  Plant under trees in the cool shade, with hellebores and euphorbias as the...(more info)

17 Apr 2012

Enigmatic Epimediums

Epimediums are Clare's favourite plants, but it has taken me a while to truly appreciate them.  At this time of year they are really looking quite brilliant and their dainty little flowers are beginning to turn me around to their usefulness and beauty within a planting scheme.  With a range of flower colours available and unusual foliage colour especially on the new growth they provide a usefoil foil for other plants in the garden.  Epimediums are evergreen perennials that naturally occur in woodlands in the Med and Asia.  Very versatile plants, able to fill a shady spot in the garden with their foliage...(more info)

12 Apr 2012

Loropetalum chin. 'Firedance'

Loropetalum chinensis 'Firedance' An unusual shrub with purple-red ovate leaves and spider-like pink flowers, similar to Hamamelis flowers, freely produced in spring.  Reaching 2m in height in a humus rich acid soil this plant is sure to please the plant fanatic in you. Also available Loropetalum chinensis Ming Dynasty which reaches a height of...(more info)

10 Apr 2012

Collection of Callistemon

Callistemon are woody evergreen shrubs with red bottle-brush like flowers - hence the common name - Bottlebrush.  Exotic looking flowers are produced repetaedly from spring through to summer.  Callistemon Red Clusters (pictured) form rounded, evergreen shrubs with long lanceolate leaves and new growth flushed pink.  Masses of red flower spikes with gold anthers are produced throughout the summer. Callistemon citrinus 'Splendens' have silky pink-red new shoots and broader leaves than 'Red Clusters'.  Callistemon rugulosus has very rigid, bright green leaves and repeat flowers throughout the summer...(more info)

04 Apr 2012

Echium candicans - Pride of Madeira and Wyevale East Nurseries

Echium candicans - a handsome frost-hardy shrub with tall majestic flower spikes of light blue small flowers in late spring.  Taking 2 years to flower these are plants for the patient among you - but well worth the wait for the reward.  Highly drought tolerant - great for watering restrictions. Easter closing times - Wyevale East Nurseries and The Landscape Centre will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  We are open on Easter Saturday from 8am to 12 noon.  Orders can be placed online while we are closed over the Easter period.  Orders placed online will take 3-5 working days to collate for...(more info)

02 Apr 2012

Super Summer Bedding

Summer bedding now in.  Create a great dispay for summer with our range of summer bedding plants  -Argryanthemum, Osteospermum, Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Gazanias to name but a few.  Perfect for planting over the Easter Weeekend. Easter weekend closing -we are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.  We are open on Easter Saturday from 8.00am to 12.00...(more info)

26 Mar 2012

Heavenly Herbs

With the warmer weather here to stay, we have some lovely herbs to chuck on the BBQ or create a herb garden for your cooking pleasure. Available in 1.3L pots we have in stock, parsley, chives, chamomile, sage - 3 colours, hyssop, marjoram, oregano and 7 types of thymes. Also in stock Rosemary, Lavander and Santolina. Most herbs are drought tolerant...(more info)

23 Mar 2012

Getting ready for The Chelsea Flower Show

Benjamin Wincott, head of Kings Residential Landscapes and designer of 'Petra - Tranquility set in stone'  has been busy selecting trees for his garden at The Chelsea Flower Show 2012 at Wyevale East Nurseries this afternoon at Wyevale East Nurseries. Richard McKenna and Benjamin Wincott visited one of our tree suppliers to select and tag multi-stemmed Acer campestre trees for 'Petra - Tranquility set in stone' two weeks ago.  The trees were delivered yesterday and will be looked after here on site until required for The Chelsea Flower Show. Benjamin is now pruning the trees into shape and enjoying the afternoon...(more info)

23 Mar 2012

Pretty Petite Prunus

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai' - Fuji Cherry is a compact, slow growing shrub with delightful twisted stems.  In spring large crimson coloured buds open to white, flushed pink flowers on bare twisted stems before the leaves emerge.  The young leaves open pale green and get darker with age and with a brilliant autumn colours of red and orange.  Growing to a height and spread of 2m.  It is easy to grow and can be lightly pruned after flowering to keep in shape.  Grow in full sun in a free draining soil.  Popular in Japan and commonly used as a Bonsai specimen in Japanese gardens in the UK.  Plant with early...(more info)

22 Mar 2012

Charming Chaenomeles

Flowering Quince is early to flower in spring with a long flowering period too add to it's charm.  Chaenomeles speciosa is a deciduous, spiny shrubs with a spreading habit - perfect for training on a wall in full sun or partial shade.  The flowers are produced on bare stems and as such are particularly showy at this time of year.  Large yellow, quince-like plants are produced in late summer / autumn.  Chaenomeles speciosa 'Nivalis' - pure white flowers Chaenomeles speciosa 'Rubra' - dramatic red...(more info)

19 Mar 2012

Plethora of Pieris

Pieris are excellent evergreen shrubs for a bit of Spring colour that is not yellow!  With me not being a fan of yellow, which seems more predominant in the Spring, Pieris are a welcome dash of colour with brilliant new growth in shades of red and crimson with pink and white of white pendulous flowers produced at the same time. There have been many introductions of Pieris over the years each with an allure of it's own to tempt you.  We have a wide range of Pieris in stock at the moment which are all looking fantastic including 'Sarabande' with pure white flowers - a real gem and 'Flaming Silver' with dramatic red...(more info)

15 Mar 2012

Corylopsis spicata

A lovely shrub, much underused and underrated.  Why - I could not tell you as it is a real beauty of a plant with clusters of delicate, pendulous, soft lemon yellow flowers with the added extra of lovely scent.  The flowers are borne on bare stems before the leaves appear adding to their appeal.  The leaves are like a Hazel in appearance - hence the common name of Winter Hazel.  With a spreading habit with an interesting structure Corylopsis spicata is a brilliant option as a stand alone specimen.  In a prominant location both the flowers and the scent can be appreciated in the spring.  Prefers a fertile,...(more info)

09 Mar 2012

Clematis armandii

Clematis armandii, one of the best evergreen climbers available.  Soft, white, scented flowers are borne in abundance in early spring.  Long leathery leaves add interest when not in flower.  Great for covering pergolas, walls and fences.  We have some lovely large specimens in at the moment, 2m in...(more info)

08 Mar 2012

Just can't wait!!

Clare will tell you that I have a thing about Magnolia stellata and their buds.  I just love the promise they hold all winter long and then suddenly burst forth with a day or two of decent weather in the spring. With the lovely spring warmth that seems to be forthcoming every day now the buds are doing their thing here at Wyevale East Nurseries and teasing us with the promise of flowers very soon indeed. I am taking a daily stroll to check on progress and enjoying every moment.  Magnolia stellata is a great shrub for a small garden with a fantastic display in the spring to really lift the spirits and let you know warmer...(more info)

07 Mar 2012

Terrific Trachycarpus

Originally discovered in China and bought back to the UK in 1845, however we did not have to travel so far this time around to find them.  Just arrived at Wyevale East Nurseries these Trachycarpus fortunei are just stunning.  We have quite drastically increased our range of Trachycarpus fortunei with this new delivery.  With a larger range of sizes and specifications in stock, we now have some fantastic standalone specimens for that perfect focal point.  Plants are listed on our online stocklist with trunk heights and stem numbers specified.  The heights listed correspond to the height of the...(more info)

29 Feb 2012

Karma Karma Karma Camellia

Camellias japonicas of many colours and sizes in stock at Wyevale East Nurseries. With a wide range of colours ranging in size from 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 40L, 80L and 150L, full of bud and spring promise with whites pinks and dramatic reds, both named and un-named varieties.  Great plants for the back of a border to create a real statement. Also in stock autumn flowering Camellia...(more info)

24 Feb 2012

Where to start?

Sundshine and spring have both heralded their long awaited arrival this week at Wyevale East Nurseries.  How lovely to see the warm sunny days, feel the warmth and watch the buds bursting open all with the added bonus of lighter evenings too! As a result of the warm weather the phone is ringing off the hook and quotes are pouring in.  Also with so much new stock now arriving on site on an almost daily basis - it is almost impossible to keep up with what is coming in.  With this in mind I am just going to whet your appetite with some lovely pictures of the new stock we have had in this week.  Keep an eye on the...(more info)

17 Feb 2012

Roses for valentines week

Lovely roses in stock now and full of promise for the season ahead.  You may need to use a degree of imagination here as at the moment there are no fabulous blooms to photograph at this time of year! We have also recieved some David Austin varieties, which will be full of scent and as popular as ever. Check our online stocklist for varieties in stock and available...(more info)

10 Feb 2012

Business as usual

We may have had some more snow last night but here at Wyevale East Nurseries the wheels are still turning.  Deliveries are still going out the door.  The guys outside are still putting plants out frorm the deliveries coming in through our despatch yard.   We are still busy and getting on with the day ahead.  The snow looks lovely and has really highlighted some plants out there performing at their best against the white...(more info)

09 Feb 2012

Great value for money and scent !

