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Where people, plants and products come together...
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Where people, plants and products come together...
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Bio-Security at Provender Nurseries

Provender Nurseries takes all aspects of bio security and plant health seriously. As a responsible supplier we work closely with our DEFRA, APHA and FERA to ensure all plant material handled on site is clean and has passed through the correct procedures.

As a responsible supplier we are inspected twice a year for both our paperwork and our site for plant passports. Plant passports are used across Europe in order to trace plants back to their original source.

Working closely with our suppliers is an important aspect of our business. Our plant buyers regularly visit and inspect our own suppliers to ensure that they are following the correct and relevant procedures and paperwork for plant passports and bio-security controls put in place by their industry and governing bodies.

Provender Nurseries only use suppliers that can provide Plant Passports, that have excellent working practices on their nursery and that follow the correct guidelines.

Staff training for pests and diseases is carried out on a regular basis throughout the year by a representative of APHA.

As and when policy or procedures change we change our processes in accordance with Government policy.