Who would have thought that such a small flower can pack such a big punch! Belting out a great scent at this time of year - Sarcococca confusa is a breath of fresh air when everything else seems to have closed down in this cold weather.  Frost and snow do not affect this surprisingly strong shrub.  Sturdy, glossy evergreen leaves provide a brilliant background for the small white heavily scented flowers.  In 10L pots and great value at £32.50...(more info)

06 Feb 2012

Made of stern stuff

The snow has not affected us here at Wyevale East Nurseries -it is business as usual.  The roads are open and easily passable.  The hardy Cornus sto. 'Flaviramea' and 'Baton Rouge' look stunning against the snow. Thsi is what these plants are for! East Horticulture, based on the same site as Wyevale East Nurseries are also open for business and have 2 types of Snow shovels in stock as well as Rock Salt.  To reserve your snow needs please call Nick Sills at East Horticulture on 01322 662...(more info)

01 Feb 2012

BALI Employment Day at Sparsholt College

Wyevale East Nurseries attended the BALI Employment day at Sparsholt College in Hampshire yesterday, 31st January 2012.  Richard McKenna gave a an inspirational talk to the next generation of designers, landscapers and gardeners.  The employment day was also attended by 4 other employers in the horticultural industry including large landscape firms and designers.   The day was chaired by Richard Gardinar, past chariman of BALI who was enthsuiastic at promoting the horticultural industry as a whole.  The students were very enthusiastic in the Questions and Answers session at the end of the day. ...(more info)

26 Jan 2012

Delicious Daphnes

Daphne odora 'Marianni' - a little stunner at this time of year.  An evergreen shrub, relatively new to the UK market with broadly variagated leaves edged with a bright yellow margin.  Fragrant, slightly frosted delicate pink flowers are freely produced in late winter witha knockout scent.  Reaches a height and spread of 1.2m x 1.2m.  Just a little snippet of the Daphnes we have in stock right...(more info)

23 Jan 2012

Cheery Chaenomeles Knap Hill Scarlet

Cheery, bright red flowers are freely produced on Chaenomeles x superba 'Knap Hill Scarlet' at this time of year when a bit of colour is sorely needed. The flowers are produced before the leaves emerge adding to the cheery note these bright flowers provide. Yellow fruits are produced in the autumn. Great in most situations from partial shde to full sun. Lovely as a free standing shrub or trained against a...(more info)

17 Jan 2012

To good to be true

Helleborus 'Double Queen' mixed are an absolute delight at this time of year. Large, nodding, double flowers in a wide range of mixed colours - enough to brighten any mixed border, container or window...(more info)

13 Jan 2012

Light up your life

in-lite garden lights - perfect for installing at this time of year for the long dark nights. Simple to install with no electritian required, safe and stylish too. The fixtures give off a warm glow of light, produce no heat and are low energy usage. With a wide range of light options in stock, come and see what we have to light up your...(more info)

11 Jan 2012

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane'

I know Hamamelis appear on our news section each year in January / February - but can you blame me?? Just look at this absolute star of a plant - fascinating, frost resistant flowers with an exotic, spicy scent in a deep shade of red. Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' has crimson-red flowers with a real knockout scent. Reaching a height of 2.5m also have a brilliant autumn foliage colour. I would always find room for at least 1 Hamamelis in my garden...(more info)

06 Jan 2012

Ilex crenata - a great alternative to Buxus

Ilex crenata 'Blondie' and 'Dark Green' a great alternative to Buxus. Both have small, glossy, evergreen leaves and similar growth habits and rates as Buxus. These Ilex do not suffer from the same diseases as Buxus and as such are fast becoming very popular where Box blight has become a problem. As versatile as Buxus Ilex crenata 'Blodie' and 'Dark Green' can grow to 2.5m in height yet are easily pruned to 25cm in height as can Buxus or in topiary shapes. Tolerant of many soils and many aspects - this really is one to keep an eye out...(more info)

06 Jan 2012

Memorial Tree

It has been an emotional day at Wyevale East Nurseries today with the planting of a tree - Liquidamber styraciflua - for Tony Riley, a much valued member of staff who passed away last year. Members of Tony's family and staff from Wyevale East Nurseries gathered to say a few words and plant the tree together. The tree stands tall and proud at the entrance and will be a constant reminder to us all how much we appreciated Tony's work and contribution to our growth as a...(more info)

03 Jan 2012

Fantastic Fatsias

Welcome to 2012. In stock now - a fantastic array of Fastia japonicas in a range of sizes; 3L, 4L, 10L, 12L, 15L and 25L. A brilliant plant for foliage in the winter with large, bold, shiny leaves. Great for dark corners and shady garden aspects. 25L specimen...(more info)

01 Jan 2012

The Stars at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Well, it's been a busy week at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show with Coastal Drift winning GOLD medal.  Coastal Drift is the result of two students, Adele Ford and Susan Willmott entering the Student Design & Build Award 2011 and to be awarded a GOLD medal for their first show garden is a real delight for all.  Coastal Drift is currently number one in the People's Choice on the RHS website.  You can vote for Coastal Drift on the following link; http://www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Hampton-Court-Palace-Flower-Show/2012/All-Coverage/Articles/Gardens/Peoples-Choice Monty Don was on the garden...(more info)

21 Dec 2011

Vibrant scent of Viburnum farreri

Filling the air with scent at this time of year - delicious Viburnum farreri. White scented flowers are held in round balls on bare stems. Forming a medium to large shrub this little wonder is a must for a winter...(more info)

20 Dec 2011

Entrance enhanced!

The front drive has been refurbished and replanted with Carex testacea, Pinus mugo 'Mops' and Lonicera nitida 'Ophelie' and all brilliantly planted by Streetscapes. Take a look next time you visit Wyevale East...(more info)

16 Dec 2011

Another successful delivery

Another successful delivery by Wyevale East Nurseries in conjunction with East Horticulture. 15 pleached Carpinus and 5 large Olives were craned over a fence into a back garden straight into the planting pits that had already been prepared. Almost poetic - Carpinus in...(more info)

09 Dec 2011

Incredible Ilex

This is a great time of year for Ilex with their glossy foliage and berries bringing the look of Christmas to any garden. Many sizes and varieties in stock, ranging from 3L to 50L specimens. Ilex aquifolium 'Silver Queen' is a quick growing evergreen holly with a variegated leaf. Ideal for hedging. Ilex cornuta 'O'Spring' a new introduction with spiny green and yellow variegated leaves, produces small red...(more info)

05 Dec 2011

Brilliant value for money

Fagus sylvatica and Carpinus betulus rootballed hedging plants, excellent value for money. Available in 175/200cm and 200/250cm these plants are brilliant for creating an instant native...(more info)

01 Dec 2011

Movember - been and gone!

Congratulations to Richard Burt for completing Movember. It has been fun sharing an office with a Burt Reynolds lookalike but like all good things it has to come to an...(more info)

29 Nov 2011

The Big Tree Plant

Wyevale East Nurseries are proud to be part of the Big Tree Plant with Swanley Town Council. We have supplied 100 trees to mark the Queens 60th Jubilee which will be planted in Swanley Park in avenues. The first tree planting took place on Saturday with Councillor Tony Searles planting the first tree. Trees can be sponsored by local groups, either to commemroate a birthday or a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. For applications for donating a tree please contact Liz Davies at Swanley Town Council on 01322 665 855 or...(more info)

25 Nov 2011

Wyevale East Nurseries team up with Streetscape

Streetscape is a social enterprise providing apprenticeships in landscape gardening for 18 to 25 year olds who are long term unemployed. Streetscape will be taking over the maintenance of the driveway and planting into Wyevale East Nurseries. We are very proud to be able to provide a training area for the long term unemployed with Streetscape. Wyevale East Nurseries work with many major horticultural colleges too holding talks, lectures and attending employment days. We are looking to the future of the horticultural industry as a...(more info)

22 Nov 2011

Beautiful Betula utilis 'Doorenbos'

A stunning selection of the more common Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii'. 'Doorenbos' has vivid white bark that also peels with age. The tree has an upright habit and slightly larger leaves than 'Jaquemontii' that turn a fabulous yellow in the autumn. The stem colour really stands out on a dull autumn / winter day and was awarded an AGM by the...(more info)

12 Nov 2011

Society of Garden Designers autumn conference

NIgel Gibson and Liz Hughes attended the Society of Garden Designers autumn conference presenting Wyevale East Nurseries. The conference was based around ' What Are Gardens For' with 5 speakers including Bernard Trainor from California and Dan Pearson, a well known garden designer in the UK. The conference was very well attended and our plants were the real stars of the show attracting many designers to our...(more info)

11 Nov 2011

Get ready for bareroot planting

This coming week will see Wyevale East Nurseries taking it's first delivery of bareroot transplants. This is a great time of year for planting bareroot and native hedging. 90 % of our bareroot hedging have been grown in the UK in Hereford by Wyevale Nurseries. If you have any bareroot hedging requirements please let our sales team know early as Fagus sylvatica and Fagus sylvatica 'Atropurpurea' (Beech and Purple Beech) are in short supply this...(more info)

11 Nov 2011

More action on the front field

Some of you may be aware of machinery and goings on in the front field at Wyevale East Nurseries. Tom has just taken delivery of some large telgraph poles to create more tree lines in the front field. We are expanding our range of large trees and giving them space to grow and retain a good shape. Looking good on the front field at the moment are the following trees with great autumn colour; Ginkgo biloba 'Globosa' - stunning yellow foliage, Parrotia persica with a range of leaf colour changing from yellow, orange through to dark red and finally Ginkgo biloba 'Fastigiata Blagon' - an improved upright form with fantastic yellow...(more info)

08 Nov 2011

Congratulations to Stuart Tickner

Our very own Stuart Tickner became British Middle Weight Double Stick Champion at the weekend. The finals for the W E K A F British Championships Full Contact Stick Fighting were held in Luton this...(more info)

08 Nov 2011

Double Trouble!

Wyevale East Nurseries have just taken delivery of another 2 wheel drive electric vehicle for collecting customer orders. Nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde the electric buggies allow Clare and Nicky to collate customer orders faster and more efficiently. The buggies can tow a trailer carrying up to 1000kg of...(more info)

07 Nov 2011

BALI North Thames Regional Meeting at Wyevale East Nurseries

Wyevale East Nurseries are hold an event here for BALI North Thames members on Tuesday 8th at 7pm. The evening will involve new plant introductions and discussuion about how relevant new introductions are to landscapers and designers alike. One lucky attendee will win a trip to an overseas plant nursery in Europe with Richard...(more info)

02 Nov 2011

Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia'

Great for evergreen hedging, with huge glossy leaves that tolerate and filter noise and pollution well. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions, this really is a valuable plant in terms of performance. The glossy green foliage also provide a solid evergreen background for other plants. Available now for autumn planting in various sizes; 4L 60/80cm 10L 100/125cm 20L 150/175cm 35L 150/175cm extra...(more info)

21 Oct 2011

Vanessa Paradise comes to Wyevale East Nurseries

Well not quite - Camellia sasanqua 'Paradise Venessa' but that is near enough for us! A handsome upright Camellia with dark green, glossy leaves. The best part of this lovely shrub are the elegant but showy flowers. Deep pink buds open to paeonie like flowers of white, pink edged and with large golden stamens. Flowering throughout the autumn, the delicious tea-scented flowers are a...(more info)

14 Oct 2011

Glorious Grasses

Looking their absolute best in the glorious autumn sunshine. Molinia cae. 'Edith Dudszuz' - not the worlds most glamorous name but an absolutely lovely grass forming dense clumps with dark purple flowers held on purple - red stems. Another grass performing well at this time of year is Panicum vir. 'Prarie Sky' with small delicate sandy coloured flower spikes in late summer - autumn. One of the most popular grasses is Stipa tenuissima. A graceful grass with a gentle sway in the wind. Excellent for sensory gardens and planting in drifts. Please go to our news page to see these grasses in more...(more info)

11 Oct 2011

Life is a Cabaret !

What is in a name!! A stunning new addition to the normal Mahonia is the new introduction Mahonia nitens 'Cabaret' with unusual orange - red flower buds that open to yellow flowers early in the autumn and through the winter. Miscanthus sinensis 'Cabaret' has a a bold central white stripe to the leaf with copper coloured flowers in autumn too. Although these plants have the same name they are poles apart in terms of winter structure. Both are valuable additions to any planting...(more info)

05 Oct 2011

Perseverance Pays

Wyevale East Nurseries announces Susan Willmott and Adele Ford as winners of the Student Design & Build Award 2011. Their joint submission ‘Coastal Drift’ was the best design with a great link to the description in the brief. ‘Coastal Drift’ is their second entry to the Student Design & Build Award. Their entry in 2010 was unsuccessful however their perseverance has paid off with their winning entry this year. Susan Willmott and Adele Ford were both students of BA in Garden Design at Hadlow College in association with the University of Greenwich at the time of submission and graduated this summer. Susan Willmott is continuing her...(more info)

29 Sep 2011

Winners selected

The winners of the Student Design & Build Award 2011 have been selected. Judging took place on Tuesday with Chris Young, Chris Parsons and Richard McKenna, the same judges as last year. The winning design is a joint effort from Susan Willmott and Adele Ford with 'Coastal Drift'. Watch this space for more information in the coming...(more info)

26 Sep 2011

Fascinating Fascicularias

Not easy to say or spell, but surprisingly easy to grow once given the correct conditions. A sunny spot in a well drained soil and plant slightly to the side so water or snow doesn't settle in it's centre. I have had one of these gems for over 6 years now, growing in a pot and it happily overspills the pot rim and gives a great display each summer. Fascicularia bicolor originates from Chile. The rosettes of spiney grey foliage, red bracts and tiny light blue flowers are produced in late summer on mature plants giving a tropical look late in the summer. Also in stock Fascicularia pitcairnifolia - a slightly more robust looking plant...(more info)

23 Sep 2011

Marvellous Malus now at their best

Malus are looking at their absolute best now. We have a wide range in stock that came in this week. Amongst the lovely trees we have had in and looking particularly spectacular are Malus 'Red Sentinel' with clusters of red fruit and Malus 'Golden Hornet' with distinctive yellow fruits. Both Malus hold their fruits well into the winter months prolonging the season of interest. New to Wyevale East Nurseries is Malus 'Professor Sprenger' in a pleached form which has pink-white flowers in the spring followed by deep orange fruits in autumn and...(more info)

22 Sep 2011

Little effort - big reward

These little lovelies look delicate and exotic, yet are surprisingly easy to grow. Roscoeas originate from forested areas in China and the Himalayas and are cultivated for their orchid-like flowers. Plant in humus-rich, moisture retentive soil in partial shade and you will be rewarded with these exotic looking blooms between July to September. Perfect for woodland plantings or a damp, shady border. Roscoea purpurea has violet to purple flowers held on erect stems. Roscoea x beesiana has pale yellow flowers occasionaly blotted with purple. Also in stock Roscoea 'Kew Beauty' has primrose yellow...(more info)

19 Sep 2011


All of the staff at Wyevale East Nurseries would like to congratulate our very own Nick Baker who completed a 5K Tree-athlon run in aid of Trees for Cities on Saturday. Trees for Cities is an independent charity working with local communities on tree planting projects in urban areas. Nick insists he did finish with a time of 39 minutes and 26 seconds, not bad at all. Each of the 900 participants who completed the 5K run recieved a free tree...(more info)

14 Sep 2011

Hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky'

Tiny, star-like flowers which gradually change colour from white to pink giving an overall two-tone effect. The sturdy stems hold the flowers erect. Flowers from August to October. Other Hydrangea paniculata types in stock - 'Unique' - Pink and white flowers 'Vanille Fraise' - white and pink flowers changing to deep red 'Kyushu' - Creamy white...(more info)

13 Sep 2011

Plenty of Pieris

Pieris are handsome evergreen shrubs originating from the Himalayas and East Asia. The glossy leaves look great all year round, but really leap out in the spring when the new growth turns bright red or burgundy depending on variety. At the same time of the flush of leaf colour in spring, dainty, white bell-shaped flowers appear adding to the overall appeal. In stock we have many different Pieris ranging in size from 2L to 25L with some stunning new varieties, 'Carnaval', 'Prelude', 'Rosalinda', 'Valley Valentine' and good old stalwarts such as 'Flaming Silver' and 'Little...(more info)

09 Sep 2011

Superb Skimmias in stock

Skimmias by the trolley load! We have taken delivery of 14 trolleys of Skimmias of various sizes and types. All are looking great and perfect for planting now in borders or containers. In stock we have; Skimmia 'Kew Green' 3L, Skimmia japonica 2L, Skimmia japonica 'Fragrans' 3L, Skimmia jap. 'Rubella' 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20L are in bud and Skimmia jap. 'Veitchii' in 5L pots which are dripping with berries. Also fresh in a great range of conifers, again perfect for containers and window...(more info)

07 Sep 2011

Spring Fever

Spring flowering bulbs now in stock. Alliums to Tulips - we have them all. Plant early to allow the bulbs to get the last of the summer warmth left in the soil. Narcissi, Galanthus and Bulbells are all available in large sacks - great fro planting in...(more info)

02 Sep 2011

Cyclamen hederifolium

A delightful hardy Cyclamen that flowers in the autumn. The slightly flowers are slightly scented, however you will have to get down on your knees to enjoy the scent. The flowers appear before the leaves which are shaped like Ivy / Hederas. Cyclamen hederifolium is a reliable, hardy performer and can self seed happily once established. It likes a dry soil and is perfect for planting under...(more info)

31 Aug 2011

Spiraea looking lovely

Spiraea japonica 'Shirobana' has both white and pink flowers on the same plant against green leaves. Spiraea japonica 'Golden Princess' Bright green leaves with pink flowers in late summer. Great for flower colour from spring to late summer, Spiraeas have loads to offer in the many habits and forms available. Other Spiraeas in stock are 'Anthony Waterer', 'Firelight', Snowmound' and 'Gold...(more info)

26 Aug 2011

Dazzling Dicksonia

Fresh stock of fabulous Dicksonia antartica now in. Sizes range from 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm trunks. Plant in full or partial shade to prevent the fronds from burning and remember to water the trunk and crown in dry...(more info)

24 Aug 2011

Autumn is just around the corner!

Euonymus planipes, one of the best deciduous shrubs for brilliant autumn colour. The briiliant red leaves herald the arrival of cooler weather and this Euonymus is a plant that can stop you in your tracks when in full autumn blaze. To add to the drama of the leaf colour, round scarlet fruits appear in late summer to autumn which then split to reveal the bright orange seeds which hang below the...(more info)

19 Aug 2011

Funky Fuchsia

Named after a German botanist Leonhart Fuchs, Fuchsias are a popular choiice of garden plant for many, from designers to Fuchsia enthusiasts. There are over 100 species of Fuchsia originally from Central and South America and New Zealand. Fuchsia magellanica gracilis is a tall shrub growing up to 2.5m in height in a sheltered spot. With slender arching branches and purple and crimson flowers produced most of teh summer this hardy Fuchsia will really perform. We have many other Fuchsias in...(more info)

15 Aug 2011

Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'

An attractive shrub with oval, toothed glossy mid green leaves which turn a lovely yellow in autumn. In July to August upright spikes, up to 10cm, of scented pink flowers appear. An unusual shrub with etha dded bonus of being attractive to bees and butterflies. Available in 2L and 10L...(more info)

09 Aug 2011

Feeling fruity?

Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea' is a deciduous climber with large, classic 5 lobed leaves that turn to dramatic red, purple to dark plum purple in the autumn. In the late summer large bunches of small, round inedible purple grapes freely hang evoking memories of summer holidays in a sunny Mediterranean climate. Sit beneath with a glass of wiine and some olives to really get the feel...(more info)

05 Aug 2011

Bursting with delicious scent

Clerodendrum trichotmum in bud and flower - just wait until the berry ripens. This irrestible bushy shrub or small tree has large dark green leaves - but the real beauty is in the flower and berry. The clusters of pink-green tinged buds open to fragrant white flowers in late summer followed by bright blue berries in the autumn, there really is no colour like...(more info)

03 Aug 2011

Billardiera longiflora - Climbing Blueberry

An evergreen, wiry-stemmed climber with small delicate, divided leaves. Long, pale green flowers are produced in early summer and followed by unusual purple - blue fruits later in the summer. this plant will happily cover a pergola given the right conditions - a moist but well drained soil(neutral to acid is best) in a sunny to partial shade position with some shelter. A real talking point as this is not seen in every...(more info)

01 Aug 2011

Eucryphia x xyn. 'Nymansay'

A lovely columnar, dense evergreen tree with dark green leaves with wavy margins. Large saucer-shaped white flowers up to 5cm across are freely produced from late summer to autumn. PLant in well darained soil - (neutral to acid normally, however Eucryphia x nymanensis can tolerate alkaline soil). Plant with roots in the shade and the crown in full sun. Available in 25L pots at 125-150cm...(more info)

29 Jul 2011

What a Buzz!!!

A new series of Buddlejas - 'Buzz' - all are dwarf and compact in habit with short stems and producing masses of fragrant flowers which are highly attractive to bees and butterflies. The new Buzz series reach a height of 60cm to 120cm - perfect for small gardens and containers. Buddleja Buzz 'Sky Blue' - sky-blue flowers against slightly grey foliage. Buddleja Buzz 'Ivory' - creamy to ivory flowers Buddleja Buzz 'Lavender' - lilac to violet flowers with orange eyes Buddleja Buzz 'Magenta' - purple to magenta...(more info)

26 Jul 2011

Hypericum Magical Series

A new series of Hypericum bred in Holland for their rust resistance and vigorous growth. The Magical Series give an excellent crop of flowers and berries on strong stems. In the picure - Hypericum 'Magical Red Star' - yellow flowers in summer followed by dark pink- red fruit. Also in stock; Hypericum 'Magical Beauty' - pink- red berries Hypericum 'Magical White' - white...(more info)

21 Jul 2011

Philadelphus vir. Schneesturm'

Philadelphus, popular shrubs grown for their delicious scented flowers in summer. Best in full sun to partial shade. Prune flowering shoots after flowering to strong buds or new growth to maintain shape. Philadelphus vir. 'Schneesturm' (snow Storm) has pretty semi-double pure white flowers in...(more info)

18 Jul 2011

Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom'

Hydrangea paniculata are hardy natives of Japan and are identified by the cone-shaped flowerheads produced in late summer. Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom' is a reasonably new introduction to the market and has a sturdy upright habit. The flowers open a creamy-white and change to soft pink into the autumn. Reaching a height and spread of 2 - 2.5m it is best placed to the back of a...(more info)

15 Jul 2011

Hibiscus syr. 'Woodbridge'

Fabulous for a bit of late summer colour. An erect deciduous shrub with large, single pink flowers up to 10cm across with dark pink centres freely produced inlate summer to autumn. Prefers a sunny border in a well-drained soil, slightly neutral to alkaline. Other Hibiscus in stock; Blue Chiffon - large blue flowers with double centres French Point - white, semi-double flowers Lavender Chiffon - single lavender flowers with lacy centres Marina - royal blue single flowers Oiseau Blue - bright blue flowers Purple Ruffles - large double purple-red flowers Russian Violet - purple violet flowers Ultramarine - bright blue flowers with...(more info)

13 Jul 2011

Ice Cream Penstemons

Penstemon 'Juicy Grape'. Semi-evergreen with leafy green stems, free flowering from mid summer through to autumn. Dusty purple flowers with a light throat. Sturdy plants with loads of flower still to come. PLant in partial shade to full sun. Ice Cream series of Penstemons are realtively new and have been selected for their sturdy growth which can reach up to 75cm and semi-evergreen...(more info)

11 Jul 2011

Agapanthus White Heaven

Agapanthus - one of the most popular plants at Hampton Court Flower Show this year and rightly so. Large dramatic drumstick shaped flowerheads of smaller trumpet shaped flowers are produced in summer and continue through to the autumn. Agapanthus 'White Heaven' has pure white flowerheads held on stems of up to 1.2m in height. We stock many other varieties of Agapanthus as well as this tall beauty many of which are in flower and looking ready for...(more info)

07 Jul 2011

Agastache 'Black Adder' proving to be the star of the show

This lovely plant is proving very popular in our 'Wild in the City' garden at Hampton Court. Agastache Black Adder - Aromatic leaves with upright, bushy spikes of blue-purple flowers from mid-summer to late autumn. Requires a spot in full sun. Once planted sit back and let the bees and butterflies come and enjoy it too....(more info)

06 Jul 2011

By Royal Approval !!

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall admiring our Silver Gilt Flora award winning garden 'Wild in the City' designed by Charlotte Murrell with plants supplied by Wyevale East Nurseries at Hampton Court Flower...(more info)

05 Jul 2011

SILVER GILT FLORA for Wyevale East Nurseries at Hampton Court

Charlotte Murrell and her winning design 'Wild in the City' in the Small Garden Category recieved a Silver Gilt Flora award at Hampton Court yesterday. Charlotte is the winner of last year's Student Design & Build Award is over the moon as are we at Wyevale East Nurseries. All plants were supplied by Wyevale East Nurseries who would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in the hard work along the...(more info)

01 Jul 2011

A new member to the team

Wyevale East Nurseries are very pleased to add Nigel Gibson to the team. Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company that we all can benefit...(more info)

25 Jun 2011

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The Student Design Build Award 2010 garden is now in construction. Charlotte is working day and night to make this garden the best she possibly can. Wyevale East Nurseries are very proud to have such a wonderfully winner of the 2010 Award. If you are visiting Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, 5th -10th July please come and see 'our' wonderfull garden, 'Wild in the...(more info)

17 Jun 2011

Fiery Fanal

Achillea 'Fanal' bright red flowerheads with yellow centres. Flowering all summer, attractive to butterflies and bees, drought tolerant and hardy - what more can you ask for in a plant. Many more Achilleas in stock, 'Desert Eve Light Yellow', 'Desert Eve Red', 'Lachsschonheit', 'Cerise Queen', 'Lilac Beauty', 'The Pearl' and 'Terracotta' - a colour for every...(more info)

10 Jun 2011

The fragrant Rhododendron hedge that will grow anywhere!

Rhododendron Inkarho Fragrant White Hedge. Evergreen fragrant Rhododendron on a lime resistant rootstock. Flowers are white - hedge reaches a height of...(more info)

08 Jun 2011

Grow your own and enjoy the fruit of your labours.

Beautiful Blueberries in stock ranging in size from 3L, 5L up to magnificent specimens of 30L. Blue Crop - self fertile and produces heavy crops of large berries. 'Chandler' - self fertile with large berries. Many other varieties in stock. All blueberries require an acid soil and give a brilliant autumn colour. Fabulous brain food and all round good for you - who could ask for...(more info)

01 Jun 2011

Hanging Baskets

Summer flowering hanging baskets - fresh in. 14 inch wire baskets packed full of colour for a display of summer long flower and...(more info)

26 May 2011

Inkarho Rhododendrons

The Rhodo that will grow anywhere. Inkarho Rhododendrons are the end result of 20 years of research in Germany. These new Inkarho Rhododendrons provide a real answer to a very real problem. Popular varieties of Rhododendrons are gratfted onto lime tolerant rootstocks enabling you to plant in areas that previously were not possible. Many types in...(more info)

25 May 2011

In flower and looking fabulous

Originating from China and Vietnam Liriodendron tulipifera 'Fastigiatum' is a showstopper when in flower. The tulip shaped leaves are an unusual shape - like a tulip, however the flower is the real beauty here. Tulip shaped green flowers with a dramatic orange stripe at the base are borne in...(more info)

16 May 2011

Hot Pink!

Callistemon viminlais 'Hot Pink' - a medium sized, evergreen shrub with fine, narrow, grey-green leaves. In May and June, unusual hot pink, bottlebrush flowers are freely produced at the branch ends. A pleasant change from teh usual red bottlebrush. Great plants in stock...(more info)

06 May 2011

A Riot of Rhodos

What can be more welcoming in the garden at this time of year than a burst of colour from Rhododendrons and Azaleas. With colours ranging form cool whites and blues to blazing reds and oranges. With pot sizes ranging from 2L to 40L there should be a colour and size to suit...(more info)

28 Apr 2011

Summer bedding

In stock now Summer bedding plants to brighten up containers, beds and those little spots that require something to brighten up an akward corner. Osteospermums, Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens & Lobelia - perfect for baskets...(more info)

21 Apr 2011

Easter, Royal Wedding and May Bank Holiday opening times

With so many bank holidays on the horizon, we thought we ought to let you know when we will be open, closed and generally enjoying the sunny weather! Wyevale East Nurseries will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We will be open on Easter Saturday from 8-12. We will be open on the Royal Wedding Holiday, Friday 29th April from 8-12. We will be closed on Monday 2nd and Monday 30th May Bank holidays. Now you can plan barbeques, days out and street parties....(more info)

18 Apr 2011

Wyevale East Nurseries co-sponsor the Society of Garden Designers Spring Conference

Wyevale East Nurseries proudly co-sponsored the Society of Garden Designers Spring Conference on Saturday 16th April. Our plants and display stand was well recieved by all of the designers who attended. It was a long but very rewarding day with everyone agreeing that the entire conference was a resounding success. We look forward to attending more in the...(more info)

15 Apr 2011

Treebox Workshop goes down well

The Treebox living walls workshop went down well with attendees. Armando gave a talk and demonstration to all that attended who will now recieve certificates qualifying as registered...(more info)

06 Apr 2011

Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Anne Russell'

A delightful, scented shrub producing large, compact balls of small white flowers in the spring. The pink buds are held throughout January emerging into these sweetly fragranced flowers. A deciduous shrub reaching 2 metres in height for a spot in sun or partial shade. Available in 5L, 15L and 20L...(more info)

31 Mar 2011

A real star!!

Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star' has larger than average pure white flowers emerging from pink tinged hairy buds in spring. Slow growing, this Magnolia forms a small tree / large shrub reaching 1.2m x 1.2m. Other Magnolias are in stock now, please check our online stocklist for...(more info)

21 Mar 2011

Club Tropicana

No cocktails served here but there are some fantastic Palms available instead. Alongside our regular range of palms such as Trachycarpus fortunei we also have in stock Brahea armata, the Mexican Blue Palm with dramatic blue/grey leaves that are held stiff and erect. Also in stock Chamaerops humilis Vulcano another small palm with a large number of steely blue leaves, perfect for pots, slow growing and...(more info)

15 Mar 2011

Silky, smooth and sultry

No - not the staff at Wyevale East Nurseries, but this perfectly describes Pulsatilla vulgaris rubra. A real pleasure at this time of year as it catches the dew in its hairy leaves and flowers. Plume-like seed heads follow the flower adding to the tactile appeal of this little plant. Great for the front of a sunny border or a rockery / alpine...(more info)

11 Mar 2011

Bring some light to your life!

Wyevale East Nurseries are now stockists of In-lite garden lighting. In-lite is an innovative new Dutch lighting company. To see a range of their products click on sundries in the left hand menu or click on the In lite logo below the menu. The company owner will be at Wyevale East Nurseries on Monday 21st between 10am to 1pm to demonstrate installation, different lights for different garden situations and to answer any queries you may have. Please email liz@wyevale-east.co.uk to register your...(more info)

09 Mar 2011

It's back

Lonicera cra. 'Little Honey'. We first had this plant in a year ago and it flew out of the door. A new, dwarf, creeping form of Honeysuckle smothered in cream and white flowers in the spring. At the moment it has a fantastic flush of bronze-red foliage which it carries all through the winter months. Great for ground cover in sun or partial...(more info)

04 Mar 2011

Subtle Yellow Australian Fucshia

This delightful shrub from Tasmania is an absolute beauty. Soft and subtle with grey, green leaves and creamy, yellow to pale green tubular, drooping fucshia like flowers. The flowers have a slight 'rusty' look to them adding to their appeal. Named after a famous English Quaker Missionary and botanical collector - James...(more info)

23 Feb 2011

The Society of Garden Deisgners Spring Conference

Wyevale East Nurseries are delighted to announce that we will be co-sponsoring The Society of Garden Deisgners Spring Conference with 'easigrass'. The Spring Conference, titled 'Style and Substance' is to be held at Imperial College, London on Saturday 16th April. Speakers include John Wyer of Bowles and Wyer and Christopher Bradley-Hole, both of whom are well respected in the design field. Tickets are available for non members and SGD members from www.sgd.org.uk. Book early as spaces are...(more info)

18 Feb 2011

Wyevale East Nurseries branches out!

Wyevale East Nurseries are now supplying bedding plants. From lively spring flowering bulbs to ivies with long trails and bright colourful primulas we have everything you need to brighten up those tired winter baskets and windowboxes. Enquiries for larger numbers or specific colours can be...(more info)

11 Feb 2011

Herbs,herbs, herbs

Spice up your life! Wyevale East Nurseries now have an extensive range fo herbs in stock. Delivered fresh from Europe this week, there is a lovely scent of thyme and mint in the air. With over 22 herbs in stock - there is bound to be something to...(more info)

07 Feb 2011

Busy Behind The Scenes

It's not all about plants at Wyevvale East Nurseries. Although we pride ourselves on our range of plants we are always busy promoting the horticultural industry where we can. Last week Richard McKenna and Liz Hughes attended Sparsholt College Employment Day arranged by BALI. The day was designed with students in mind and Richard gave a great speech highlighting the benefits of a career in horticulture. Liz also attended a Press Launch day held by the HTA promoting the Student Design & Build Award for 2011. If you know of a student of horticulture who may be interested in applying please register online at...(more info)

31 Jan 2011

Hazel 'Gustav's Zeller'

A small upright tree dripping with male catkins in early spring. 'Gustavs' Zeller' is a new variety producing heavy crops of high quality nuts. Most Hazel trees will produce fruit for at least 40 years. Hazels are not self fertile and you will need another Hazel to cross pollinate. Native Hazel (Corylus avallana) planted nearby will happily pollinate Hazel 'Gustav's Zeller' alternatively plant with another fruiting...(more info)

25 Jan 2011

Smooth and creamy!

A subtle little Hellebore recently introduced in 2007 with beautiful luminescent, creamy white flowers which fade to pink and then to red as they mature. Marbled foliage with silvery veins forming an evergreen clump. A little...(more info)

11 Jan 2011

Spice up your life!

Hamamelis - designed to lift the senses. Fully hardy deciduous shrubs that give a dazzling display of flowers at this time of year. Delicate spidery blooms fill the air with a distinctly spicy scent. Looks great when planted with Cornus san. 'Midwinter Fire'. In stock - 'Arnold Promise' - dazzling yellow, 'Orange Beauty' - orange yellow flowers, 'Ruby Glow' - unusual red flowers, 'Diane' - crimson-red flowers, 'Pallida' - sulphur yellow flowers and 'Westerlede' with softer yellow...(more info)

07 Jan 2011

Reliable Winter Colour

Skimmias are great stalwarts for winter colour with colourful buds that last through the winter and open to fragrant flowers in the spring. Great for containers, window boxes and mixed plantings. Skimmia x con. 'Kew Green' has aromatic foliage with green buds opening to white flowers. Skimmia jap. 'Fragrans' has white flowers that smell of Lily of the Valley. Skimmia jap.'Snow White' has cream coloured buds opening to fragrant white flowers and we cannot leave out the good old reliable Skimmia jap. 'Rubella' with its joyful red buds. We have new stock of Skimimia coming in next...(more info)

04 Jan 2011

We are back and raring to go

The snow has cleared and this is perfect planting weather - a great way to start 2011. Bareroot and rootballed trees and hedging plants are still available. We have new stock coming in constantly, so keep an eye on our stocklist online for regular...(more info)

01 Jan 2011

Magnolia grandiflora 'Gallissoniensis Praecox'

Simliar in form and struture to Magnolia grandiflora with large goblet-shaped, creamy-white flowers which are produced in the summer. Praecox is earlier flowering than Magnolia grandiflora and will happily flower on less mature plants. Dark green foliage with a velvety brown underside accentuate the huge flowers perfectly. Great as a statement...(more info)

06 Dec 2010

Back to normal

Wyevale East Nurseries is back to normal. We are loading deliveries for customers and also accepting deliveries in from suppliers. Please contact our sales team regarding any queries that you may have for any of your existing...(more info)

04 Dec 2010

Team in good spirits!

It's Saturday morning and we have battled through the snow (no mean feat!) to clear pathways of snow and ice at Wyevale East Nurseries. All being well, we will be back to normal on Monday. If you have any queires regarding orders, opening hours etc, please email over the weekend or call on Monday. We will deal with your queries as quickly as...(more info)

25 Nov 2010

Rootball Prunus rotundifolia

Large plants at 200/250cm height. Perfect for creating an instant screen. Also in stock Prunus laurocerasus 'Genolia' - an erect Cherry Laurel with upright, narrow growth. Less need for pruning and ideal for...(more info)

17 Nov 2010

We have a winner!!

Wyevale East Nurseries are pleased to announce that we have a winner for the Student Design and Build Award 2010. The judges made the final selection on Thursday 4th November. Our winner, Charlotte Murrell is studying a Foundation Degree in Garden Design at Sparsholt College, Hampshire. The winning design will be available to view online soon and also in the horticultural press. In the meantime if you are interested in applying for 2011 follow the link...(more info)

15 Nov 2010

Mahonia aquifolium 'Atropurpurea'

A real tough little cookie from the forests of North America. Extremely hardy evergreen shrub with holly-like leaves that really shine when coated in frost adding to it's brilliant winter structure. Clusters of scented yellow flowers in the winter are followed by shiny blue-black berries. The foliage takes on a red-purple colour in the winter frosts. Low growing and can be used as an informal hedge. Available in 10 litre pots at 80 -100cm...(more info)

10 Nov 2010

Hedging plants - you want it, we've got it.

If you want to create a permanent feature, this is the perfect time for planting hedging plants. Hedges can be used to divide, screen or lead the eye to focal points. We have a huge range in stock, from containerised plants at 90cm up to 250cm +. We also have rootballed options on certain lines...(more info)

02 Nov 2010

Brilliant value for money

Rootball Buxus sempervirens and Taxus baccata rootballed plants. Extra heavy plants at great value prices. If you need to plant an instant Taxus or Buxus hedge, now is the time. Taxus available 80/100cm, 100/120cm, 120/140cm, 140/160cm, 160/180cm and 200/225cm. Buxus available in 40/50cm, 50/60cm, 80/90cm and...(more info)

28 Oct 2010

Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis'

Bamboos have a fantastic stem colour which come into their own in the autumn light. We have a great selection of Bamboos in stock, from huge 6m specimens to 3L ground cover types, something for every situation. Great for sensory gardens as the tall stems catch the wind adding another dimension of...(more info)

22 Oct 2010

Buxus mic. 'Golden Dream'

A subtley variagated Buxus with deep green leaves edged with yellow. Slow growing with a compact habit, perfect for small hedges, containers and topiary. Available in 9cm pots, 5 litre pots and as topiary...(more info)

14 Oct 2010

Gorgeous Grasses

We have a fantastic range of Grasses in stock with dramatic autumn foliage and flower. Great architectural structure for any planting scheme. Panicum vir. 'Northwind' - a dark green upright, clump-forming selection of Panicum. The overall plant has a erect upright appearance. Miscanthus sin. Adagio' - a dwarf form perfect for pots and small gardens. Miscanthus sin. 'Herman Mussel' - Strong upright flower stems. The flowers are pink- brown in colour with good autumn...(more info)

13 Oct 2010

Another new addition to the team.

Our new van another addition to the Wyevale East Nurseries team. We deliver 5 days a week using the van, forklift lorry, crane lorry or the curtain sided lorry, so we can deliver any size plant you...(more info)

11 Oct 2010

Fantastic plants at a fantastic price.

Lovely Abelia grandiflora in 20L pots. A brilliant evergreen shrub that flowers freely for most of the summer. Prefers a sunny site. Reaches 1.5m high by 1.5m spread. These plants are great value for...(more info)

27 Sep 2010

Assorted Acers just in

We have a great range of Acer palmatum types now in. Plenty of different shapes, leaf colour and stem colour to choose from. Forms range from multistemmed to top grafted. Prices range from £120.00 to £170.00...(more info)

14 Sep 2010

More, more more !

The plants just won't stop coming. In stock now over 300 Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia' in 10L, 20L, 25L and over 400 Photinia x fra. 'Red Robin' in 10L and 18L. Perfect for...(more info)

10 Sep 2010

Astelia 'Red Devil'

A brilliant New Zealand native with distinctive, architectural metalic-red foliage. This plant forms a good structural focal point. Also in stock Astelia 'Westland' and 'Silver...(more info)

08 Sep 2010

Beautiful Spring Bulbs

Get ready for spring now with spring flowering bulbs. A great range of bulbs from Narcissii, Tulips, Allium, Lily of the Valley, Crocus to Eremurus now in stock. With careful planning and planting you can creat a display that will last from early spring to mid...(more info)

01 Sep 2010

Lonicera Golden Trumpet heralds the arrival of late summer

This lovely Lonicera has been in full bloom for the last few days, obviously helped along by the warmer weather. Dripping with golden yellow trumpet shaped flowers, this really is well named! Also in flower at Wyevale East at the moment are Lonicera jap. 'Halliana', Lonicera per. 'Graham Thomas' and 'Serotina'. All available from 3L to...(more info)

23 Aug 2010

Sedum Splash

We now have a great range of Sedums in stock to attract butterflies and bring a splash of late summer - early autumn colour to your...(more info)

13 Aug 2010

Cordyline Pink Passion

Cordyline Pink Passion - just in time for the weekend!! A lovely variety of cordyline with a bright pink stripe to the leaf. New in along with some great specimen Cordyline Torbay...(more info)

11 Aug 2010

Small but beautiful!!

Clematis x tri. 'Rubromarginata' is a little gem, small dainty flowers with a deliceious sugary scent. This clematis is small enough to be planted amongst other climbers reaching an eventual height of 4m and spread of 1.5m. Our new stock is all UK...(more info)

16 Jul 2010

Hydrangea paniculata 'Kyushu'

With the long conical clusters of greenish-yellow to creamy-white flowers in summer this erect shrub is great for the back of a border. It is alos very attractive to insects and is drought tolerant once established. As well as 'Kyushu' we also hold other paniculata types in...(more info)

12 Jul 2010

Salvia Penny's Smile

Strong growing upright perennial with large, bright pink flowers and scented foliage. Great for a bit of summer...(more info)

09 Jul 2010


Well done to Mandy Buckland of Greencube Landscapes and the students of Hadlow College. Mandy achieved a gold medal and Best in Category for her Food 4 Thought Garden at Hampton Court Flower Show for which we supplied some of the plants. We are very pleased for all...(more info)

05 Jul 2010

Cool blue hues on a hot summer day

Hydrangea serrata 'Bluebird'. This popular hydrangea produces flattened heads of subtle blue - mauve flowers in late summer. Does best in amoist well-drained acid soil in sun or partial...(more info)

23 Jun 2010

Bright and cheerful!

Beautiful, bright and cheery is the best way to describe these hardy Gerberas. Available in a range of shocking and subtle colours, carmine, cerise, orange, pink, white and yellow. Great for tubs and the front of borders....(more info)

17 Jun 2010

Callistemon 'Red Clusters'

Evergreen shrub with lance shaped leaves with new shoots emerging pink. Masses of crimson red bottlebrush-like flowers are produced in summer. Great for a hot spot. Now in stock in 10L...(more info)

14 Jun 2010

Disporopsis pernyi

Otherwise known as the Evergreen Solomon's Seal. Pure white bell shaped flowers with green tips and the scent of lemon sherbets are freely produced in summer followed by black berries in the autumn. Spreads by underground rhizomes to form arching clumps. height and spread 45cm. Great for woodland gardens and shady...(more info)

11 Jun 2010

Chionanthus virginicus

A member of the same family as Olive trees, this relatively unknown plant has tiny delicate fragrant, white flowers are produced in summer. Eventually forming a small tree or large shrub reaching 3m in height. Requires an acid...(more info)

09 Jun 2010

Albizia jul. 'Summer Chocolate'

A small graceful tree with wonderful feathery Acacia like foliage. the foliage emerges green and changes through hues of purple to a rich coppery chocolate brown. Small fluffy pink flowers are borne in late summer followed by brown seed...(more info)

04 Jun 2010

Cytisus battandieri

An upright large shrub / small tree with silver grey leaves up to 10cm in length. Upright bright yellow flowers stalks are produced in June/ July with a fabulous pineapple scent. Great for a sunny...(more info)

02 Jun 2010

Stunning Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

Beautiful, dainty, fully double soft yellow flowers are produced in early summer. This rose will reach epic proportions reaching up to 10m, but what a specatacle when in full bloom. Available in 4.5L and 10L...(more info)

28 May 2010

It's not the day of the triffids.

Beschnorneria septentrionalis -very popular at Chelsea this year, some would say that star of the show. Green tipped dusty red flowers are produced on dramatic, long red flower spikes in the summer. The flower spikes reach up to 1.2m and emerge from a rosette of subtle green-grey foliage. Plant in a rich well drained soil in a sunny...(more info)

26 May 2010

Kolkwitzia ama. 'Pink Cloud'

A very pretty, deciduous shrub much underrated. Dainty flowers are freely produced in late Spring and early Summer. Clusters of light pink flowers with flushed yellow throats. Plant in partial shade or full sun. Brilliant in a mixed border. Available in 10L, 7L and 4.5L...(more info)

25 May 2010

Eagerly awaited arrival!

The Lavender 'Hidcote' and Lavender 'Munstead' have at last arrived and looking good. Loads in stock but reserve your requirments now as these popular plants are flying out the...(more info)

17 May 2010

Azalea 'Gibraltar'

Bring some colour in your life with deciduous Azaleas. Hues of orange, pink, white, yellows and reds add vibrancy to any...(more info)

14 May 2010

Cercis siliquastrum 'Alba'

Less common than the better known purple flowering type this white flowering Judas Tree desreves a place in any garden. Forming a multi-stemmed tree with heart shaped blue-green leaves emerging bronze. White pea-like flowers are produced on bare stems before foliage...(more info)

10 May 2010

Wonderful Wisterias

A vigorous, twining climber with long racemes of dainty, pea-like flowers in May - June. Forever captured by Monet in his paintings as it twines across the bridge in the water gardens. Prefers a site in full sun, sit back and enjoy the show and...(more info)

07 May 2010

Halesia carolina

'Snowdrop Tree' native to the US produces pendant white flowers with a yellow centre in late spring. The flowers have a delicate scent and are followed by green fruit in the autumn held against yellow autumn foliage. A real gem of a...(more info)

05 May 2010

Magnolia Yellow River

Magnolia 'Yellow River' - elegant, soft citrus yellow scented flowers are produced in May. Ideal for the smaller garden reaching a height of 2 -2.5m. Available as a standard. As well as Magonlia 'Yellow River' standards we also have a range of the following Magnolias in standard form; Magnolia grand. 'Galisson Praecox', 'Heaven Scent', kobus, grand. 'Gallisionensis' and...(more info)

12 Apr 2010

Inkharo - Lime tolerant Rhododendrons!

Wyevale East Nurseries has just taken delivery of a range of lime tolerant Rhododendrons. The secret is in the rootstock - ordinary rhododendron varieties are grafted onto lime tolerant rootstocks, thus the plants are ideal for neutral heavy soils. These plants are the result of 20 years of breeding and...(more info)

06 Apr 2010

Choisya 'White Dazzler'

A brilliant, relativley new introduction. A compact and densely branched shrub with aromtaic foliage and profusion of flowers produced twice a year in spring and summer. Great for a sunny position in containers or in mixed borders. This little gem will really perform for you. Available in 2 litre and 10 litre...(more info)

08 Mar 2010

Membership of BALI

Wyevale East Nurseries are proud to announce that we are now affiliate members of BALI - British Association of Landscape Industries. BALI is the UK's representative trade association for the landscape...(more info)

03 Mar 2010

Edgeworthia chrysantha

An amazing plant that should be more widley available. This spring flowering shrub heralds the arrival of spring with clusters of bright yellow,scentedflowers, held in clusters and facing downwards. The overall shape of the plant is like a large goblet with an open structure. An unusual find that will make many a true plantsperson happy to have in their own...(more info)

24 Feb 2010

We've struck gold!

Pinus mugo 'Golden Glow'. An excellent new foliage dwarf mountain pine. The long needles colour golden in the winter and light green in the summer providing interest all year round. Ideal for rockeries or containers. Slow growing reaching a height of 90cm - 120cm in 10...(more info)

16 Feb 2010

Student Design and Build Award 2010

Are you a student, currently studying in horticulture or design? if so, this is a brillliant opportunity to design and build a garden at Hampton Court 2011. Wyevale East Nurseries in conjunction with the RHS are very proud to offer this excellent opportunity to showcase your own work at one of the most prestigious horticultural shows in the UK. Simply click on the logo to the left to register and get...(more info)

05 Feb 2010

What a beauty!

Hamamelis x int. 'Orange Beauty' - the scent will stop you in your tracks. Long spidery petals, orange - yellow in colour are tainted red at the base. The flowers are produced on bare stems in late winter to early spring. The leaves provide an excellent autumn colour. A gem for the mixed border or woodland...(more info)

03 Feb 2010

Lovely Lavenders

Over 1,500 Lavenders now in stock. The good old favourites - 'Munstead' and 'Hidcote' as well as 'Grosso', 'Richard Gray', 'Fathead' and steochys pendunculata. All great value plants and bushy. Perfect for small...(more info)

27 Jan 2010

Special Offer Hedging

Great value Prunus lau. 'Rotundifolia' . 10litre pots 125/150cm height, good and bushy - only £30.00 at...(more info)

15 Dec 2009

Farfugium japonicum

Fabulous Farfugium. A hardy evergreen perennial with huge glossy leaves held on upright stalks. Yellow flowers, like large buttercup flowers are borne in autumn and winter. Prefers a moist, fertile soil and is naturally found along riverbanks in East Asia. A touch of the exotic on a crisp, cold...(more info)

03 Dec 2009


An unusual medium sized evergreen shrub. The glossy foliage is variable with some leaves with small spines and other with larger spines. A great plant for security hedging and resistant to deer...(more info)

01 Dec 2009

Amazing Arbutus

Arbutus unedo, an amazing shrub / tree for autumn and winter. The fruits are held at the same time as the flowers giving a dazzling display. Once mature the bark takes on a red / brown colour adding to the overall...(more info)

24 Nov 2009

Winter Warmers

Fantastic autumn and winter colour. Nandina domestica 'Firepower' grows to a compact 90cm height x 60cm width. Excellent for a smaller garden. Evergreen with white flowers in the summer followed by autumn colour and berries - an interest for every...(more info)

11 Nov 2009

Marvellous Mahonias

Mahonia x media 'Charity'. Brilliant plants for winter colour and winter scent. These plants are bursting with bud and are excellent value for money. At 100-125cm tall these plants will fill a corner and provide you with much needed winter...(more info)

04 Nov 2009

Hedging Booklet Launch

Wyevale East Nurseries are pleased to announce the launch of ' 'Hedges .... Living Boundaries, Finding Your way Through The Maze'. Come and claim your free copy now and view our extensive range of hedging plants with our team. An exclusive discount voucher will be given to all companies that attend! Hedging Launch - Tuesday 2nd November to Thursday 5th...(more info)

26 Oct 2009

Camellia sasanqua

We have a fabulous range of Camellia sasanqua at Wyevale East Nurseries. Camellia sasanquas are unusual as they flower in the autumn and bring a welcome splash of much needed colour in the autumn light. Varieties range from white, pink to dark red in colour. Sizes in stock range from 10 litre to 125 litre...(more info)

23 Sep 2009

Ampelopsis delavayana

An unusual climber with attractive vine-like leaves. In the autumn the unusual blue / purple berries really shine. Excellent for growing over pergolas, walls and fences. Can take sun or partial shade but fruits best on a sunny...(more info)

14 Sep 2009

Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs

Spring fllowering bulbs now in stock. Alliums, Crocus, Fritillaria, Daffiodils, Narcissus, Tulips and Iris to name a few. Large quantities in stock. Onion sets and garlic also available. Check online for...(more info)

12 Aug 2009

Delicate and deserving.

Wyevale East have a fantastic batch of Fuschia magellanica var. molinae in stock and flowering now. This dainty beauty of a Fuchsia is lovely plant, adorned with drooping pale pink flowers in late summer. This Fucshia can grow up to 2.5m in height and is great in a semi-shaded...(more info)

10 Jul 2009

Huge congratulations

We are really happy to offer our congratulations to Elaine of the London Widlife Trust on her fabulous GOLD medal at The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2009. Elaine's garden was in the Sustainable Gardens section of the show. She worked closely with our very own Clare selecting plants for the show and it has paid off!! Roll on Chelsea...(more info)

19 Jun 2009

A wonderful day was had by all.

A wonderful day was had by all who attended our annual seminar day on wednesday. The trade stands were a roaring success, the caterers excelled themsleves and everyone enjoyed their day immensley. The atmosphere in the seminar theatre was electric - mainly due to the enthusiasm of our most popular speaker - Tom Hart-Dyke. A huge thank you to all those who attended and please come again next...(more info)

01 Jun 2009

Never seen before at Wyevale East Nurseries

Kirengeshoma palmata - a clump forming perennial with arching smooth, reddish, purple stems. Large maple-like leaves and yellow bell-shaped waxy flowers with outward pointing tips are produced in late summer. A brilliant plant for a cool shady...(more info)

29 May 2009

Cordyline Australis

A brilliant plant for single sepcimen planting providing strappy architechtural foliage. Wyevale East has a range of sizes to suit all planting situations. Check our online ordering system for sizes and...(more info)

19 May 2009

What a Gem!

Lonicera crassifolia 'Little Honey' - a new introduction. Dwarf, creeping form of Honeysuckle covered with cream, yellow and pink flecked flowers in late spring. Delicate, minature evergreen foliage turning red in winter. Any soil in sun or partial shade. New in at Wyevale East...(more info)

15 May 2009

Strangely seductive!

Actinidia kolomikta, a deciduous twining climber with unusual leaf colouration. The tear shaped leaves are tipped with pink and white markings as if dipped into a paint pot! Flowers are produced in summer with a heavy scent. We have some lovely plants at Wyevale East Nurseries showing some fantastic leaf...(more info)

11 May 2009

Crinodendron hookerianum

An evergreen shrub producing unusual, pendulous, crimson, lantern - shaped flowers in spring and summer. Originally from Chile this plant requires a moist, free draining acidic soil. A good companion for Pieris, Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Best in partial...(more info)

28 Apr 2009

Stocked up!!

Wyevale East have just stocked up with over 6000 herbaceous and shrubs. We are stocked to the gills with some lovely plants and a great range of herbaceous plants to tickle your...(more info)

18 Apr 2009

Magnolia soul. 'Alba Superba'

A taster of the excellent range of Magnolias at Wyevale East in flower now. We have some fabulous plants - just right for a stunning focal point in any...(more info)

24 Mar 2009

Pieirs jap. 'Valley Valentine'

A great variety wih drooping clusters of eye-catching dusky red flowers in spring. Just a taster of what we have in stock at the moment. Many more varieties...(more info)

20 Feb 2009

Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum'

A great drought resistant shrub with glossy evergreen leaves. A slow grower forming a neat rounded shrub. Creamy white flowers with a delicious scent are produced in summer. Good for use in minimalist gardens. These lovely plants are a whopping 70cm...(more info)

12 Feb 2009

Introducing a new variety of an old favourite.

Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Viveleg'. A hardy shrub with green / grey leaf. Each leaf has a yellow, wavy margin. Small white scented flowers in the spring. Excellent hedging plant for sunny aspects. Plant in a well drained...(more info)

24 Jan 2009

Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Elizabeth'

Beautiful foliage shrub. Subtle greyish foliage with a white margin that is tinged pink. Pink tinges become more pronounced in winter. Pittosporums originate from New Zealand and can withstand some frost. Good plants for hedging and coastal...(more info)

14 Jan 2009

Phantastic Phormiums

Need some colour? Need some structure? Need some drama? Then you need a phormium or two. Easy to grow, good in containers, excellent focal point plants and a valuable backbone plant. Phormiums come in a huge range of sizes,colours and leaf lengths from teh small and dainty to huge strappy leaves. Phormiums will tolerate a wide range of conditions. Heralding from New Zealand and known to the Maoris as harakeke and wharariki. The fibres are traditionally used in basket making, rope making and also as torches! Lovely new stock just in at Wyevale East - pop one on your planting plan or get...(more info)

12 Jan 2009

Siberian cold front

According to local weather men the cold snap has been and gone for the next few weeks - let's hope so! The cooler weather gives us all time to catch up on planting jobs and a chance to get plants in the ground before the next freeze! Wyevale East are looking forward to the next few weeks of milder weather - perfect for planting. We are still taking orders for bare-root and rootballed trees and hedging. Please call for any enqueries you may...(more info)

08 Jan 2009

Welcome winter sunshine - Hamamelis x int. 'Westerlede'

The onset of spring has been sprung with the appearance of these little gems around the nursery - bright. canary yellow, heavily scented flowers in January / February. When little else is flowering this plant will lift the spirits both visually and when the scent hits your nose! Also has stunning autumn leaf colour. A versatile plant for the back of a border, autumn colour, winter gardens and woodland settings. Also in stock 'Orange Beauty', 'Arnold Promise', 'Ruby Glow', 'Diane' and...(more info)

19 Nov 2008

Bare Root now in stock

British grown bare root plants now in stock at Wyevale East. Heights in stock include 40-60cm, 60-80cm, 100-125cm, other sizes are available on request. Brilliant plants for creating a native hedge to encourage wildlife. Plant in staggered rows for best effect. Check our online ordering for stock availability. Larger sizes and quantities easily available, please call the sales team for any enquiries for large...(more info)

30 Oct 2008

Amazing acers - beautiful foliage

Some lovely specimen acer palmatums have arrived at Wyevale this week with spectacular autumn colour. Varieties include, 'Redwood', 'Osakazuki', 'Inazuma', 'Ueno Yama' and 'Skeeters Broom'. With the combination of fabulous foliage and ornamental bark - these are real...(more info)

27 Oct 2008

Tremendous taxus Now In !!

Excellent quality rootball taxus now here. The taxus we at Wyevale buy are field grown, so they are tough plants and durable. They are trimmed regularly during their growing regime to give a dense foliage cover. Come and have a look - they don't come any better than this. Taxus are available in a range of sizes - please call our sales team for prices and...(more info)

23 Oct 2008

New Evergreen Trees Landed at Wyevale East

Delivered yesterday and fresh in a great range of evergreen standard trees including Ilex 'Nellie Stevens', Laurus nobilis, Ligustrum luc. exc. superbum, Magnolia grandiflora, Photinia fra. 'Red Robin' and Pinus sylvestris. A range of sizes for you to select from. Great for screening out...(more info)

05 Jan 2008

Wollemi Pine is here!!

We are very excited about a new plant currently available at Wyevale East Nurseries. The Wollemi Pine is a survivor from the Jurassic era and one of the greatest botanical discoveries of the Twentieth Century. A living fossil, it was discovered in the Wollemi National Park near Sydney, Australia in 1994, its exact location kept secret to this day for its own protection. The Wollemi Pine is an attractive specimen with three types of foliage dependent on age and at around five years they develop tiny bubbles on their trunks resembling bubbling chocolate! Wyevale East are selling specimens of about 3 years of age. At a retail price of £90...(more info)